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6 Wedding Ideas 2019 For An Even Cooler Set of Shaadi Experiences

The wedding industry is full of ideas- some old and some new, but not all of them work. Here are some unique wedding ideas 2019 that we guarantee work!

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There is no doubt in our minds that your wedding will be beautiful no matter what. Everything will be stunning, along with you. But there are some decorations and wedding ideas that are still being used that are irrelevant in the present. They do not work as well as they did before. However, couples still use them as they do not have new ideas for their wedding.

It is not just about the wedding decor, we have a very creative and unique wedding ideas 2019 list that you should check out to make your wedding more fun and exciting.

Do implement elements from these unique wedding ideas 2019 list in your wedding. To know more about them, scroll down through these epic and unique wedding ideas 2019.

1. Walk down the aisle in style

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Every girl dreams of the moment when she will walk down the aisle towards her groom to be and live happily ever after. Walk down the aisle in style with everyone showering flower petals on you. Weddings have adopted a new sit down style where everyone sits and watch the nuptials.

You can place a packet full of flower petals on the guests’ chairs and let them know what to do with the petals as the bride walks down towards the marriage mandap. Refer to the picture for inspiration and be creative with your unique wedding ideas 2019 list.

2. A fun photo booth

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Photo booths are the craze right now, in not only the wedding industry but also birthdays and any other celebrations. They give the guests a chance to engage in some fun with their loved ones and create memories they will cherish forever. It has become a compulsory element in modern weddings. You can be as creative as you want with your wedding photobooth.

You can make a Polaroid photo booth where each guest will get a Polaroid as soon as they click it, which is a great way to gratify them instantly!

3. A food fight

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A Haldi ceremony is one of the most fun ceremonies in a wedding. The traditional Haldi has become almost like a Holi celebration. The families love to rub turmeric on the bodies of bride/groom and even each other. We also have people converting the Haldi ceremony into a water fight. Well, we have another idea for you in this unique wedding ideas 2019 list.

HAVE A FAUX SNOWBALL FIGHT! Chucking balls of turmeric paste at each other is the perfect way to have some fun and try something very exciting. Just make sure to warn all the family members beforehand so they do not wear anything expensive or close to their hearts. You can even send out a cute video inviting them and add a disclaimer to wear very simple clothes that they won’t mind ruining.

4. A photoshoot in the lap of luxury

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Vintage cars have been used a lot in the wedding industry for the bride/groom entry or photoshoots. Why not try something new from this unique wedding ideas 2019 list? Organise a photoshoot with a luxury car that has a sunroof or a convertible, where the photograph is taken from over the sunroof with the couple inside the car!

Another idea is a photoshoot with a horse and the bride in her wedding dress. We bet you will be the first one to do it in 2019.

5. A dark decor or a neon one

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This idea in our unique wedding ideas 2019 list is perfect for a cocktail party or a reception. A dark decor theme with neon light or dark lighting is perfect for a glam vibe. The ambience will be youthful and different.

You can have neon light props too and distribute them among your guests. This style is perfect for couples who love attending concerts and raves.

6. Enter in style with your partner

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Most brides and grooms enter the venue with their families. Be it the engagement or the wedding day, the bride walks in with her friends and family while the groom waits at the stage. Why not take this fun approach from our unique wedding ideas 2019 list and enter together with each other. Start this relationship together with equality, where no one comes first or after anyone!

We know that your wedding is important to you and you want everything to go perfectly. But there is no harm in trying new ideas that add some fun and amusement for you and your guests Take inspiration from this unique wedding ideas 2019 list and use different elements of each idea in your wedding. You can be creative and make your own unique ideas too. If you do have some, do share them with us in the comments section below!

Get in touch with these wedding planners who can help you come up with unique wedding ideas!