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Looking For Gold Ring Design For Male? You Have Hit The Jackpot!

Planning to choose the perfect gold ring design for male? Here are a bunch of ideas for the groom-to-be who loves minimal and funky rings for the engagement ceremony!

The Captured Story

Finding the right gold ring design for male can be quite a challenge if your hubby-to-be is very specific about his taste. Minimalism is the latest trend fogging the wedding industry and it holds its ground firmly even where the male wedding jewellery is concerned. However, there are still couples who wish to be in the headlines as far as the wedding department is concerned. Here are a bunch of ring designs which are exclusively selected and presented together in order to give you a variety of the possible ring designs to help you choose nothing but the best. 

Here is a list of approaches that you may use as pointers to understand the exact taste of your husband-to-be. Once you have narrowed down the taste factor, you can look for specific designs or brands known for such items and choose the most suitable gold ring design for male for that heavenly engagement ceremony or wedding proposal. Here is a mix of vintage style, minimal style, geometric style, antique style (basically Ranveer Singh style) and even the traditional unisex love band style followed by the one with diamonds. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Let us explore each one of it one after the other, ready?

A Stylish Approach

Image Courtesy: Canary Lane

As the title suggests, this gold ring design for male is a very stylish piece to gift and own. If the groom-to-be is not a lover of too flashy designs but has an inherent inclination for majestic designs when it comes to jewellery, this one is the perfect piece to go for. It is pretty much a mix of royalty and modernity which makes it worth being the opening ring. The choice of using the three gold polishes in a single ring is quite appealing as it looks highly customised with that detail.

Who is this ring design ideal for?

This gold ring design for male is a very classy design which is perfect for the groom who is looking forward to wearing something solid, which asserts its presence on the overall outlook and adds to his personality. Apart from these features, he must have an inclination towards sobriety over bling and diamond rings in order to retain the simplicity of the classy design.

The Geometrical Approach

Image Courtesy: Egetal

Coming to this gold ring design for male, this is a very unconventional approach to the engagement ring as it is far from traditional. Basically, anything that goes opposite the conventional styles is a little hard to digest. However, the good part is that it instantly becomes the coolest thing to do and it becomes a trendsetter at the same time, as a reward of the courage that the choice breeds from. 

Who is this ring design ideal for?

Now that you are being able to breathe with the idea of seeing such a funky ring as an engagement ring, I must tell you that such geometric rings are not for the faint-hearted grooms. Such designs are ideal for an experimental personality who lives in the present and looks up to an unconventional fusion when it comes to his personality, as against a fully traditional mindset. So if your dude is the most Hatke dude then this is just the masterpiece gold ring design for male that you are looking for.

The Vintage Approach

Image Courtesy: Gembank 1973

Now, this gold ring design for male is hands down the funkiest idea of an engagement ring. As one of the several rings in the picture have it engraved, the vintage themed approach to an engagement ring is as raw as it is unusual. When people are ditching conventions in all other walks of life then even the engagement ring exchange deserves a piece of the rebellious cake.

Just imagine, exchanging such rings coming from a vintage collection from parts of Europe or such rustic rings with that old gold polish that you collected on your international trip together from a shop of vintage collectables. What a symbolic choice would that be! Awe-inspiring!

Who is this ring design ideal for?

This ring is ideal for the traveller husband-to-be who understands and values the essence of vintage items and is worthy of going for such a high honour of breaking conventions in the classiest way possible. Trust me, you would be among the rarest partners who came up with such a wonderful choice as the perfect gold ring design for male!

The Minimal Approach

Image Courtesy: Stinneholm Jewellery

Talking of this lovely gold ring design for male here, it is a classic piece when it comes to the lovers of minimalism. This ring has a hint of artistic geometric pattern which looks absolutely classy and comfortable to be worn daily. It adds a depth to the personality of the man who will be wearing it. I am saying this because comfort seems to be his top priority which is a very rare and valuable thing to have in one’s character and ideologies. Imagine, going on your knees in the middle of the street with this gorgeous beauty. This gold ring design for male is meant exactly for that moment.

