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Find out Which of These 12 Bridal Dance Styles Is Right for Your Zodiac Sign

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Searching for the perfect dance for your epic Sangeet performance? Check out these bridal dance performances and pick the one you love most. Read on to find out what your zodiac sign and the stars have to say about your bridal dance performance.

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You know what they say; your wedding day comes only once, so you do what you have to and make it perfect! Indian weddings are big on endless singing and dancing. And, why shouldn't they be? It's fun, full of laughter and brings along with it a dose of happiness. We will help you brides-to-be prepare for you Sangeet dance performance by taking your zodiac sign into account. Yes, you heard us! From tango to waltz to freestyle or the Bollywood Dhoom Dhadhaka, which style best reflects your personality? Every sun sign has a few dominant traits and we will help you figure out a bridal dance form that will bring your 'So You Think You Can Dance' moment to life quick and easy!

1. The Zealous Aries Bride

An Aries woman will always hold her head high. Isn't that what every girl should do? Yes! Courageous, dashing, passionate and a shining star, the Aries bride is a bolt of energy. Her passion and zeal for life are unmatchable. 

2. The Sensual Taurean Bride

An awe-inspiring wedding performance with her groom-to-be is hers for the taking. A Taurean bride is practical, responsible, one who does not like to compromise on anything. She is devoted to her work and love life at the same time. She's a tough nut! Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, for her bridal dance, a couple dance is undoubtedly the right choice for her. 

3. The Witty Social Butterfly Gemini Bride

The Gemini lady is always curious with a gentle and an affectionate nature which wins the heart of everyone she meets and greets. Unlike any other woman of the zodiac, a Gemini woman loves being pampered and kept on the mantle of their loved ones' heart. So, a lovey-dovey bridal dance performance, arms linked with her entire Khandaan is what she needs to live her fairytale moment on the big day

4. The Dreamy Cancerian Bride

Who doesn't want to live a fairytale? Perhaps, a slow dance number on an emotional song is her calling. A nurturer at heart, a Cancerian bride would be deeply involved with every little thing happening at her wedding. So, for her bridal performance, a montage of some soulful Bollywood songs will do the trick. Cancer women love to make their fantasy world become their immediate reality. And, why shouldn't they? It's not every day that we get to waltz our way around with our Prince Charming. 

5. The Lioness & The Leader Of The Pack: Leo

Unafraid to try new things, yes that's a Leo bride-to-be for you. They love everything loud and dramatic. A Leo bride-to-be would rule her world with a loud roar and some mellow moves. She absolutely loves the limelight. So, solo bridal dance performance is what she should be aiming at for her epic Sangeet night

6. The Perfectionist Virgo Bride

To have things under control and execute them perfectly is exactly what fuels a Virgo woman. Whatever dance form you choose, we know for a fact that you will nail it. One of the most organised of the lot, a Virgo bride-to-be will go the extra mile to nail her bridal performance. If you're one of these ladies then don't shy away from picking a dance style that is outside of your comfort zone. 

7. The Aesthetic Queen Libran Bride

Fascinated by balance and the symmetry of things, she is funky as well as graceful at her very core. She will do justice to a bridal dance choreography that is a mix of some Bollywood and Hollywood tracks. This Desi girl will make the 'East meet West' in a manner which isn't less than perfect. Her bridal performance will definitely be the correct dose of precision, technique and aesthetic appeal.

8. The Mysterious Scorpion Bride

The brave heart of the lot, this bride will take her dance party by the storm. A bolt of energy and some crisp dance moves, she will ensure that her marriage party mimics an IIFA awards show. Fun yet complex, spirited yet technical, a Scorpion bride-to-be can mix a few different dance styles into her bridal performance and give one heck of a performance. 

9. The Curious Sagittarius Bride

If your stars align with this zodiac sign, then you should definitely include some dramatic and role play in your bridal dance performance. Ambitious, optimistic, versatile, philosophical and creative, a Sagittarius bride is fuelled to have a roller coaster life full of fun-filled moments. A Scorpion bride will light up the room with her witty and humorous performance.

10. A Pool Of Dedication: Capricorn Bride

A pro! Headstrong yet loving, responsible and a go-getter, a Capricorn bride knows exactly what she is made of and is unafraid to flaunt it. Some Latkas and Jhatkas on some kickass Bollywood numbers is what she is likely to perform in the best way there is. Capricorn brides don’t mind putting in their sweat and blood into things and that is exactly what will turn their bridal performance into a whirlwind of perfection. 

11. The Experimental Bee: Aquarius Bride

Making an entrance to the wedding venue on a hoverboard? Yes, that is exactly what an Aquarius bride would do. No matter what the songs are for bridal performance, this woman will try things no normal person would think of doing. And, this is what makes her fun. She'll surprise you when you least expect it. 

12. True Artist: The Pisces Bride

A Pisces bride is rhythmic and has a calling to understand beats like no other. She has a musical side to her and is the most intuitive in the zodiac. Her artistic qualities are sure to make her turn her Mehndi performance into a whirlwind of emotions, not just for herself but also for her wedding guests

Our stars say a lot about our personality and traits. But who knew you can use them to predict the type of bridal dance performances a particular zodiac sign would give. We are fascinated by the distinct traits of each of these zodiac signs. How about you?

Tell us in comments which sun sign are you and what kind of a bridal performance you gave at your marriage party? 

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