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Groomsmen Dance to Inspire the #boysquad to "Drop It Like It's Hot"

Groomsmen not only sit back & cheer, but they take the stage too. And when they take the stage, it is a party you cannot miss. Here are some groomsmen dance videos to inspire!

Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

The bridesmaids have taken the stage, not only on Sangeet ceremony but on any chance they got during the wedding. It is by default considered that the bride and her bridesmaids will grace the occasion with some sexy thumkas. But does that mean we missed out on the groom and groomsmen? Definitely not!

The groomsmen are without a doubt the fun gang of the wedding and the #brosforever squad has never stepped down from standing by the groom and making him proud.

There is no such thing as “cannot dance” and these groomsmen with their groom will show us how it's done right when they take the stage for the FUNTASTIC Sangeet dance performances! *WHISTLES*

We have also suggested our favourite bits of the videos or the bits with the best element of surprise, enjoy!

The Viral One

This dance video has been the #breaktheinternet one and was on the list of most-viewed wedding dance videos of 2018 and 2019. The dance is on point and the choreographer, Shahroz, has danced himself and those shades on the handsome men cannot be missed! 

We suggest: Seek 00:22 seconds.

The Adorable Medley

Look at this groom-squad make that extra effort and walk the stretch to make the bride's blush all the redder. This adorable group kicks it off with Salman Khan's timeless song, O O Jaane Jaana, and you cannot afford to miss what follows if you're a true desi who loves KJo!

We suggest: Seek 00.50 seconds.

The Upbeat Medley

This video also made its fair share of rounds on the internet and this group of men in ties are the groom's old dance squad. Just when it starts to look like it is a dance by the groomsmen, the groom jumps in action with some stunning moves and so does the bride, sorry for ruining the surprise already!

We suggest: Seek 03:29 seconds.

The Impressive Move

By now we are wondering what is with the grooms and O O Jaane Jana because here is one more groomsmen's dance video showing off their impressive moves to make the bride smile! The second half of the song is a romantic one by none other than the classic Backstreet boys. The bride was indeed impressed in the end!

We suggest: Seek 02:50 seconds.

The Bhangra Beats

What is a wedding in India without some Bhangra to flaunt in some trending Punjabi song? These handsome men in Nehru jackets have not only rocked the look but have set the stage on fire. They sure had fun and we can say the groom would be so proud of his #boysquad!

We suggest: Seek 00:23 seconds.

The Sweet Squad

Here is a medley of some old school Bollywood classics like Chura ke Dil Mera and Dil Cheez Bari Hai Mast that just set the mood to put on the dancing shoes. This groom in his cutest ways and a smile that melt the bride's heart, has made sure that the hoots didn't stop. The fun is so evident on stage and the last surprise is overwhelming!

We suggest: Seek 03:35 seconds.

The Swag Team

Did we just see Ranveer Singh's level of energy in this swag group of groomsmen tearing the stage apart with the impeccable dance? They are without a doubt great dancers and we cannot get enough of this video. What a Seeti-Maaro dance!

We suggest: The entire video.

The Happy Boys

We did see a lot of groom's squads grooving to Badri Ki Dulhaniya, and the constant hooting will tell you that this song is a great choice fo the groomsmen. The effort is just adorable and we are hoping the groom is really happy with his boys!

We suggest: The entire video.

These were the 8 picks to inspire the groom's squad and the bride's brothers to pull up their socks and get on the stage for the D-day! You can hire professional choreographers who can help you pick some jaw-dropping steps that will set the stage on fire!

We are ready to whistle and cheer and if you are ready to take the stage with swag, share the videos with us on our Instagram account or the links on the comments!