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Romantic Ideas of Handmade Cards for Love That Will Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Partner

For couples getting married, courtship is the golden period when surprising their partner with cards and gifts is a must. Don’t have any ideas that they’ll like? Let us help you find something personalised like handmade cards for love. What say?

Lina's Handmade Cards

Every couple or we can rather say that every person has his /her own way of expressing love. While some are good with words, others do better with physically showing their affection. But when you’re in your courtship period there exists one more important kind of expression of love, it is the one done with gifts and cards. Some couples might find it a little too old school to express love with gifts or get handmade cards for love, but well what better time than your courtship to do all these over-the-top, old school, and romantic stuff.

While we personally love the idea of giving expensive gifts, the fact is that personalised handmade cards for love win over the gifts any day. If you’re hyped because you don’t know enough about handmade cards and gifts, don’t worry. We’ve put together some great ideas of handmade cards for love that will surely help you impress your bride-to-be/groom-to-be.

1. The Cool Scrap Book

Lina's Handmade Cards

Have you made scrapbooks when you were younger? Well, we are sure you have. It was one of the coolest craft ideas at one time. Well, then why not consider this cool idea again when looking at handmade cards for love. A scrapbook has space for as many pictures as you like, and everything that you want to say to your partner. All you have to do is place the pictures on craft sheets, write some romantic things around it, then compile it with a cover page and tie it with a ribbon or make it spring bound.  This is not just the coolest idea but also the easiest one that we are sure you’ll be able to pull off by yourself.  Write some interesting poetry and impress your love with a cool scrapbook. 

2. The Famous Explosion Boxes

One of the fanciest ideas that we absolutely love is that of the explosion boxes. If you’re wondering what they are, let us explain this novel idea to you. It is one of the most creative and unique ideas of handmade cards for loved ones that actually looks like a little gift box with a lid on top. But when the lid is removed, the sides of the box fall down to reveal multiple cards where you can put as many photos, sayings, or embellishments as you like. Apart from how cool this explosion box looks, it is also one that is the most difficult to make. So if you’re not into craftwork do not worry, there are many handmade cards and gift designers that can help you with it. 

3. A Sweet and Simple Heart-Shaped Card

Lina's Handmade Cards

While all the above ideas are extremely creative and thoughtful, there is something about a sweet and simple heart-shaped card that does the trick. When it comes to decorating these cards, it can be anything that you think you can pull off, like quilling and cut-outs are a common way of decorating these handmade cards for love. Eventually, it is not how you decorate the card but what you write in it that matters. So if you’re good with words and want to keep the creative part of it minimal, this is the choice for you.

4. The Thoughtful Mood Cards

When you’re in love and about to get married, you understand the different moods of your partner and also know when they need you to do what. This idea of handmade cards for love includes multiple small cards that should be their go-to for every mood that they are in. The card can contain anything like say a shopping voucher when you’re sad, a bar of chocolate when you’re upset, or just a cute note to cheer you up. This is not just one of the most personalised idea of handmade cards for love but also the most thoughtful one. It is not for couples who are in their early stage of courtship and still figuring out the many moods of their partner. Choose this sweet idea if you know your partner too well and are sure to impress them with your ideas.

Liked any of our ideas of handmade cards for love? Well, we know what you’re wondering. If you think that it is too much work then don’t worry, we know experts who’d do this for you. Go through our list of vendors to see artists that make handmade cards and personalised gifts to make your job easy. Also, make sure that the content you ask them to write in it is your own, or at least originally suggested by you. When you add your thoughts to their creative, it is sure to become a memorable gift for your partner.

Planning on getting handmade cards for love, then go through some of our top picks to see what they’re probably going to love. Tell us in comments if you have a better idea