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The Classic White and Gold Lehenga for Your Classic D-day Outfit

Wanna ditch the red colour for your wedding lehenga but confused about what to opt for? Go through these white and gold lehenga options for major goals.

Image courtesy: WhiteKnot Wedding Photography

We all know the importance of the wedding outfit. Naturally, the to-be brides spend months selecting the right outfit for themselves and go through the tedious activity of selecting the right colour and design for the big day. Red is the most common colour for and Indian wedding. More than fashion, it has to do with the cultural and religious significance associated with the colour for the occasion of a wedding.

However, with it being so common, the brides are now looking to wear other colours be it blue, pink, yellow, green or even black at times. However, if you are pretty confused with the colour options, the best way ahead is to stick to the classic and elegant colours of white and golden.

A base colour of white and the golden embroideries or patterns on it for the lehenga is a great way to ensure that you are looking great. At times, the other colours you choose may not look great for a wedding.

However, a white and golden lehenga perfectly fits the bill of outfit for a wedding day.

White base with golden patterns


A flowy white lehenga with continuous but subtle patterns on it makes this an elegant lehenga for you. The complete package of this lehenga looks great, starting with the sheer dupatta that has circular prints on it. The patterns on this white and golden lehenga look more like some latticework that’s usually seen as part of Mughal architecture.

Tapered patterns and broad border


The beauty of a white and golden lehenga is in the way the white base starts looking elegant whenever there are free spaces on it. With tapered or conical overall patterns on it and thick borders, it looks like a classic lehenga.

Layered patterns


When you add multiple layers of patterns or designs to the lehenga, it automatically adds a heavy look to it. With 4 different layers, one can see the amount of work involved in this outfit. The blouse with its complete golden look with shimmers and glitters gives the white and golden lehenga outfit a rich look.

A simple and elegant lehenga

Vandan Wedding Films

An elegant lehenga with a mix of small floral lehenga and angular patterns on it, this lehenga is an absolute wedding goal if you are opting for a subtle look. The sheer dupatta and a white blouse with golden gridlines complete the look of the outfit. Pair it with a heavy golden necklace to make you look nothing short of a royal princess.

A subtle golden finish


If you are looking for an even more elegant look, this white and golden lehenga should fit the bill perfectly. A powdered embroidery finish gives the lehenga a subtle and fine finish to it. Since the lehenga has no embroideries and instead has golden patterns on it, it gets the subtle touch easily.

Thick embroideries on white


If you want the complete opposite of the subtle look and instead have thick embroideries instead, this outfit should do it for you. The thick golden embroideries on the white base give another layer of design on it. The same embroideries go on the dupatta and blouse as well.

A unique take on lehenga

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Tired of the usual embroideries and patterns on a white and golden lehenga? Here is a lehenga that is totally different from anything you have seen before. The big leaf life layers of golden and white colours with a slight touch of red makes the lehenga a completely unique one. This is one lehenga that everyone will be talking about once they see it.

Get something along the lines of Chikankari embroidery

A Chikankari embroidery is perfect for a graceful look but it is not something you usually see in a lehenga. However, this lehenga with its embroidery finish proves just how beautiful a bride can look in it. The golden motifs at the borders make it a great white and golden lehenga.

Dots and layers do the trick have all the best details


The multiple layers of patterns and designs with the sequins and embroideries at the borders and then the dots on the remaining part of the lehenga make it a white and golden lehenga with a lot happening on it. The dotted patterns continue on the blouse and sheer dupatta as well.

With this combination of colours, you cannot go wrong with it. It not only is a safe option but it gives you the classic elegant look and with the right designs, you can end up looking like a princess.

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