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15 Easy to Follow Homemade Beauty Tips for Face Every Bride-To-Be Must Include in Her Daily Routine

Brides & Bridesmaids! All hail to the queens of the world! Put your magic gloves on & incorporate these homemade beauty tips for face in your daily beauty regime to get the bridal glow/bridesmaid's glow this wedding season. Put your game face on now!

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We all know about the pressure that dawns upon every bride-to-be to look like the best version of herself, not just on the day of her wedding, but on all the days leading up to her big day. But, we also understand that to have that perfect #Iwokeuplikethislook requires a lot of daily upkeep in terms of taking care of your skin, hair and overall hygiene alike. With all the wedding pressure and pre-wedding jitters catching up with you, it can get a bit overwhelming and you might forget to take care of yourself first.

So, to combat those pre-wedding jitters and last minute breakouts using these homemade beauty tips for face. We have enlisted for you a list of some tried and tested homemade beauty tips for face and some homemade remedies to put your glam face on point at all times. 

15 homemade beauty tips for face for brides to ace their wedding glam up


Combat those last minute breakouts with these homemade beauty tips for face to have the zealous bridal glow both inside and out! 

1. Stay hydrated

Increase your water intake and maintain it for life. A good lifestyle habit never hurt anyone. If drinking an adequate amount of water seems problematic, then incorporate citrus fruits and let that juice make up for the loss of water intake.

2. Oil therapy

Use coconut oil with a drop of essential oil of your choice (tea tree, rosemary, lavender, frankincense, geranium, peppermint, lemon) and massage the mix on your face and neck and leave it overnight.

3. Take care of your bags

To get rid of puffy eyes, boil two tea bags of green, black or chamomile tea bags. Post boiling, keep them in the freezer to cool down. Once chilled, use each tea bag on your eye and stay put for 15 to 20 minutes.

4. Moisten your lips

Create a homemade lip scrub using coconut oil and sugar granules. Apply the paste on your lips and rub gently using a toothbrush to get rid of dry skin and say hello to soft and supple lips.


5. Remember to take your face off

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No matter how tired or beat you are from having a long day at work, always remove your makeup before going to bed at night. Opt for coconut oil instead of water to get rid of all the product

6. Invest in a pillow

Switch to a soft and silky pillow cover to put an end to the creasing of your facial skin. This will reduce the skin compression that you normally will have if you use a coarser material for your pillowcase

7. Remember to exfoliate

Incorporate the usage of natural exfoliators such as pineapple juice, tomato juice, lemon juice and milk. Idea is to use freshly squeezed juice and use a clean cotton ball to smear the paste onto your skin

8. Swear by honey

Use honey to make your facial skin more supple. Once a week, take a tablespoon of non-processed honey and gently massage in on to your face in a circular motion. Follow this regime for ten minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Do not rub your skin to dry it, instead let it dry off naturally

9. Cut your sugar intake


Reduce your sugar intake a few weeks prior to your big day. Excess of sugar leads to acne, breakouts, dry skin and itching as sugary based substances lead to the inflammation of the skin. Keeping tabs on your sugar intake will help you combat all of these at once

10. Eat right

Include a lot of fresh veggies into your diet! Lots of protein intake will keep you fit and healthy! Also, foods that are rich in vitamins and iron will provide to your skin the nutritional value that it needs to shine from within.

11. Cut down on fat foods

Decrease the intake of fried and oily food and you will be surprised by the results

12. Potato peels for tanning

To get rid of the tanning, peel of a potato, slice it in two and rub on to your face. LEave it be for 15 minutes before you rinse it off using cold water

13. Go for Sauna

Twice a month, give your face the much-required sauna treatment. Hover over a tub of hot water, with a few drops of essential oil of your choice Steam will clear your pores and you will wake up with a clearer looking skin

14. Olive oil cleanup

You can also use olive oil to remove your makeup using a clean cotton pad

15. Add fruit benefits

Include seasonal fruits in your daily diet for natural vitamins and minerals instead of investing in expensive manmade pills to obtain the same

Adding these 15 homemade beauty tips for face into your daily skin care regime will take you a long way, not just in the way your skin looks on the outside, but also in the way you feel from within. Keeping your diet in check will enable you to reap long term results and you will never have to rely on artificial treatments to brighten up your face and otherwise. These homemade beauty tips for face are very easy to follow and almost come naturally to each one of us. 

Which of these homemade beauty tips for face would you include in your daily routine? Talk to us through comments and let us know if we missed any other essential homemade beauty tips for face to get that bridal glow!