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The Big Fat Indian Royal Wedding Games That Will Add The Element Of Fun For Your Guests

Every wedding has an element that the guest find unforgettable. It could be either good or bad. But to make yours epic you could include these enjoyable Indian royal wedding games and get your guests to have a blast.

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Every wedding we go to, we expect there to be something special that as guests we could enjoy, but a lot of times it is a downer. Well, do not let that happen at your wedding. Whip out some Indian royal wedding games that will keep your guests entertained and make your wedding stand apart from all those pretty but mainstream big fat Indian weddings.

The Indian royal wedding games that you choose to introduce at your wedding must be such that encompasses and entertains all. Not just for children or only adults, but for all age groups to join in and enjoy. We give you a list of games we would enjoy as children or as grown-up at a wedding.

1. Hide And Seek

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This could possibly be the biggest game of hide and seek you have ever played. Or even a different version of it. This is one of the Indian royal wedding games that is usually played by the children when they are getting bored. Weddings cover a huge area and the wedding decoration provides the perfect spot for the little ones to hide.

But for the older guests, you could also innovate it and have the bride or the groom hiding and team bride and team groom helping them find each other. The key here is that we want to know how well you can sense your loved one.

2. A Whole Big Cross And Zero

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It might be a game that we used to play as children and it would bring up some amazing memories of early years playing this game again. The fact that it is a fast game helps attract people to it. So why not add a fast game of Cross and Zero to your list of Indian royal wedding games too?

3. Ring Toss

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Drinking might be a favourite pass time at weddings, so why not put those empty bottles to use and play a game of ring toss here. The charming part of this game is that it becomes really hilarious as the numbers of bottles get reduced and you cannot actually get the rings on the bottle. What better pass time can there be than missing targets and insulting your friends about it?

4. I Spy With My Little Eye

Image Courtesy: KV Decor & Designs

Get your guests to look around a little with this game. Give them a list of things to spy and have them gather proof too. So you know that they aren’t cheating! You can even give out interesting mementoes, like a spyglass or even a cute something related to the wedding. This is one of the Indian royal wedding games that will make sure your guests do not sleep.

5. A Bit Of Beer Pong

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We all admit to playing and loving this game, and if you haven’t played it we guarantee that you will come to love it anyhow. This game tests your target skills and your drinking capacity. What’s not there to love about it? And the more you lose in it, the worse you are going to get with each glass you chug down.

Also, if you do not want to play with alcohol you can just pour in soft drinks and make a rule that using the washroom in the middle of the game is not allowed. This is one Indian royal wedding games that will get you royally drunk.

6. Kai Po Che!

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Now who does not like a little competition, and if it is for a game like kite flying, then who isn’t interested. Kite flying is not just a game but an art as well, not everyone can do it. And if you include this in your Indian royal wedding games, things are sure to get heated up. Get your friends and family to pick up a kite and see who lasts the longest up in the sky. 

7. Jenga

Image Courtesy: KV Decor & Designs

You need a lot of concentration and delicate hands for this game. Let your friends and family group around the jenga pieces and let them have fun with this activity. You can make it more interesting by writing some dares on each jenga tile a player would pull. The dares might be mild but still can be a lot of fun to pull off in a wedding setup.

8. Holi Hai!

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Now, this might not be a game per se, but it will definitely get your guests excited and going. Colours are always fun to play with, and throwing them at each other, is a long-lived tradition in India. So why not bring this tradition up at our weddings and have some fun with our guests? 

Each of these Indian Royal wedding games will give your guests something interesting to invest their energies into. This will not only charge them up but also give them the feeling of being closely involved in the wedding. Don’t let your guests have a dull moment on your big day. Make sure you plan something accordingly with your wedding planner. Still confused? You can always take reference from the Indian traditional wedding games to jazz things up.

We all love games, which are your favourite Indian royal wedding games?