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Dapper Hairstyles for Teenage Girls Under 5 Minutes!

Let us have a look at trendy hairstyles for teenagers that can be styled for a fun Cocktail night, bridal shower, or even a Mehndi!

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A hairstyle defines your fashion taste and resonates with your style. A hairstyle can make or break any look that you are trying to create. While you go to a wedding celebration, puja or a cousin’s bridal shower, your hairstyle must be given as much attention as your sartorial choices! Girl, whether your hair is short or long, these hairstyles ideas are great ones that you should try out. If you are in a time crunch, these hairstyles for teenage girls have to be added to your hair styling routine as they are simple and quick to make.

Here are a few cute hairstyles with instructions detailing how to style these!

1. Retro Ringlets

Image courtesy: Elegant Makeover & Fashion

All you need for this simple hairstyle is an Iron Wand Barrel. Curl your hair tightly and secure them with a pair of bobby pins. This fancy hair-do requires the least amount of effort and looks drool-worthy too. As shown in the picture, you can add some hair accessories such as a Dholna or a Maang Tikka. These ringlets give a very neat and tidy look.

Style Tip: Spray lots of hair setting spray so that the locks stay intact.

2. Vogue Straight

Image courtesy: Elegant Makeover & Fashion

A hair iron can be a game changer. While you decide to go to a wedding event that is either a formal or a casual one, straight hair is a killer weapon. Start by sectioning your hair and ensure your hair is not damp. Let the hair ironing machine heat and then run it across your hair with a light hand. Go back & forth for a lustrous shine.

Tip: Do not go overboard with the hair accessories. Style your look with some fresh flowers or the trendy crisscross headbands.

3. Fresh Gypsy Flowers

Image courtesy: Elegant Makeover & Fashion

Hairstyles for teenage girls usually require slight fashionable twists. A fine-toothed tail comb with a texturising hairspray is essential for the hair-do. Pick one strand adjacent to the ear and twist it. Pull back both the strands and tuck them with a hair-pin. You may even use a hair elastic to tie the two strands. Now with the help of a hair iron, softly curl the lower ends of the hair.

Pro tip: You can tie your damp hair in a bun or braid the night before for a no-heat hairdo!

4. French-tail the front

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No, it’s not as complicated as it looks! Learn how to French braid the front of your hair. Once that is done, take both the ends of your hair from each of the sides and curl them up. Interlock the hair strands into each other with a fresh rose to add an edge to the hair-do. Such hairstyles for teenage girls set the perfect example for traditional functions. Wearing a Patiala Suit adds on to the look.

5. Side tuck with floral accessories

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A lot of people don’t like the idea of styling their hair as it takes too long. But, what if we tell you about a hairstyle that only takes 3 minutes? You can create many hairstyles for teenage girls that you can make with floral accessories. The first step is to take a front section of your hair and back-comb it. The trick is to overlap both hair stands from each side. Spread out the front loosely for a puffy effect. Lastly, attach a floral hair accessory. There you go!

6. Bollywood Curls hairstyles for teenage girls

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If you are planning for a friend's birthday party or a family dinner, this is the perfect hair-do. There are a plethora of hairstyles for teenage girls, but outward curls are the epitome of statement hairstyles. All that you have to do is curl the front hair AWAY from the face. You can part your hair to finish off the look.

Fashion tip: Spray temporary hair colour to add an edge.

7. Blingy Ornamental Headband

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This looks so rebellious! If you like to pull off bold looks like a teenage warrior, this is it. Hairstyles for teenage girls are all about the personality and this is a great one for a Hunger Games fan! Loosely curl your hair on the edges and spritz some hair spray. Once that is done, get your hands on an intricate hair band. This ornamental hair accessory is definitely going to make your hairstyle stand out. It’s blingy yet classy.

8. Messy Bumpy Curls hairstyles for teenage girls

Simmy Makeup Studio

Well, if you are looking up for the perfect hairstyle for a light function, here’s the one! This double layered twisted hair curl is simply picture perfect. Tie the lower section casually in a lower ponytail, while simultaneously curling the front two stands and pinning it up in place. Add a small hair accessory for a formal look.

Tip: Try this if your face is oval shaped, will add more definition and character to your look!

It’s said that life isn’t perfect - but your hair can be! Play around with these hairstyles and achieve your princess feels. Hairstyles for teenage girls add character to their outfits. With these hairstyles, you can be your own fashionista and flaunt your fashion instinct!

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