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5 Pretty DIY Handmade Envelope Ideas to Try This Wedding Season

Do away with the old drab ways and gift handmade envelopes and try with these DIY ideas. Personalisation is always welcome!

Pink Whistle Man

With the wedding season getting closer and closer, preparations are in full swing. Not only the bride and groom, but the guests too are arriving in style with customised gifts and envelopes. In accordance with the trends, you should drop the clichéd money envelopes and instead go for handmade envelopes this wedding season to give the couples a more personalised gifting experience!

Patterned Invitation Envelopes

Your guests hold a special place in your heart. Make that obvious by using patterned envelopes.

To make such handmade envelopes, you need: Scissors, pencil/pen, penknife, cutting board.

With the help of a pencil/pen and a ruler draw the pattern that you want on the card. Using the penknife, cut along the lines to create the pattern. Remove the unnecessary strips of paper to create the requisite design. Cut along the boundaries using scissors according to the shape of the card drawn. Fold along the patterns and apply pressure with your hand or a heavy object to make the shape permanent. Gift with beautifully written messages inside.

Pop-up Envelopes

Nothing expresses your bubbly nature as pop up handmade envelopes do. Open the cards and they just pop out to catch the attention of the receiver, clearly displaying the message that you wanted to send.

To make such handmade envelopes, you need: A pair of scissors, a metric scale, pattern paper, paper-knife, cutting board.

Draw the pattern you wish to make on a light coloured paper–dotted lines for the pattern that pops out and bold lines for others. Cut around the pattern to separate it from the rest of the sheet using scissors. Using the penknife, cut along the dotted lines. Run the tip of the scissors over the bold lines to make folding easier. Fold along the bold lines to make the shape pop out. Write your message on the shape. Paste it on another sheet of paper and fold it along the centre. See the shape pop out as you open the card.

Quilled Envelopes

Quilling is in trend these days (Google it, grandma!) and is used extensively while preparing cards, posters, etc. Why not use this fancy art to express your feelings with handmade envelopes having some quilled patterns imbibed over them.

To make such handmade envelopes, you need: craft paper, quilling paper, glue, quilling needle, half-cut beads, marker, ruler, pencil and scissors.

Fold long, thin strips of paper to create flower petals of two different colours using quilling needle. Paste petals of a single colour together at the corners to create a flower. Take a sheet of paper and apply glue at the sides on two-thirds of the card, leaving the centre. Fold along the pasting to create an envelope-like shape. Paste the flower on the front side and attach petals with the second colour in a stem-like extended pattern on both sides of the flower. Paste half-cut beads at the corners in a line perpendicular to the corner, creating a triangle. Your quilled envelope is ready.

Dress Envelopes

Imagine an envelope designed in the form of a beautiful dress. Now imagine the delight of the person who receives it. These handmade envelopes in the shape of a dress are in sync with the traditional vibe of the wedding and would definitely make the to-be wedded couple feel special.

To make such handmade envelopes, you need: Any pattern-printed paper, any coloured plain envelopes, stone-work tapes, glue, ruler, pencil and scissors.

Paste the pattern-printed paper on the backside of the envelope. Cut and paste golden paper on the top flap of the envelope in its shape. Draw curves on both the sides at the top-flap end and cut along. Make pleats with another piece of pattern-printed paper and paste it on the front of the envelope at the bottom. Paste a rectangular golden paper and cut it in the form of a blouse. Paste the satin ribbon at the crossing of both papers. Decorate with pearls and stones.

Shagun envelopes from old recycled cards

You must have a stockpile of old invitation cards from the last wedding season that you are planning on throwing away. Please don’t! This is the time to utilise them. That too in a creative way. Old cards can be reused to prepare handmade envelopes for Shagun with minimal to no efforts within a few minutes.

To make such handmade envelopes, you need: All you need is a pair of scissors, gum for pasting, old wedding cards and some creativity.

Cut the backside of the card and fold in 3 equal parts. Apply gum at the sides on two-thirds of the card, leaving the centre. Make a beautiful design on the edges of the third side with the help of scissors. Fold in the form of an envelope. Paste religious symbols from old wedding cards on the front. Your eco-friendly Shagun ka Lifafa is ready.

Handmade envelopes are easy to make and a way better option than those old-style rectangular envelopes. They make your creative effort visible while making a style statement. Also, they make the receiver feel special. So what are you waiting for? Go gift one this wedding season.

Get in touch with these professional card makers for more such ideas!