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10 Falaknuma Palace Images That Are Giving Us Major Feels

Want a palace wedding but still haven't picked the wedding venue? Look at these gorg Falaknuma Palace images and it'll help you make the right choice!

Dinesh Tangulwar Photography

Selecting the venue is not just the starting point of the wedding preparation, it is the foundation on which the entire celebration will be set-up. You know you have started right when you look at Falaknuma Palace images such as the ones that we have listed that simply take your breath away.

Now that the venue is decided, all the other elements start coming together-- the decorations, the stay, the individual ceremony requirements, the pre, post, and during wedding shoot settings and so much more. The little details that seem little but make or break the whole plan are actually taken care of at this venue.

The dream-like set-up ensures perfect shots of the bride and the groom, the fantastic hospitality takes care of every requirement of the wedding guests and the stunning architecture ensures that the wedding planner is always on their toes to make it a memorable wedding for everyone.

Well, if you need any more convincing about Falaknuma Palace being your go-to venue, then read on.

Get Ready To Give The World Some Major Decor Goals

Here are some beautiful decor ideas on how to make the best possible use of the lavish palace for your wedding ceremonies. These will help you get those gorgeous Falaknuma Palace images for the wedding album. Oh, and don't be surprised if people start spamming you with questions about your wedding decorators and planner after this.

An Elegant Setup For Your Day Time Ceremony

Taj Falaknuma Palace

Plan your wedding ceremonies in such a way that you get to have at least one ceremony of the many celebrations during the day as the vibe is completely different and spellbinding. And the photographs captured during the golden hour will help you get those perfect #nofilter selfies and candids for Instagram (Gotta keep up the Insta game too).

Plus, you can fit in two ceremonies on the same day and save up on a few bucks too. So get an elegant setup with fresh and colourful flowers and white decor and have the lavish palace in the backdrop.

Not only will you love the outcome of the photographs, but you will also be able to enjoy the view which looks more beautiful than the Falaknuma Palace images what you must have seen on the internet.

Decor Goals: A Whimsical Entrance Adorned With Beautiful Flowers

Image Courtesy: YOLO Entertainment and Weddings

While you are all set to make a grand entrance to your happily ever after, we think the path that leads to it should be an elaborate and whimsical entrance like this one. Adorned with gorgeous flowers and exquisite chandeliers, this magnificent setup will provide for the most stunning Falaknuma Palace images from your official wedding album.

And trust us, your friends and family will love it too as it makes for a great photo op for them to take a plethora of photographs for their social media. So if you ask us, it is the perfect win-win situation.

Talk About Occasion Appropriate: Vibrant Decor For The Lively Mehndi Ceremony

Taj Falaknuma Palace

A fun-filled ceremony where Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna is playing in the background, friends and family dancing and getting their hands henna-ed while having an incredible time celebrating you and the arrival of your wedding day is an event that requires a bright and vibrant decor setup.

A setting that screams joy and happiness with every element. And Falaknuma Palace images like this one are the perfect example of such a lively setup for the Mehndi ceremony.

With multiple couches for your guests to sit on, pretty marigold flowers arranged in the form of a 3D balls hanging from the luscious trees, and some kept neatly on the centre table, the setup is nothing but breathtaking.

Show Your Love For All Things Pretty With Vintage Vases, Fancy Table Setup And More

Reels & Frames

Who doesn't like pretty table settings and fresh flowers? And the answer is everyone loves it. So get fancy tables set up with vintage vases, flowers, and beautiful dishes for your guests for they too can take a bundle of memorable moments home with them from your royal wedding at the palace. Falaknuma Palace images like this are just an example of how grand and lavish every aspect of your wedding can be.

However, you can talk to your decorator and decide on the minutest details so that everything is a little more personalised and special without you having to overspend.

Tips And Tricks For The Bride And Groom To Ace The Royal Wedding Look

When you are getting married at a royal wedding venue in a larger than life setup that you can see from the Falaknuma Palace images, it is only fair that you match the vibe. So we have put together a few tips and tricks for the bride and groom to ace the look and have a spectacular day.

Here Comes The Groom: Make A Grand Entry For Your Big Day

Reels & Frames

While we understand that as soon as the song Din Shagna Da starts playing, all eyes are glued to the entrance to catch the first glimpse of the bride and see her in all that bridal glory, the anticipation for the groom's entrance creates the same vibe.

