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Skin Care Home Remedies for All Skin Types That Work Wonders

Use these tried and tested skin care home remedies to liven up your skin before your big day. For all the brides and grooms-to-be, get glowing and problem-free skin and get a killer appearance right at home!

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Enhance your beauty routine just in time for your wedding day to get that show-stopping runway glam on point! While the beauty industry surely keeps us well stocked with abundant makeup products that claim to take skin care to the next level, have you ever considered the fact that beauty regimens originally evolved right from home? You can harness the natural goodness of these inexpensive, toxic-free and absolutely fresh ingredients for the best skin care home remedies that will blow you away!

Remedies for Dull and Dry Skin

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Our skin comes in contact with toxic pollutants, harsh heat and changing climatic conditions all the time. Save your skin from damage with these skin care home remedies that will be your skin’s knight in shining armour!

Home-made Coconut moisturiser

This needs just three ingredients – ½ cup coconut oil, few drops of lavender oil and 1-2 vitamin-E capsules. Coconut oil comforts dull skin by replenishing the moisture content and neutralising inflammations while lavender oil and vitamin E promotes skin health for an overall brighter appearance.

Aloe-Vera Gel Mask

Provide your skin with intense nourishment with this 1 ingredient face mask for a total transformation. Dubbed as the ‘plant of immortality’ by the ancient Egyptians, aloe vera has proven to improve dryness. Use a fresh leaf and dig out the clear gel from inside. Rinse out this gel and then apply onto cleansed skin for 5 – 10 minutes.

Home remedies for Acne-prone Skin

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Has the constant struggle with acne and its battle scars left your skin feeling tarnished and dull? Try these safe skin care home remedies to get an acne-free and clear complexion.

Tomato scrub

Grab an old t-shirt and start with a ten-minute steam facial to open up the pores. Dip half a tomato into sugar and use this as a natural scrub. Tomatoes are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. This soothes inflammations and rids your skin of dead cells when applied topically.

Yoghurt mask

Create a mixture with 2 tbsp yoghurt, 1/2 tsp turmeric and 1 tsp fullers earth (optional) for a cleansing face mask. Yoghurt has healing properties, and it also moisturises your skin, clears blemishes and fights acne. Turmeric is your skin’s best friend and has been used since ancient times for lustrous and problem-free skin.

Skin Care Home Remedies for Oily Skin

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Excess sebum secretion leads to oily skin that can, in turn, lead to several complications. Treat your skin right with these killer skin care home remedies for oil-free and light skin.

Banana and honey mask

Mash one small ripe banana and add 1-2 spoons of honey for a deep cleansing and revitalising mask. Banana contains potassium which moisturises and gives you wrinkle-free skin while destroying bacteria. It’s a natural exfoliant that removes sebum and dead skin. Honey soothes the skin, delays ageing and is an excellent skin conditioner.

Cucumber mask

Make this mask with 3 spoons of cucumber juice and 1 spoon of lemon juice. Add fullers’ earth to make a thick paste. Apply evenly over face and neck for a spa treatment in the lap of Mother Nature to treat oily skin. It tightens pores, soothes the skin and is a great toner.

Remedies for Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin can be your worst enemy, leaving you frustrated and blotchy every time you try a new product. Use these genius skin care home remedies to combat sensitivity and give your skin a new lease of life.

Potato mask

Mash half a small potato and mix it in with 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon of almond oil. Use this mask once or twice a week to relive your skin of dryness, redness and sensitivity. It will have your skin feeling less irritated and give you crystal clear skin. The Vitamin C and B complex neutralises the skin while removing tan and soothing sunburns.

Raw Milk mask

Raw milk is unpasteurised milk that holds an unbeatable freshness and is a natural cleanser. It will keep your skin sufficiently hydrated while maintaining the firmness and elasticity. Use it as it is or mix it with honey and ground oats for extra exfoliation.

Remedies for Black or whiteheads

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Blackheads or whiteheads occur due to clogged pores (generally in the t zone). The pores, when left open are susceptible to bacterial growth and lead to pimples. Use these skin care home remedies to cleanse your skin in the best way possible.

Egg white and Lemon Juice

Beat the egg and add in a ¼ spoon of lemon juice. Coat the affected area with a clean brush after taking a hot steam. Allow the layer to dry and go for a few more coats. This creates a thin mask-like layer that can be peeled off. The lemon juice helps open the pores and bring out the blackheads.

Tea tree oil mask

Tea tree oil is well known for its medicinal disinfecting properties and is a great skin care home remedy to add to your beauty regimen. Mix in equal quantities of tea tree oil, yoghurt and honey. Use this face mask consistently to see visible results for acne-prone skin as well.

Remember, the secret to perfect skin has been passed down through generations of mothers and sisters and the solution doesn’t always have to be in fancy products. Sit back and relax with skin care home remedies that will feel light on your skin and your pockets while giving your that ultimate bridal glow from within.

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