Who is this ring design ideal for?

This gold ring design for male is an ideal choice for a rusty street style proposal. I would not recommend this to be exchanged in a big gathering unless it is at least double in its width. It must have more volume to give it a stature of an engagement ring. However, if your guy likes to keep his rings light and simple with just a touch of design, then this is a ring you just cannot miss. What do you think?

The Diamond Approach


Jumping to this gold ring design for male, such designs in pure shiny gold with a hint of diamonds are the best friends with traditional Indian engagement ceremonies. It is just the right choice for every male as it is the most versatile engagement ring which has a mix of love bands, unisex styles, a hint of diamond along with a mix of tradition and modernity followed by the classy minimalist touch that completed it. Trust me, whosoever wears it becomes worthy of the marital bliss and gets a distinct charm added to his personality. 

Who is this ring design ideal for?

This is just the perfect gold ring design for male for the traditional Indian groom. No matter which religion the couple follows, this taste runs common among the modern grooms who look forward to adorning something subtle yet rich, a piece of ornament which speaks of its value. The fiancé who wishes to go for a classic love band for the two will be on cloud 9 with this absolutely perfect gold ring I am sure he is going to be overwhelmed when he says, “Oh! How do you know me so well?”

The Unisex Approach

Image Courtesy: Randigrz

Ah! The evergreen classic! I know you must be wondering why is there a female hand in the picture when the article clearly discusses ‘gold ring design for male’. The answer to that is that I wanted to make the unisex part of the ring easy to visualise. Now, these rings being the classics are the most popular choice for love bands. When two people are really in love, all it takes is a symbolic exchange of hearts and the simplicity of this ring can be a genuine memoir of it. It is classy, it is iconic, it is evergreen and it is the most comfortable ring design ever made.

Who is this ring design ideal for?

This gold ring design for male is the perfect choice for male partners who are traditional at heart and have always been a lover of simple things full of memories. Dear grooms-to-be, if you are the ones who know how to count their blessings, do not believe even in an inch of a show-off, are down to earth and simple by nature, I don’t know if this ring isn’t perfect for you then what it! Really, no kidding at all!

The Antique Approach

Image Courtesy: Butter Lane Antiques

Doesn’t this ring deserve to be in a museum of sorts? Trust me, if you choose a ring like this for your engagement, you are going to be the cheesiest couple the entire Universe ever had! Now, if you are planning to ask that why has it made to the list of gold ring design for male then the answer is that the very USP of this ring design is that it is unusual. It is a ring design that demands attention by the virtue of its heaviness and unusual detailing. If you choose this ring, you might be on the cover story of the wedding newspaper (I wanted to say Wedding Times, way cooler no?)!

Who is this ring design ideal for?

It is a great choice for the groom who either passionately follows another ancient language or is a fan of Ranveer Singh (including his bling affair with truckloads of quirk and funkiness)! However, it is a big no-no for a person who doesn’t like attention or is generally very calm. Trust me, this ring isn’t for your man if he is anywhere less than Ranveer Singh’s level of confidence and experimenting potential.

With all these fantastic and unconventional options for the aptest gold ring design for male, you are totally prepared to dig deeper into the ring hunt. Whether he is a lover of vintage antique collectables or he is the old school Indian groom with rich taste, he likes the plain unisex love bands or he is the modern guy who loves to experiment with geometric shapes. Even if he is none of the above and is just a modern groom who is a sucker (for you, duh!) for minimalist rings, you are still sorted. All it takes is a mix and match process and his choice will be clear as crystal. 

Pro tip: One thing that you must try to ask him using your secret ways is his taste in the variety of gold. There can be the regular yellow tainted gold, shiny white gold or sophisticated rose gold. It may not necessarily be the traditional style. If you haven’t considered the importance of this choice then you must consider it now. Make it about him and not about you, after all he has to wear it for life, he deserves it. 

All the best!

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