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Wedding Packing Ideas For Spectacular Return Gifts And Favours

Your wedding packing skills can be a great opportunity to wow your guests with. Read and go crazy with your cut-paste-present skills.

Gracious Wrappers

Glittery, yet beautiful - that’s how all should be for your big day, including the wedding gifts you would present to your new family. Aren't gifts the best part of every gathering? We get to shower each other with the love and appreciation we carry in our hearts. Social gatherings like the wedding are meant to be a place of reunion for many and this is the right time to bring out the boxes of wrapped surprises and present it to your near and dear ones. It is not a one way road to gifts, and it works both ways, where you receive gifts for being the centre of all celebrations on your big day as you take the big leap and it is also your responsibility to do the same for your loved ones and make it a vice versa or a round trip.

The idea of gifts is to express your love and gratitude to your guests for coming over to bless you and grace your big day, and nothing works better than gifts that have a personalised touch. Even if your gift is picked randomly, the wedding packing ideas put behind the packaging has to be unique.

And while you may have bought just the right things, they also need to presented in a uniquely creative way. So, let us help with this 101 on wedding packing ideas. Read and pack all you may think of, with expert ease. If you would like to do it yourself, then get the scissors and glue ready or instruct the professionals so they can do it for you.

1. Wedding packing ideas for saree

Teeschi Trousseau

A saree is an essential element of a wedding trousseau and so, requires special attention when it comes to packing it, in a display-worthy way. Here are some ways in which you can easily get this effect:

A. Basket style packaging:

A common wedding packing idea, this approach requires the least effort from your end. All you need to do is to get yourself a beautiful basket, preferably in a colour that’s in contrast to the colour of the saree.

Estimated cost: ₹300 - ₹1000

Expert tip: Add net fabric, lace trims or even floral bunches to the core basket.

B. Framed packages:

Framing a saree might sound a little confusing, but once you get it done, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Get yourself a sliding tray-like base and place your saree upon it keeping the Pallu side on the display. You can cover the saree with a glass and maybe, add a ribbon to it to give it a more gift-like look.

Estimated cost: ₹500- ₹2000

Expert tip: Get a bunch of sequins, stones or even floral bunches and stick them on top of the display.

C. Saree tray:

Nowadays, saree trays are one of the most common wedding packing ideas. These are simple to get and are also relatively cheap. You can cover up the saree on the tray with a cellophane sheet, a fabric or even another wedding gift.

Estimated cost: ₹300 - ₹5000

Expert tip: Add a bottle of wine or artificial flowers on top of your saree tray, for an absolutely modern feel.

D. Vintage box:

Trousseau packaging gets a new lease of life if you think about doing it a boxed way. A chest- like, vintage-style box, just for a saree, is an amazing idea. A little bit on the expensive side, it’s totally worth the money.

Estimated cost: ₹15,000 - ₹3000

Expert tip: If your wedding budget permits it, ask your packing vendor to print the names for everyone who would receive them.

E. Model Doli or a wedding stage:

If you really want your wedding trousseau packing to be the talk of the town, then this popular idea would be the best bet for it. Turn the saree tray into a wedding stage or the wedding box into a Doli, for a dramatic effect.

Estimated cost: ₹1500 - ₹5000

Expert tip: You might need a wedding trousseau expert to get this done.

2. Pack up real goodness - Fruit packing ideas

Siiyaa Designs

Fruits are a sign of everlasting bounty and are often put alongside the main wedding gift, unless you wish to go for a completely offbeat idea. Here are some wedding packing ideas you can try with these:

A. The fruit basket

One of the most ideal wedding packing ideas for fruits as a gift is to put them in a basket. You can get yourself a flat basket or handbag styles basket for this purpose.

B. Fruit platters

Another to way pack them is to put them on a tray and cover them with cellophane sheet.  

Estimated cost for both platters and baskets: ₹400 - ₹1000

Expert tip: Adding a bottle of some drink would add on to the look of the entire gift. You may put in a few vials of honey to make it a sweeter deal.

3. Dry fruits packing ideas

KalpKala Aana and Wedding Decor

Dry fruits are one of the basic wedding gifts and the most basic way to pack it is in a tray like any other wedding gift or put them in a partitioned box with separate segments. However, you can try these approaches as well:

A. The rich Potli

Another beautiful idea is to tie them up in a Potli. This is a traditional yet attractive packing style when it comes to dry fruits.

Estimated cost: ₹200 and above

B. Custom packing for dry fruits

Custom packets for dry fruits are limited only by the leap of your own imagination. Pack the nuts in pouches, custom cones, wine bottle shaped tubes, square box or rectangular shelves, jars or even cage-shaped containers and let your guests be delighted by them.

Estimated cost: ₹500 to ₹1000 (depending on the design)

Expert tip: Add a traditional keepsake in your container for dry fruits, like a silver coin or a God image.

4. Gift hamper packing ideas

Make It Matter

Gift hampers are one of the most exciting gifts of all time. The easiest way to pack these is to put them in a beautiful basket like those that entice us in Koffee with Karan episodes. These can also be presented in vintage briefcases as well, to make the hamper look more like a treasure.

Estimated cost: ₹500 - ₹1500

Expert tip: Opt for unconventional giveaways like skincare products, gourmet food or even candles and bath bombs!

5. Traditional wedding gifts

Through the Barrel

The wedding packing idea you choose for your traditional gifts depends on the item that you have chosen as the central gift. These could be suit pieces (or other menswear), traditional attires, ritual-based items (like Sindoor containers) or even a sword or kirpan (as seen in Rajasthani wedding traditions). Here are some ideas you can use:

A. Menswear and other outfits:

Traditional gifts like suit pieces, men's wear or any other kind of traditional attires can be packed either in a vintage box (as discussed above for wedding packing ideas for Saree), flat trays or baskets with customised ribbons or engravings.

Estimated cost: ₹300 - ₹3,000

Expert tip: You can also add artificial flowers to make it even more beautiful.

B. Deity Idols, home decor pieces:

Conventional does it best. Opt for cases or boxes with a velvet base. For the more important items, you may choose a sandalwood box or even an ornately carved wooden box. If your budget is not an issue, you can even opt for stonework boxes in marble or granite.

Estimated cost: ₹375 - ₹85,000

Expert tip: Choose to add a little prayer, preferably handwritten to any spiritual wedding gift.  For modern home decor pieces, choose to customise them by adding a detail about the recipient.

C. Jewellery, pendants and more:

Do your wedding gifts include items of jewellery as well? Then, opt for jewellery boxes, vintage boxes and sleek cases for these items.

Estimated Cost: ₹300 - ₹2000

Expert tip: Opt for sleek packages, which are customised with the person’s name.

D. Regional, religious touches

A copy of a religious text, the traditional groom’s sword or even a set of Kalire as giveaways - the list of these items are endless. And your approach to them in terms of wedding packing can vary accordingly - from a simple ribbon string, a velvet cloth and even an ornate platter.

Estimated cost: ₹100 - ₹2500

Expert tip: Think of how the item would have been presented in a royal household and take your cues accordingly.

Hopefully, we have been able to spark your creative engines for your wedding gifts.

Go ahead and explore a wedding trousseau expert who can execute them well!

(With inputs from Saher Zahera)