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5 Fun Things to Do in Delhi During Your Courtship Period!

Bond over these great activities and get to know your would-be spouse better with these fun things to do in Delhi!

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The courtship period is often charged with the excitement of getting to know someone, and every little positive interaction generates a heady buzz in your mind. While it is essential to figure out if you feel attracted to someone, you should also focus on understanding whether they are right for you. One of the best ways to do so (short of grilling them with questions) is to indulge in various activities that can help you gauge their personality types.

With that in mind, check out these fun things to do in Delhi during your courtship!

1. Watch stand-up comedy

Aanchal Dhara Photography

When you’re somewhere between your 1-3 dates, it’s always best to keep things light. Going to a stand-up comedy show (or any other live performance) can be a great way to enjoy an evening, without worrying about the awkward pauses and silences.

Why does it work? Laughter generates a sense of bonding and, of course, happiness. This bonding can help you open up during the next date because you’ve already spent an evening enjoying something with each other. It’s a great way to get to know little bits of someone’s personality in a no-pressure scenario.

2. Attend a cooking class

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There are so many exotic cooking classes held in Delhi on a regular basis. From easy Mexican dishes to French treats, you can learn anything your heart desires. More often than not, these classes only last an hour and you can always resume your date at a more traditional space afterwards.

Why does it work? Cooking together is an activity that’s geared towards an outcome. It can help you see how well the two of you work as a team. Is one person bulldozing the other with decisions? Is one person extremely impatient when facing hurdles or tasks? Are both of you functioning as a well-oiled unit? Knowing this can give you a sneak-peek into what your marriage may look like.

3. Go to a Lit Fest

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Do both of you enjoy books and storytelling? If so, then going to a Lit fest can be a great way to spend some quality time together. You can talk about your favourite books (no two people bond as solidly as a pair of Potterheads), characters, poems – really anything.

Why does it work? When you’re talking about the things you love with someone, it allows them to truly understand you. So, whether you have common interests related to books, movies, or art, you should pick an activity that allows you both to show each other your passions.

4. Share a meal

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Now, this one’s a bit basic, but to be honest, you’re going to end up sharing a meal together at some point in your courtship. So, pick a great restaurant and spend some time together bonding over food.

Why does it work? Life isn’t always filled with adventurous activities and it is important to see if you can keep the conversation alive in more domestic settings, like when sharing a meal. If you find that you can only talk to each other when something is facilitating the conversation (like an activity), they can be a potential red flag.

5. Go on a Hot air balloon rides!


For couples who seek thrill and adventure, perhaps idyllic walks and quiet afternoons are the last things you should do. Delhi has many places where one can enjoy hot air balloon rides. Just make sure you don’t do this at the peak of summer because you’re going to melt.

Why does it work? Fear is a bonding emotion. Seriously – a study conducted abroad showed that couples who watched horror films together felt more affinity towards each other than couples who did not. Besides this, riding in a hot air balloon is a great way to create a memory you both will cherish for a long time!

These fun things to do in Delhi are all listed in mind helping you enjoy your courtship period and get to know the person you’re about to spend your life with. If you’ve got suggestions of your own, tell us about them in the comments, along with why they worked for you during your courtship! Do you know what else would be a great bonding process? Picking wedding décor together! While you’re getting to know your fiancé, let our wedding planners take care of all the other details for you!

Have something else to suggest? Tell us through comments!