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Beautiful Saree Accessories to Complete Your Traditional Look!

You cannot look like a traditional diva by just wearing a beautiful saree. Your look is not complete until and unless you style it with saree accessories like these!

Image Courtesy: Tharakan's Photography

As we said, your saree look is not complete if you have not paired it with beautiful saree accessories. Of course, no one saree is similar and they all deserve to be styled differently. The styling also depends on the type of look you are going for. For example- if you are wearing a silk saree for your wedding, gold jewellery with temple designs is the way to go. Similarly, you are wearing a saree for your Reception or Cocktail, diamond jewellery looks the best. It is totally up to you how to spruce up your look. You can go very heavy on your saree accessories or keep it simple and classy.

Here are some of the saree accessories we love and think suit a lot of different saree looks. Check them out!

1. Poola Jada

Image Courtesy: Ashwin Kireet Photography

Have you ever wondered what the beautiful accessories you see in a South Indian bride’s hair are? They are known as Jadas. These floral Jadas you see in the picture are called Poola Jada. They can even be artificial flower Jadas used to decorate a braid. You can use them in a simple Haldi ceremony or your wedding. They add colour and happy vibes to your look.

2. Organic flower jewellery

Neel Bridal Studio

Saree accessories are very important to have a complete look. But not every occasion is fit for going all out with real jewellery. You can take the alternative route of using flower jewellery instead. They are available in designs that can be worn from head to toe like a Maang Tikkas and payals. These saree accessories are perfect for a fun Mehndi and Haldi ceremony.

3. Traditional gold jewellery

Image Courtesy: Rahul Ravindran

If you are wearing a traditional silk saree to your wedding, then you have to style it with gold jewellery. They are the best saree accessories to complete your ethnic look. You cannot go wrong with picking temple jewellery designs and keeping it elegant when you are wearing a beautiful silk saree. Bring out your best gold jewellery game if you are going for a traditional look!

4. Hair accessories

Sriram Raghu

While jewellery pieces are very important saree accessories, hair accessories are quite as important. You cannot go out in your saree without the proper hairstyle and hair decorations. The first option we have for you is a Matha Patti to cover your forehead and make it look beautiful. You can even add Jada pieces on the top of your head, just like in the picture, and cover your braid with them as well.

The second option is a simple one but well known. Simply cover your bun with flowers of your choice! They can match your outfit or you can go for simple white ones.

5. Jadau jewellery

Simmy Makeup Studio

While authentic gold jewellery looks beautiful, it does not go with every saree of yours. If you are going for a contemporary saree look, it is best to pair the ensemble up with Jadau jewellery pieces. You can also choose diamond jewellery instead of Jadau. But steer clear of gold jewellery if you want to look modern!

6. Stack up the bangles!

Image Courtesy: The Styles by Sha

Bangles are one of the most important Indian saree accessories. No bridal look is complete without them. They are the sign of a married woman or someone who is about to tie the knot and they are also one of our favourite saree accessories! You can stack them by wearing beautiful designs in the colour of your saree. You can also find Kadas in the market that will complete your ensemble and make you look stunning!

7. Kamarbandh or Tagdi

Image Courtesy: Treasured Photography

Another one of our favourite saree accessories is classic Kamarbandh. You wear them on your waist and them beautifully it cinches in, making you look slimmer. They are available in the market in gold, silver and many other metals. They add character to your look and make it more ethnic and traditional. However, don’t be fooled by those words as they are very popular among modern brides!

8. Silver jewellery

Image Courtesy: Vengiram

Another alternative for gold jewellery is silver jewellery. They are perfect if you are going for a contemporary look and you will undoubtedly look fabulous in such a unique jewellery style. You can find bangles, necklaces, earrings and even Maang Tikkas - all the saree accessories you need to complete your uber-stylish look!

Every woman looks gorgeous in a saree, be it a plain one, a printed saree or a silk one. It is one of the most treasured Indian outfits and our wardrobes are incomplete without them.

This wedding season, you must slay your look with the best saree accessories you can find. You can go for a cutesy look or a sassy one with and your accessories are the best way to cement what’s on your mind.

We hope you love these saree accessories just as much as we do. If you have any more suggestions, reach out to us in the comments section below!

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