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Easy Hairstyles to Do at Home for The Bridesmaids-to-be

Bookmark this list of easy hairstyles to do at home if you are a bridesmaid-to-be & look your absolute best while ticking off all the things-to-do from the list of bridesmaids duties!

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The wedding invitation has been extended, you have been proposed to be the bridesmaid and you have said, Yes! A bridesmaid’s duties consist of being with the bride-to-be throughout the wedding functions and preps. This means that she gets set-time for herself to get ready for all the wedding ceremonies. Putting on the ensemble is not a difficult task, but putting on makeup is one when you have a clock ticking.

What takes the time away is managing the hair right. Different hairstyles for different wedding gatherings is a must! After all, a bridesmaid needs to be in vogue as much as the bride gets to be for the wedding. We understand that hairstyles can be intimidating, especially when there is a serious time crunch.

This is why, we have curated a list of hairstyles for different lengths of hair, helping all bridesmaids-to-be achieve stunning hairdos in a jiffy. Take a look!

Tiara Braid Hairstyle

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Easy hairstyles to do at home need to consist of methods which are something the bridesmaids already are well-versed with. Simple braids are easy to learn and easier to make in a short amount of time. Tiara braid hairstyle, as the name suggests, means two braids on each side of the head, starting from the forehead and braided till the back and then braided till the very tips to complete the process. Make sure that you have bobby pins to secure and create a uniform shape of the braided tiara around the head. It can be decorated further with crystal-studded pins and embellished hair clips.

Heart-Shaped Braid

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Some easy hairstyles to do at home might seem complicated but are actually very easy to achieve. For bridesmaids who have highlights can opt to style their hair with heart-shaped braid style. Braiding all the hair on one side will be an easy thing to achieve. Now to convert a basic braid into a heart-shaped braid, simply hold the base of each braid twist and start pulling the hair out from both the sides. Make sure that the pull is upwards, which will automatically create a heart shape effect. To make the shape more prominent, decorate the centre of each braid section with a studded hairpin or small bouquets of flowers.

Partial Cornrow Braid

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By partial we mean that not all the hair is taken into account for creating the cornrow braids. For bridesmaids with shorter hair, easy hairstyles to do at home have to be more defined. With short hair, creating hairstyles that are prominent can be a challenge. But with a bit of creativity and improvision, stunning hairstyles like this one can be achieved very easily. Part the hair into two halves with a mid-parting first. Take one side of the hair and part into two further. Take the section on the crown area and make a cornrow braid starting from the forehead area till the very ends of the tip. Comb the remaining parted hair downwards and leave it be. Repeat the process on the other side as well and voila!

Retro Side-Swept Hair

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This one is the quickest among easy hairstyles to do at home. The star of retro side-swept hair is the hair comb pin. To begin with, create side parting of hair followed by an option of curling the lengths of hair as per desired. The curls bring about the romantic flair to this hairstyle and look effortlessly chic with cocktail gowns! Follow up by taking hair from the forehead till the ear, insert the hair comb pin from the front and sweep it across, letting it settle right above the ear or behind it. Red lips and catty eyes are a bonus!

Side Fishtail Braid

Image Courtesy: Ramaniya Glitteratti

One of the easy hairstyles to do at home that never goes out of fashion is the side fishtail braid. This one demands a little extra time than a regular braid does, but the results are spectacular and any bridesmaid wouldn’t have it any other way. Loosely gather all the hair on one side and part the hair into two. From the outermost part of one section of the hair, take out some strands of hair and cross the section, letting them rest on the other section of the hair. Mingle the new addition with all the other hair of the section and repeat the pull-and-cross process in a loop. This practice will result in a delicate side fishtail braid.

All these hairstyles are easy to achieve and with the right set of hair combs and clips, styling them quickly becomes a swift affair. If you feel your hair is a little hard to tame, then any hair serum, setting sprays and hair mousse will come in handy, giving hairstyles that stay put throughout the wedding functions.

Do try these easy hairstyles to do at home and tell us how your experience was. Comment below and share your wonderful stories.