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Wedding Workout Plan 3 Months: Three Simple Sets and Tips!

Everyone wants to see quick results, but that won’t happen until you put in the work! Check out this wedding workout plan 3 months for beginners that can help you slim down!

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No matter how woke we may be, there’s no denying that upscale social events can bring out the worst in us regarding our insecurities. And, when that upscale social event is actually your wedding, well… let’s just say you probably never thought there was an inner bridezilla lurking within you.

If you’ve always been a little self-conscious about your body, and are trembling at the thought of wearing classic Indian attire with short blouses and wedding cholis, don’t start panicking yet! With this wedding workout plan 3 months, you’ll definitely feel more confident about wearing anything (and yes, you’ll slim down too!).

When it comes to an effective wedding workout plan, 3 months can be a decent amount of time to hit your goals, as long as you also watch what you eat! Here are a few different set options that you should try out:

1. Wedding workout plan 3 months - Set 1

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To follow this set, you must do the following exercises:

  • High knees for 60 seconds (alternately bring your knee as high from your waist as you can)
  • Mountain climbers for 60 seconds (Lie on the ground with your arms supporting your weight. Bring one leg in front with the foot resting under your stomach. Then, bring the other while sliding the first leg back in position – think of this as walking diagonally)
  • Air squats for 60 seconds (Hold out your arms in front of you at a 45-degree angle upwards every time you squat)
  • Knee crunches for 60 seconds (lie on your back and place both hands at the back of your head, with the fingers interlocked. Bring one knee towards your chest and lean in diagonally with your arm and upper body towards the knee. Then do the same for the other side)
  • Planking for 60 seconds (support your body weight with your elbows and forearms while you contemplate your wedding task list)
  • Rest for 30 seconds and repeat.

2. Wedding workout plan 3 months - Set 2

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This set includes:

  • Knee crunches for 30 seconds
  • Russian twists for 30 seconds (lie down with your knees up and feet firmly planted on the ground. Raise your upper body as close as you can to your knees and then twist to one side. When you do this again, twist to the other side. Your arms need to be folded as though you’re mad at someone!)
  • Lying leg raises for 30 seconds (lie down, raise your legs up at a 90-degree angle)
  • Reverse crunches for 30 seconds (lie down with your feet in the air, bend your legs towards your chest to simulate crunches)
  • Planking for 60 seconds while bringing the knees to the elbow one by one.
  • Planking normally for 60 seconds.
  • Rest for 30 seconds and repeat.

3. Wedding workout plan 3 months - Set 3

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This set includes:

  • Reverse crunches for 60 seconds
  • Lying leg raises for 60 seconds.
  • Knee crunches for 60 seconds
  • Jackknife sit-ups for 30 seconds (lie on your back, then spring up to make your hands touch your feet)
  • Knee ups for 30 seconds
  • Planking for 60 seconds.
  • Rest for 30 seconds and repeat!

4. Additional work out tips to keep in mind while following this wedding workout plan 3 months:

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  • Before starting any workout or set, you must warm-up. 50 jumps in one spot can be one way of doing so. If you have a skipping rope, then 4 sets of 25 jumps can also do the trick.
  • Do not drink water in the middle of the workout as you can get nauseous.
  • Alternate between the sets given above. If it's your first time working out, start slow. Go with one round of one set a day and then extend the number to two and then three as a few days pass. You are more likely to stick to your workout this way.
  • You still have to watch what you eat! There’s no magical work out plan that is super effective even when you’re eating pizzas, chocolates and burgers all the time. You need to cut down on fizzy drinks, potato chips, unhealthy fats and junk food. Eat fruits and veggies and chicken instead.
  • Play music while you work out. It will help you drown out all thoughts of stopping!
  • Don’t be that person who can only talk about working out! JK.
  • Don’t measure your waist or look for results daily. You’ll only be setting yourself up for failure by expecting quick results. Remember, the regime is wedding workout plan 3 months, not wedding workout plan 3 days!
  • Ask a friend to be your accountability buddy!

With this wedding workout plan 3 months, you should be able to boost your confidence, feel more energetic, and look better! Yes, working out can feel a bit tedious, but you’ll definitely think of this as time well spent when you look at yourself in that bridal lehenga!

Make sure you look your best and follow this wedding workout plan 3 months to the 'T'. Get in touch with these makeup artists! Also follow some dieting tips for better results and a healthier lifestyle!