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10 Easy Henna Ideas To Beautify Every Body Part!

If you think that henna can only be applied on your hands and feet, you might be wrong! Check out these easy henna ideas that you can apply on almost every part of your body!

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

We’re sure you might not have heard this earlier, but believe us when we say you can have fun with henna too! Scroll down, and you will know that every part of your body can be enhanced with this paste.

Henna is a thick mixture of positivity and wealth. In Indian weddings, the Mehndi ceremony is hosted where the mehndi a.k.a henna is applied on every woman’s hands and feet, including the bride, to wish her great health and prosperous life. Brides and bridesmaids apply it all over their hands to celebrate this new beginning of the bride’s life and as a symbol of richness too.

However, it is not mandatory to wear henna only on the hands and feet. You can always experiment and play with mehndi designs! We have some amazing easy henna ideas, sported by real brides and real women, which will inspire you to do the same!

Check out this list of 10 easy henna ideas that you can apply on every body part!

1. Country Love

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

A wedding is a big affair where not only the bride and the groom but two families unite to rejoice this new beginning for their lives. What if this affair is between two countries? If that’s your case, then such easy henna ideas are the perfect pick for your wedding day!

The intricate design in the dome and the circular shape is eye-catchy and nothing can beat the innovative idea of making two different countries at the top!

2. Floral Magique

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

No one can ever go wrong with a floral design, be it a floral lehenga or a henna design. This is one of the best easy henna ideas in this list and we bet that many bridesmaids adore it. The elaborate flowers with thin and thick layering will look beautiful on your hands. You can add small leaves filled with henna to enhance the look.

3. Trail style

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

It is a myth that henna can only be applied on the feet! The picture above is the finest example of it. This intricate entangled long trail starting from the ankle straight to the thigh is beautiful in its own way.

We know you have always imagined a Bel pattern at the back of your hand but it’s time to break the ordinary and be an inspirational bride of this season.

4. Classic Play

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

If you want a subtle look, then without any doubt, this is your go-to henna design for the feet as well as the hands. It is the simplest and easiest henna design that can be made at home in seconds. If you wish to adorn a design that can be made quickly, then you must try this one!

5. Tattoo your thigh

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

Henna does not always only you an intricate design for weddings! It can also create some fancy and trendy tattoos on different body parts. A tiny artistic tattoo on the thigh looks sexy and elegant at the same time.

The design can range from anything like a floral piece to your sun sign and many more things.

6. Positive vibes to the baby

Image Courtesy: Henna by Purvi

Henna is not only adorned in weddings but can be worn during any auspicious occasion, for instance, if you are pregnant, you can get it applied over your tummy like this! Such easy henna ideas have been trending for a while. It is a special and new way to welcome the little member of your family and also it brings positivity and joy to the mother and the baby.

7. Indian beauty

Image Courtesy: Henna by Purvi

This Indian henna design over hands and feet is perfect for a traditional bride who wants something ethnic. If you are one such bride, then you will definitely like such easy henna ideas. The dome and lattice patterns will never fail to enhance the look of a bride’s mehndi.

8. Henna on the shoulders!

Image Courtesy: Ritual by Design

If you are a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid and planning to wear a cut-sleeve blouse at the wedding, then you can go for this design! All these easy henna ideas can be made with minimal effort within seconds at home!

9. Mix and Match

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

The spacious element of the feet design and intricate floral motifs all over makes this a perfect blend of Indian and Arabic mehndi design. The chakra in the middle of the feet is spectacular. Also, one can not miss out on the leafy edges of the hand design which will catch everyone’s eye!

10. Designer flower

Image Courtesy: Hiral Henna

If you want something that is simple yet elegant, then this will be a great mehndi design. In these easy henna ideas, this one is easy peasy lemon squeezy! You can apply it anytime and anywhere.

All these easy henna ideas are an absolute must-have and each idea is versatile enough to be adorned on any body part. Pick your favorite design from these easy henna ideas and make a style statement!

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