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Take Your Wedding Shoot Into the Wild for Some Enchanting Photos

If you are looking for some unconventional yet magical photos for your wedding, then take your wedding shoot into the wild. Here are some enchanting pictures for your inspo!


Pre-wedding shoots have become the next big thing among the millennial couples. A lot of efforts and planning is put into the pre-wedding shoots to make it nothing short of dreamy. The variety of backdrops available to choose for your pre-wedding shoot is incredible. One such wedding shoot background that is becoming the trend is the woods.

The enchanting beauty of the forests with the mystic greenery makes for a mesmerising background for your pre-wedding photoshoot. In fact, the different seasons gift you with different colours of the forest and you can pick your wedding photoshoot based on the type of backdrop you want - tropical, rustic or the one with fall.

There are many pros of taking your wedding shoot into the wild apart from the breathtaking ambience. The solitude of the locations makes it super easy for photographers to work in peace. The natural frame enhances the beauty of the outfits you choose and add to the chemistry.

Here are some phenomenal pictures clicked in the woods to inspire you to take your wedding shoot into the wild. Bookmark your favourite poses and don't forget to take notes.

The Enchanted Woods

Magic Motion Media

The woods always create an enchanting aura that enhances the photograph. The almost monotone backdrop with the bucolic aesthetic will make sure your wedding shoot looks magical. The simplicity of the backdrop upholds the beauty of the subject of the photograph making it look evidently stunning.

The Manicured Tea Gardens

Infinite Memories

The foliage of the well-trimmed and manicured tea plants on the slopes of a mountain is a dreamy backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot location. Take your wedding shoot into the wild and wear bright colours to create a marvellous contrast and balance the palette.

The Windy Fields of Kans Grass

Naman Verma Photography, Delhi

Kans grass in India has a whole different emotion attached to it. When the wind sweeps the tips of the grass, the frame becomes picturesque. You could take your wedding shoot amidst the whispering Kans grass and add some alluring pictures to your album.

The Rustic Banana Plantations

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Whoever knew banana plantations could be so enthralling? The consistency of the soothing green hues of the banana leaves on the backdrop with muddy lanes in between is sure to spin some breathtaking spell for your pre-wedding shoot. Make sure the outfits you pick for the pre-wedding shoot fit well with the aesthetic.

The Mesmerising Deodars

Image Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

The mountains are calling and you must go! The deodars and other conifers on the slopes of the hills with wild grass adding more colours to the frame is sure to make your pre-wedding shoot an unforgettable one. The memories of the cold wind and the rustling leaves atop the hills will surely add up to the romance. Wear some beautiful gowns to make it just perfect.

The Magical Pine Forests

Image Courtesy: Tirath Shergill

The beauty of the tall, gigantic pine trees is truly unmatched. If there are some fairy lights and rustic candles or lamps to deck up the scene, the frame will definitely be like a romantic fairytale. This could also work out as one of the best proposal spots!

The Sepia-toned Countryside

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography India by Ashwin M.

The trimmed mountains on the backdrop with a trimmed meadow and some horses grazing freely, this frame is sure to steal the show. Find similar sceneries in the countryside of Leh and make sure to take your wedding shoot into the wild.

Into the Wild Woodlands

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography India

This is quite literally taking the wedding shoot into the wild. A similar backdrop can be found in Jim Corbett and Kaziranga, or other sanctuaries and national parks too. You'd just be plain lucky and it will be a story of a lifetime if a wild animal just happens to photobomb your wedding shoot. Don't forget to share it with us!

The Bewitching Forests During Fall

Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

While the lush green forests in spring have a certain beauty to add to your photos, the shades of brown that the forests flaunt during the fall is another charming backdrop that you can pick. Take your wedding shoot to the forests in the fall and use some smoke bomb photography skills to make it magical!

The Charm of Tropical Greens

Rashingam Ngoruh

The tropical forests with the thick foliage of bright green shades make for a mesmerising backdrop for your wedding photography. Take your wedding shoot into the wild and click some stunning pictures with your beloved to add to your wedding album.

While many people prefer to travel abroad to find picturesque locations to get their pre-wedding photos clicked, some others find beautiful pre-wedding shoot locations in the country itself. In fact, there are many studio set-ups in Delhi, NCR that will bring breathtaking backdrops like Santorini and Italy just one drive away. 

Get in touch with the best photographers to capture these beautiful moments that you share with your beloved to make your pre-wedding shoot a memorable one.