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Indian Newly Married Couples: What to Expect After You Get Married!

Indian newly married couples often take time adjusting to a new lifestyle and a new set of responsibilities that come their way after marriage. It takes a little time and a little adjustment to gel in comfortably into this new phase of life.


Marriage is one of the biggest events in one’s life. It brings with itself a whole new world of responsibilities and several significant changes in someone’s life. You, as an Indian newly married couples, are no longer just your own boss, you are part of a new family. Thus, your social obligations increase and you are expected to do things that you never cared for before.

There will be a few ups and downs, but if you support each other and maintain a loving relationship, every sacrifice and every compromise will feel worth the price. We discuss the different aspects of life that are affected when you get married to help you prepare yourself better for this huge leap in life! Keep reading to know more!

1. Indian newly married couples Take On family life


If you are a newlywed bride, it’s likely that you will have to leave your house from the day you marry and move in to live with your husband and be a new member of their family. It can take some time to get in sync with a family’s lifestyle, values and norms. You should try to keep yourself flexible and observant and try to adapt accordingly. You will have to push yourself a little, and your partner should help bridge the gap between you and the rest of the family and help you feel a part of the household.

2. Indian newly married couples Take On friend circle and social life


For Indian newly married couples, they usually experience a few more changes in your friend circle and social life. You will have to maintain a better balance between your family, work and friends. Also, your social circle will see a huge surge after marriage as you will have to socialise with new family friends and your partner’s friends as well. Here again, the two of you as a couple will have to understand the changing dynamics of your social life and adapt yourselves accordingly.

3. Indian newly married couples on your professional life


For Indian newly married couples, marriage also brings a massive impact on your work life. Your work will have to take a back seat during your initial days of marriage, and you will have to spend some time in getting used to a new personal environment that comes with married life. Chances are that there will be times when you can’t solely think of your professional growth. You will have to keep in mind your family’s requirements and you might have to make some adjustments and some sacrifices accordingly.

4. Life on social media


In today’s times, for Indian newly married couples, social media has become an important part of our lives. It has become an extension of our personal lives that we put on display for the rest of the world to see. With newly married Indian couples, in particular, you get a whole new set of eyeballs scrolling through your feed once you’re married. The in-laws and the new extended family will most likely try to connect with you on your social media.  You will have to be more inclusive in your approach and a little more variety of what you want to share and what you want to keep private!

5. Indian newly married couples Take on Health and lifestyle changes


For Indian newly married couples, in particular, married life brings a whole new set of changes in terms of your health and lifestyle. In your initial days, you will have to go visit family and friends for dinners and get-togethers. In many instances, hosts will force you into another serving and may serve you an array of unhealthy fried food and indulgent sweets which can get irresistible at times. Your diet and your sleeping patterns are likely to be affected by these changes. Make sure you balance your lifestyle in a healthy manner at other times but try not to stress about it much.

For all Indian, newly married couples find that their family has certain expectations about children, and how soon they want them to come along! If these expectations don’t align with your own, you and your partner should communicate with each other and come up with a way to help your family see your side of things! To be fair, both you and the family may have to compromise a little on this front!

For all the Indian newly married couples, marriage surely brings a lot of new changes in your life, especially in terms of your social life, work and family. This can seem intimidating at first, but if you keep yourself open to change and if you support each other in your new phase of life, it can become easier to transform yourself into a version of yourself that can adapt easily this new lifestyle.

All you must do is understand how people around you behave and mould your habits and choices accordingly. We wish you all the luck for this new phase and life and hope you have a beautiful journey ahead!

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