But you can make a grand entrance and make sure that all eyes are on you. Pick a rather unconventional way of arriving at the venue. For instance, you can come on a lavish chariot or a gorgeous vintage car.

You can even follow the Maharaja style and announce your arrival with a bang as seen in such Falaknuma Palace images.

Say 'I Do' In Style: Exchange Garlands With Bae Underneath A Star Shower 

Image Courtesy: YOLO Entertainment and Weddings

An opulent celebration like a royal wedding at the palace should be exceptional in every aspect whether it is the decor or the food, the table setting or the entry of the bride and groom, everything should be on point.

So it is safe to say that the ceremony of exchanging of garlands should also be taken up a notch (quite literally!). And to do just that, you should take reference from Falaknuma Palace images such as this one, and get an elevated stage area set up in the centre of the wedding venue.

Oh, and you know what will make this even better? A star shower because the flower shower is way too mainstream. Just get some fireworks arranged, and you are good to go.

Pick A Royal Makeup Look For The Royal Wedding Venue

Sutra Snapperz

With a wedding venue as lavish and exquisite as seen in these Falaknuma Palace images, you should pick every element of your bridal look in such a way that it makes you look nothing less than a member of the royal family.

For instance, you can choose a gorgeous heavily embroidered velvet lehenga in deep maroon colour and style it with an ornate jewellery set, Matha Patti, Haath Phool, and Kamarband, and as for makeup, you can opt for a bold and captivating look.

This will ensure that you fit in and that your wedding photos are as pretty and gorgeous as the Falaknuma Palace images.

Take Notes: How To Ace At The Posing Game And Get Those Awe-Inspiring Photographs

We love documenting every happy moment of our lives and as they say, the wedding day is one of the happiest days of the lives of the bride, groom, and their family, so you might want to get the most amazing and awe-inspiring Falaknuma Palace images with your loved ones to remember this beautiful day.

Get An Elaborate Pre-Wedding Shoot Done At This Palace

Dinesh Tangulwar Photography

Most palaces special offer pre-wedding shoot packages too. And we cannot be more excited about it. This works perfectly, especially when you are getting married at the same venue for there can be some uniformity with the backdrops in all your photographs when compiled together for the wedding album and video.

And let's face it, every couple like a larger than life kind of experience. So give the celebrations a kick start and head out to the palace for an elaborate and beautiful pre-wedding shoot. The architectural beauty of the venue is so much more than what can be derived from the Falaknuma Palace images.

The Palace Makes For The Perfect Backdrop For Your Wedding Shoot

Image Courtesy: Neeti Mohan's Instagram

From all the Falaknuma Palace images that you have looked upon the internet, if there is anything that you can take away is the fact that the palace makes for the perfect backdrop for all the wedding photographs. Imagine the solo full shots of the bride and a grand and magnificent dreamy backdrop with chandeliers and archways and whatnot.

There is no way that you will land up with any bad photographs from the ceremony for the wedding venue will add to making the picture-perfect bridal shots all the more stunning with the grandeur.

Have Fun Getting Bomb Pictures Clicked With Your Squad At The Photobooth

Israni Photography

Weddings, in general, make for a great opportunity to get beautiful photographs captured as the lightening is on point, you and your squad are all decked up, and the decor is all kinds of right. Add to that a quirky and striking photo booth, and you have got a pretty sweet deal.

So don't hold back from checking out the photo booth with your girls and getting bomb solo and group photographs. And while you are at it, we say you go and live up to your #SelfieQueen tag too.

With photo booth installations at the venue, you can add more drama and fun to the otherwise super sophisticated Falaknuma Palace images.

Now that you've taken notes about all the elements that make this venue the perfect destination for your upcoming wedding, go out and plan all the beautiful ceremonies that you would want to host here.

The elaborate pre-wedding shoot for the to-be bride and groom, the planned candids of the wedding guests, the sneaky pre-wedding party the night before the wedding, the hangout zones for all the naughty cousins, and of course, the choreography practise room for the performances will be made even more memorable and beautiful with this palace as the backdrop.

And these Falaknuma Palace images are a small glimpse of the kind of grand and luxurious set-up that you will be a part of.

Tell us how you are going to incorporate the exceptional ideas that you got from looking at these Falaknuma Palace images in the comments section.