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Designing An English Wedding Invitation? Here Are Some Common Mistakes To Watch Out For

Weddings are serious business and English is a funny language. It’s easy to make mistakes when curating an English wedding invitation. Have a look at some common ones people make so that you don’t do the same and save yourself the embarrassment.

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Time is running out and you are yet to design your wedding invitation? Mistakes are bound to happen, especially if it’s an English wedding invitation. Moreover, you might draft something in a hurry and miss out on some small little mistakes. Reach out to your grammar nazi friend, and have him/her proofread whatever you’ve written. However, the judgment is likely to be harsh from his/her end. So keep some of the following points in mind while drafting the invite and you might be spared some degree of that judgment.

1. The Facts

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Before we dive into the grammatical bit of it, it’s essential to remember to check the facts over and over again. You cannot afford to have a typo or an error with important information. This includes the wedding venue, date and time. If you do that you risk either landing your guests up at the wrong place, wrong time or the wrong day or spending a load of extra money having that information corrected. So re-check a thousand times before you send them out for printing.

2. The Hinglish Trend

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We get it, it’s quirky and fun. However, it’s an English wedding invitation you are curating and you really don’t want to end up confusing your guests. Not only does that sound informal but that’s also the wrong English to employ.

3. Consistent Point of View

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If you are beginning your English wedding invitation in the first person, remember to maintain that throughout. It is very common to get into the flow of writing and not realising when “our” becomes “their” but a mistake like this just seems funny. You do not want to confuse the guests as to who really is inviting them. Also, remember to not go from plural to singular or vice versa, don’t let “our” become “my” because it’s not solely your wedding.

4. The infamous your v/s you’re

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Yes, the hype around this is crazy but much called for. Take extra care of this small detail when drafting your English wedding invitation. To make it easier, just understand that “you’re” is just a contraction of “you are” and “your” suggests possession or belonging. Keep this little tip in mind and you can avoid making such a mistake. The same goes for they’re, their and there. This is surprisingly one of the most common mistake people end up making.

5. Uncalled for Capitalisation

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The only things you need to capitalize are the first letter of the first word of a new sentence and proper nouns. You do not have to capitalize things you deem important, that is surely not grabbing anyone’s attention. Many people end up capitalising the dress code or the name of a ceremony mid-sentence, but that’s just grammatically incorrect.

6. “RSVP Please”

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This one’s a big no-no. When you do that, it just shows that you are blindly following the traditional English wedding invitation formats without putting much thought into it. RSVP is a French abbreviation for répondez s’il vous plaît, which when translated to English means “respond please.” So when you say RSVP please, you are essentially saying “Respond please please” which again just seems funny when you look at it that way.

7. American v/s British

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No judgements here, pick either American or British for your English wedding invitation but make sure you stick to one. You do not want to write “colour” and “colour” in the same invite. If you are not sure what is what then look it up on Oxford dictionary or download Grammarly in your laptop and switch the settings to your preferred type of English.

8. Misspelling Names

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If you do this, remember you are scarred for life. Most importantly if you make a typing error with your own or your significant other’s name. History has been witness to some of these innocent but unforgivable mistakes and has been recorded as a source of ridicule. Yes, it’s that serious! Re-check all the name spellings, have the people around you go through them and ensure that all the names, such as parents, siblings, grandparents etc. are all spelt correctly.

Now that the seed has been planted in your head, foster that and jot the points down somewhere. Stick it up on the wall in front of you when you draft your English wedding invitation so that you minimize any mistakes. Even after you do that make sure you have someone read the draft for you because it is sometimes difficult to find your own mistakes.

Once you have the — grammatically correct — content sorted, go ahead and pick the right design. If you can’t figure what to do here is some quick inspiration.