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Invitation Background Ideas to Make Your Wedding Card LIT

Little details make big differences in your wedding preps! To make your wedding card adorable and memorable, consider these invitation background ideas!

Pink Whistle Man

The details on all your wedding-related items add up to make your big day even more special. Wedding parties are mainly thrown for the guests, hence inviting each one of them in style is a requisite. When finalising the overall design of your wedding card, take a moment before picking the invitation background.

More often than not, couples go with basic invitation cards that don't even resonate with their personalities or with the wedding theme. If you are getting married, do not make this mistake and jazz your wedding card up with these eye-catching invitation background ideas!

Black and Metallic

Image Courtesy: The Handmade Co

Black is an unusual choice for invitation background but it can dazzle like no other colour. This elegant colour, when combined with a metallic one - like gold or silver - can complement any classy couple’s taste. Choose an opulent font to go with this background and get ready to stun your guests. This background style is best suited for western or modern themes.

Watercolour Style

Kaagaz & Co.

A splash of watercolour is sure to impress your guests. Such designs are highly customisable and can be created with either hand for exclusivity or digitally for mass production. Choose fresh and bright colours as your invitation background for a spring or summer wedding and autumnal or earthy tones for fall or winter wedding. Jewel tones suit all seasons well.

Gold and Ivory

Turmeric Ink

If you are a classy couple, the aura of your wedding card must match up to your elegance. The combination of gold and ivory is often seen in Indian wedding cards and it's surely one of the loveliest prospects. If you are someone who likes to keep it simple, understated and clean, this invitation background idea is perfect for you.

Flower Power

Mostly Handmade by Akshita

To kick off your wedding festivities use floral prints and decorative blooms as your invitation background. Along with filing your cards with a tasteful amount of colours, these flowers will add an element of romance too. A life-like painting, hand-painted flowers, or even floral applique can add blooming goodness to your card.

For the Love of Art

Perfect Invites

If you both are art lovers, architecture admirers or just want to stand out with your wedding card, go for a background design that’s inspired by an artwork. Apart from taking inspiration from most popular or your most favourite paintings, you can also pick elements from across the globe. Persian and Mughal motifs and geometrical designs are no-fail picks.

Image of the Venue

Turmeric Ink

Give your beloved guests a hint of what's awaiting them by getting the grandeur of your wedding venue translated on to the card as its invitation background. This idea is exceptional for grand weddings that are going to take place in heritage hotels, exotic palaces or in pristine foreign towns. When it comes to the colours, choose the ones that match your theme.

Pleasant Pastels

Mostly Handmade by Akshita

Pretty pinks, baby blue, lovely lavender and more such pastel colours help set a desirable tone for romantic and intimate day weddings. They also help add the right amount of colour to your wedding without being too OTT. You can also mix and match pastel colours with rustic ones to create a balance colour theme in your card.

The Theme of Your Love Story

Image Courtesy: Quirky Invitations

Every love story is beautiful but we know yours is your most favourite one. Since everyone might not be aware of your romance and love story, depict it on the background of your card. This idea is not only romantic and creative but quite unique too. You can depict your love story through illustrations, colours, elements and your very own pictures.

The Most Beautiful Pictures of the Couple

Akanksha Negi Invitations

It's your wedding; every single detail should be solely about you! If you are bored with the same old basic invitation background, try this artistic one. If you are picking a suite of cards as your wedding invite, use your own pictures on each of them as the background. This way the guests can take a peek into your life while admiring your beautiful pictures.

The Theme of Your Wedding

Akanksha Negi Invitations

If your wedding is theme-based, a theme-oriented card will help your guests understand and appreciate it better. For a beach wedding, you can use pristine beaches, clear blue sky and deep blue water as the background. Similarly, play around with colours, textures and elements to customize the card as per your wedding theme.

Wedding invitation cards are more than just a piece of paper. They are a sweet way of inviting and welcoming your loved ones to celebrate the festivities of your special day together. When choosing these backgrounds, ensure the rest of the elements, such as the font, style, colours, printing methods etc follow the same theme too.

The trends and aesthetics of the wedding initiation cards are evolving like never before, which means couples have more choices than ever. Whether pick a single card or a suite, these invitation background ideas will grant you the option to beautify your cards.

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