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How to Pick the Choicest of Wedding Purses for Indian Bride

If you want to carry some essentials from your emergency bridal kit handy, it is wise to carry a purse. Let us show you how to choose the best among the plethora of wedding purses for Indian bride.

Ozel Bir Sey

Love flaunting accessories, even on your wedding ceremonies? Then why not add a purse or clutch to your ensemble. It would come in handy to keep some of the smaller items from your emergency kit, carry your phone and would look great in all the pictures. There is no way in hell that a woman does not need a purse and some essentials. And when it is your engagement or reception, a purse can really complete your attire. Here are some pointers on how to select wedding purses for Indian bride:  

1. Size matters


Keep in mind the size of the purse you are going to carry. Wedding purses for Indian bride come in various shapes and sizes, be it a clutch, a Potli or even a sling bag. You should pick a piece that doesn't shadow your outfit in the wedding pictures or isn't too bulky to carry around.  It should be large enough to carry a couple of tissues, safety pin and your phone but not too big that it attracts unwanted attention.

2. Matching it right

If you can get a custom purse, go for it. What better way to flaunt a purse than have it as a perfect piece that completes your puzzle of the bridal dress! This will ensure that your coordinated outfit looks even more personalised. But keep in mind, if you're wearing a red lehenga with golden embellishments, an OTT golden purse might not be the way to go even when it matches the colours of your outfit. Remember that balance is crucial.

3. Versatility 

Ozel Bir Sey

Does the heading confuse you? Well, we are talking about the purse to be carried in different ways. Wedding purses for Indian bride can be carried around easily in the right size but after a while, if the bride does not want to carry it in her hand, a detachable chain would feel like a godsend. Turning it into a sling would also be a good idea when you decide to burn the dance floor. If you're wearing a strapless blouse, you can secure the purse in your lehenga if the purse has a hook.

4. Ease of carrying

Many wedding purses for Indian bride can be the right size, match your outfit well and even be versatile, but what would be the point of buying one if it isn't easy to carry around? It should not feel too heavy on your shoulder or in your hand. Its embellishments should not ruin your bridal lehenga's embroidery work. Imagine if the mirror work of your clutch protrudes and hurts you during the ceremony. No one would want that, now, would they?

5. Functionality

Ozel Bir Sey

Of course, all wedding purses for Indian bride have to go through the test of being practical. They should have enough pockets, should have enough space and be secure. If the lock of your clutch is loose and you have to stay guard just for the sake of that purse, we're sure you'd be cursing the moment you bought it. So always, check for the functionality aspect of any purse before you decide, it is the one.

6. Reusability

You don't want to pack your purse away with your bridal lehenga, do you? So think about how you can mix and match it with other outfits during your wedding and in future as well. Choose a design that gives it a neutral appeal. This will make it go well along with a lot of outfits without considering the colour constraint.  

7. Budget

Aran by Shrreya

If budget is not a concern for you then, by all means, buy whichever and as many wedding purses for Indian bride as you wish. But if you're operating with a budget, then make your clutch a smart buy. Invest only as much you think you wouldn't mind losing in the wedding planning chaos. The wise choice would be to gauge the life of the item and see how many times you will actually wear it after the event that its value gets fulfilled. 

Whenever you go shopping for wedding purses for Indian bride, ensure that you have already finalised the outfit and the bridal shoes that you are going to pair with that outfit. This will make it easier for you to imagine if a clutch design fits into your ensemble or not.

Which wedding purse was your epic find? Tell us in the comments below.