While planning a wedding, one of the simpler yet important tasks is that of getting your wedding card designed. With the plethora of design options available between two forms of wedding cards, digital and print, the choices might seem overwhelming. This list of some of the best of wedding cards in Bangalore should make the task a little simpler and give you a head start.

We have seen some of the most amazing wedding cards in Bangalore standing out in terms of the quality, content and just the general aesthetic. A wedding card in one way sets the tone for your wedding and gets the guests excited at the prospect of joining you on this big day and with that said wedding invitations gain importance. The theme of your wedding, your story, a dedication there are so many things you must fit into these invitations and there so many ways to go about it.

From a single page card to a multi-layer card to even cards with an assortment of gifts, there are all sorts of simplicity and luxurious styles you can choose to include and to understand your need and style you need to find the perfect vendor. Read on and find our recommendation for wedding cards in Bangalore.

1. Paper Love Pixel

Paper Love Pixel

If there is one company we love the most in terms of what wedding cards in Bangalore, Paper Love Pixel is it. Their quirky, bright and attention-grabbing wedding cards and digital invitation cards are just something to be cherished.

They offer a whole dozen of variety for wedding cards including invitation boxes, religious invitations, floral printed, traditional digital invites, themed invitations, handcrafted cards.  Each of their cards through the detailed illustrations seems to be telling a story about the couple and inviting others to join them on the big day.

Just look at this card, for instance, it is so simple even while carrying all the details, the distinct form makes it easy on the eyes while the soft colour scheme seems to be working so well along with the happy illustration of the couple. Such a nice personalised touch!

2. Iktaara


Iktaara by Kanika Jain Gupta must be one of the most unique and creative firms for wedding cards in Bangalore we came across. From traditional to contemporary invitations, Iktaara has a tonne to offer. You could choose a wedding invitation from their pre-made templates which are chic and elegant or also choose to customise something of your own! There is an option for everyone.

The founder of Iktaara is an award-winning illustrator who is well known for her organic creative work. The neat and precise nature of her work reflects across all of her cards making them appear more appealing. They also offer invitation boxes with an overlying theme reflecting across all the elements to point towards the wedding’s theme in an understated yet elegant manner.

Pro Tip: Iktaara also makes colouring books so you can add that one fun and unique element in the box.

3. Templetree – a paper boutique

Templetree, Whitefield

In the multitude of options available, one firm for wedding cards in Bangalore which stood out for their simplicity and expertise in traditional cards in Templetree. We absolutely adore their work and for anyone who wants a simple and elegant card, this is your best bet for a wedding card in Bangalore. 

They have several different kinds of textured papers to highlight your wedding card in Bangalore, which is quite something! This is also the right spot for the couple who want to send a little gift along with their card. From vibrant packaging to classic designs and gifting solutions, they have it all. Apart from invitation cards they also handle trousseau packaging.

While choosing a wedding card in Bangalore, there is an overwhelming number of options available but doing a little research will always help. So once you decide on the marriage card format and style of your card, pick out a few templates before visiting a vendor and setting an appointment. These templates will help the designer understand your needs, style and expectation. Talk budget and what will be the price per card, if you do end up needing extras after the first batch is delivered. After chalking out the important details, finalising on a design after seeing at least one template, place the order for a wedding card in Bangalore.

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