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9 Beautiful Trends of Saree Packing Design You Need to Look at Before You Prepare the Gifts for Your Daughter-In-Law

If it’s time to welcome your daughter-in-law into your family, let her know how much she means to you by packing her box of surprises with care and attention. Know about different saree packing designs here.

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You’ve spent hours finding the most beautiful sarees for your daughter-in-law and finally feel at ease, congratulations! But wait, a spectacular saree packing design is still needed before you can seal the deal. Wedding gift wrapping is an art. The way you present something speaks volumes of your thoughts for the recipient.  

As much important as it is to find beautiful sarees, it is just as significant to pack them up in pretty designs. To help you with the same, here are 9 popular ways in which you can pack the sarees for your daughter-in-law.


1. Saree Packing In Tray


Image Courtesy: Viddhi Gifting

This is a DIY solution to all your worries related to saree packing designs. This one is simple and beautiful, especially considering how easily it can be managed. All you got to do is look for beautiful decorative trays covered in Gota or velvet. Even the silver and golden embroidered trays will work. Next, get some colourful cellophane sheets for this design. You just need to line the Saree properly in the tray and finish the look with a transparent sheet.

You can also accentuate the look with some creative input like loose faux pearls or colourful stones carelessly strewn or even flowers.

2. Rural Theme Saree Packing

Image Courtesy: Rose n Wrap

Reminding of old traditions and values, this style of saree packing design is also much in use today. You too should try the rural setting inspired saree packing design. This theme depicts the new life after marriage for the bride and groom. It requires a little patience and practice, but it is worth all the sweat. Because along with the exquisitely packed saree, you would also be giving a message to your daughter-in-law, that of love and new beginnings.

3. Classic saree packing design using small umbrellas

This style of saree packing design is great because of its quintessential charm. This saree packing design can be used to pack gifts not just for your daughter-in-law, but also for friends and family. The small umbrella on the side is embellished with Gota patti and little stones or mirror work, giving it an ethnic, festive look.

4. Krishna Theme Saree Packing

If your daughter-in-law is religious, this is one of the saree packing designs that can really work wonders. Even otherwise, Radha Krishna themed saree packing designs are in vogue this wedding season. Mostly due to its symbolic blessing of eternal love between the wedded couple like that of Radha and Krishna, this creative style of packing sends out the message of pure love. By the medium of saree packing designs, you can give blessing too in a grander way other than just a normally packed saree.

5. Saree Packing In Flower Theme

Image Courtesy: CyberSpaceAndTime

One of the saree packing designs which can be used by you to gift your daughter-in-law is this unique flower themed design. Not only does it look pretty but also exudes freshness and a general blessing for its coming challenges, big and small and for happy tidings for her new life. For this theme, the saree is spread in the tray, and the pallu is folded in the form of a flower. You can also add loose embellishments into the packing, such as flowers.

6. Saree Packing In Designer Basket

Image Courtesy: Glow Road

One of the easiest but also the most adorable of the saree packing designs is this theme of sarees packed in a designer basket. For this theme, you have to look for small wicker baskets, cover them in velvet cloth, floral arrangements or mirror and stonework, as you like it. Next, you have to fold your saree in an attractive style and secure it with a ribbon. Put this saree in the basket and seal it with a flower at the top and you are done.

7. Decorative Flowers For Your Design

This is another DIY theme from the saree packing designs which needs less labour and gives beautiful results at the end. You can simply make use of decorative items like flowers and ribbons for your packing and be done with a variety of packing in little time. All you need to do is wrap the plastic wrapped saree with decorative ribbons and add flowers, et voila, you're done!

8. Customised Satin Ribbons

Another simple idea from the saree packing designs can be the use of satin ribbons with the name of the bride and the groom. You can use it to pack the saree, and at the same time making patterns of the ribbon on the folded saree, wrapped in cellophane. A customised ribbon will add a special touch to the wedding packing of the sarees.

9. Gilt Wedding Boxes

Image Courtesy: Avery Dash

The wedding boxes are usually used for packing sweets and dry fruits for the wedding, but these can also be used for packing saree. Pick a particular design, better to go for gilt boxes or ones with inlaid patterns. You can even go for hard cardboard boxes in creative patterns and pack in the sarees for your daughter-in-law in it for a neat and clean look.

We hope, you no more have to whack your brain or rush to stores for getting the gift wrapped for your daughter-in-law. Use these amazing ideas of gift wrapping designs and bless her for the new journey ahead.

Which one of these do you find the best? Let us know below.