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Here Are Some of Our Favourite Happy Brides Images for Inspiration

A happy woman is a beautiful woman. So here are some happy brides images we picked to acknowledge them & to inspire the brides-to-be to be merry & confident. Read to know!

The Wedding Story, Mumbai

Happy brides are the prettiest and there is no better way of putting it. The wedding is one of the biggest celebrations in your life with your dream come true moment. The millennial brides have come a long way from flaunting conventional outfits in colours that are traditionally accepted to flaunting pastel lehengas, green lehengas, golden lehenga, white lehenga and so on. They have also stepped out of the box and gone ahead with their ensemble experiments.

The way that these charming women have all embraced themselves and laughed their hearts out in the most candid way ever, is worth everything. John Mayer sings, "Your body is a wonderland" in one of his most popular songs, and here we are, celebrating the beauty and integrity in the diversity.

The brides of today have broken all boundaries and looked oh-so-breathtaking while at it! To appreciate these beautiful and ever glowing brides, to celebrate their individuality and to uphold their beauty, here are some of our favourite happy brides photos listed below.

All Her Curves & All Her Edges

Image Courtesy: Ishleen Kaur Sethi

This bride broke the internet in its true essence. Ishleen Kaur Sethi in her breathtaking green Anarkali with golden embroidery and that perfect pink net dupatta to balance the royalty broke the constraints of tagging a body into a type. Embracing her beauty and rooting for her awesomeness, she is definitely one of the happiest brides on the internet!

The Quirky Bride

Image Courtesy: Tuesday Lights

What is that once accessory that completes your bridal look? It has to be a SMILE! This quirky bride with her congenial smile is sure to melt hearts.

That Adorable Smile

Lumiere Wedding Company

This bride and her aww-dorable smile make our heart happy. The cheerful smile that spreads from under her nose to the corners of her eyes is a sparkle we love! 

Gorgeous & Happy in Red

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Another happy Sabyasachi bride was captured on her D-day and her happy face is indeed bewitching.

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Excited Dulhan because...MEHNDI!

Divine Mantra

Your photographer NEEDS to capture the moments in all its excitement and unedited beauty. Also, the excitement of this bride on seeing her mehndi goes unmatched! 

Caught in The Moment Much

Karan Sidhu Photography

Weddings are full of those oops moments that will add up to your hilarious stories later. The face of the bride caught in her oops moment is priceless and we love it! 

Two Happy Brides Always Better Than One

Image Courtesy: Tana Helene

What's better than one happy bride? TWO happy brides! Here's a toast from us to join the celebration of #LoveIsLove and to uphold the candid happiness of these two magnificent brides as their fairytale came to life. 

When The Vows Melt Your Heart

Image Courtesy: Aluna Weddings

Millennial couples have often decided to write their own vows instead of reading the conventional ones. These vows often include the funniest promises and this happy bride in her white lehenga made us fall in love with her and whatever was in the vows. We approve!

That Blissful Smile

Image Courtesy: Marine Weddings

Self-confidence is the key to finding inner peace. This beautiful bride and her blissful smile caught in the camera speaks of tons of positivity and good vibes and we are loving her.

Her Beauty Breaks All Barriers

Image Courtesy: Moving Pictures

She is the WCE. She has not only checked all the boxes on how to be a happy bride but also made sure that her confidence showed in her graceful self. We love everything about her and her way of flaunting the otherwise unconventional beauty!

The Dulhaniya With All Smiles 

Wedding Bells Photography

Picking out the perfect wedding lehenga that makes you feel happy from within while you flaunt a twirl is not a cakewalk. But when it's done right, this happy bride picture is the perfect image of how it feels to step into your perfect lehenga and walk down the aisle to make your dream wedding come true.

That Moment When She Saw The Groom

Divine Mantra

A somewhat conventional idea is that the groom sheds his happy tears of overwhelming joy to see his bride walk down the aisle for the first time. However, this adorable bride's wink and her charming smile on seeing her groom must have made the groom go weak in his knees!

This Candid Happy Bride 

Divine Mantra

Candid photography at weddings have captured some of the best moments at the wedding and helped the couples and their dear ones cherish these memories forever. This happy bride caught in her candid best is an inspiration for many brides to look up to their wedding.

A Smile That Would Cure Sore Eyes

Image Courtesy: Tuesday Lights

That smile speaks tons about the positivity and grace this bride carries with herself. Holding the door open to all the possibilities and embracing the moment in the best ways possible, this happy bride in her white Christian wedding gown looks mesmerising.

The "Ready to Roll" Happiness 

Image Courtesy: Seventy by Two

Once the bride is all decked up and reveals herself before walking down the aisle, this is the confidence and happiness that she must be engulfed in TBH. It is after all the celebration of love and she sure looks stunning. 

Happy Women Are The Prettiest

The Wedding Story, Mumbai

Who else is happier than the bride herself for the wedding? Her bridesmaids for sure. BFF's wedding is also one of the most significant celebrations in the lives of the bridesmaids. Bringing the phrase "Happy women are the prettiest" to life, these beautiful ladies with their breathtaking smiles not only stole the show but stole some hearts too!

There is no definition of beauty and it is a subjective idea. So do not pressurise yourself to fit into someone else's definition of beautiful or pretty. it is very important to acknowledge that everyone has a different body type, skin tone and a lot of other differences if it is pointed out. Embrace every inch of who you are and celebrate it with confidence. The moment that you stop seeing yourself through the glasses of definitions, you step beyond the shallow ideas that objectify you and be HAPPY!

This happiness that comes from within is an impeccable and unmatched glow. These happy brides images are an inspiration for many to step out of the box of conventions and live your dream life your way, happily ever after!

Cheers to celebrating the happy brides and yielding more brides who are cheerful and contented! Make sure you hire the best photographers in your city to capture these exuberant moments of your wedding.