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A Simple & Basic Hair Hygiene Routine for Home

While you find new ways to keep busy during the social distancing period, make your stay at home more beneficial for your hair with these simple hair hygiene routine for home.

Image Courtesy: Amanda Carvalho's Instagram & Santoshi Shetty's Instagram

The list of things to do and things to catch up on while you’re home is really long. The unread books in your shelves can be finally read, the artist in you with a sketch to relive memories or even tending to the plants that need some trim can be done. While you are home during these unprecedented times, it is not only a good time for hobbies but also skincare routines and hair care too. 

It is a boon to be locked away from the dust, heat and pollution because it is a great time to let your hair down and make your mane glow. You ever wondered if Rapunzel had such gorgeous hair because she was locked away in a tower without any dust and pollution to worry about? We did too! 

You do not have to go out of your regular routine to get healthy and shiny hair. Time for some self-care and pampering!

Regular Washing

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Wash your hair regularly - the ideal count is alternative days. This is one of the most important and basic steps of maintaining healthy and hygienic hair. While you cleanse your scalp, make sure to use a mild shampoo and not one that contains a lot of chemical treatments. A mild shampoo allows your hair to hold on to its natural moistures and oil while cleaning the roots gently and avoiding breakage. You must massage your hair gently and with water at normal temperature because heat makes hair brittle.

Conditioning is a Must


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Every time you wash your hair, make sure to apply a conditioner. The conditioner allows your hair to get detangled and thus frizz-free when dry. It gives the mane an extra shine making it look extra healthy. Leave it on for not more than 2 minutes or it might clog the pores of your scalp if not washed well.

Drying with Care

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It is no myth that by applying heat on the hair regularly makes it frizzy because it takes away the much-needed moisture from it. The ideal old-school way is to pat-dry or towel-dry your hair but in case you are using a blow dryer make sure to use controlled heat so that the hair is not left dry and brittle. 

Reminder: Never leave the house with your hair wet. It causes maximum damage and leaves your hair brittle and frizzy.

Hair Styling 

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If you want to style your hair and try newer hairstyles while you are at home because you are inspired, you might try to use non-chemical and no-heat ways to do so. Use overnight braids or overnight curling pins to avoid heat while showing off your curls. You can try other DIY hairstyling ideas while at home and make sure to take good care of it because no other time is as good for your hair and skin like staying at home!

At-home Hair Spa

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While the days are less busy now and you can stay at home and work from the comfort of your couches (most of us know that comfort in work from home could be considered otherwise), you can indulge in hair spa sessions. However we would suggest not to sit for your meetings with a shower cap, but Saturday Sunday and most evenings can be spent taking care of your scalp and hair. You can opt for the hair spas that can be made straight out of your kitchen shelves or try some DIY hair treatments too. 

You can look at the lockdown as an “I am so bored” period or you can pick up all your DIY recipes for pampering yourself while you get the chance to stay at home. You can come out of this lockdown period looking as gorgeous as ever.

This will also give your skin and hair some time off of the makeup and rigorous styling that is needed to step out every day.

While you are trying your hand at the hair care routine, let us know of the tips and hacks you've found useful in comments below, to add to our list. You can reach out to the dermats online to get your queries resolved too.