Glistening and gleaming gold enhanced with intricate detailing and encrusted with precious gemstones moulded to be a stunning piece of art that the bride can adorn on her big day. Rajasthani gold jewellery surely has a regal aesthetic to it. No wonder all the brides-to-be drool over its royal appeal and seek to have some elements for Rajasthani gold jewellery as a part of their bridal look. Adorning these pieces truly makes them feel like the divine bride that they are.

But, these gorgeous pieces of Rajasthani gold jewellery can end up breaking the bank. So, we have curated a list for you with all the essential pieces that you need for the Rajasthani bridal look that you are trying to create along with some effective pointers on which pieces to invest in and which pieces you should rather rent or borrow.

1. Aadh


Gifted to the world by the rich and regal traditions of Rajasthani royal culture, is the beautiful necklace design. Made with a heavy plate of gold studded with precious gemstones and accentuated with intricate embossed and engraved detailed design that can only be achieved by the hands with the most precision and experience of this art. With all its glorious charm in the front, the back of the Aadh necklace is usually made with fabric or thread Sarafa which you can get customised as per the colours of your outfit and adjust the length to make it fall where it fits just right.

We suggest that this piece of Rajasthani gold jewellery is the one to invest in. With the plethora of designs that there are too choose from, this stunning necklace will last you for years to come. And it can be paired with many other styles of necklaces which adds to its versatility.

2. Bajuband

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Adorned of the upper arm of the bride, a Bajubandh is gifted to her by her sister-in-law as a symbol of a promise that she makes to the bride to keep her happy and safe in her new life in the new house. It empowers the bride and gives her strength, looking cool just happens to one of the perks of this stunning Rajasthani gold jewellery designs. Traditionally it is made of a gold plate embellished with precious gemstones and embossed ethnic motifs. However, nowadays there are many minimal and extravagant designs available for you to choose from. A Bajubandh of this richness in terms of the amount of gold and gemstones used can be heavy on the pocket and not as versatile as some of the other pieces in a Rajasthani gold jewellery collection, so, we suggest you rather borrow or rent this one.

3. Kamarband

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An opulent piece of jewellery that reflects the divinity of the bride on her big day, a Kamarband is a belt that is made from gold and gemstones that is wrapped around the bride’s waist. This gorgeous accessory is head turner and singes in the waist at just the right angle to accentuate your curves. As much as this piece of Rajasthani gold jewellery looks stunning on the bride when she adorns it on her big day, this style of jewellery loses its versatility on other occasions when you don’t want to be OTT and does not go with every kind of traditional wear. So, we suggest that you slay in this piece of Rajasthani gold jewellery on your wedding day by borrowing it from someone or renting it.

4. Nathni

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Nathni is a nose ring that the bride wears on the day of her wedding. It is a gold ring that is usually studded with gemstones and pearls. This piece of Rajasthani gold jewellery, like all the others, is known to be a little heavy so, strings of pearls are extended from the nose ring to the back of the ear and tucked in the hair for support. The added layers of micro pearls make the nose ring look even more delicate and regal. A Nathni is one of the pieces of Rajasthani gold jewellery that you can buy for yourself. With the stunning range of Nathni designs available in the market these days, this can prove to be a versatile accessory that can be worn on many different occasions even after the wedding.

5. Rakhdi

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A Rakhdi or Borla is a form of Maang tikka in Rajasthani gold jewellery for the bride that holds a special significance in her heart. This Maang Tikka has a specific circular design that imitates the Bor or Jujube fruit which is native to Rajasthan. This piece of jewellery in gifted to the bride by her in-laws as a welcoming symbol to the new family. The circular gold ball at the centre of the Maang tikka is studded with precious gemstones and tied back to the hair with a thread of a string of pearl. The peculiar design of the Maang tikka has a certain quirk to it which is for sure to please the modern day bride, making this piece of Rajasthani gold jewellery worth the investment.

Rajasthani gold jewellery adorned by the bride on her big day consists of many different pieces from top to toe. Here we highlighted the most significant ones that are essential if you are trying to adopt a Rajasthani bridal look on your big day. Form an investment point of view, it is needless to say, that you should invest in the pieces that you think you will be able to use even after your wedding day. think about the different occasions and outfits and if you can justify the price, then go ahead and buy it. For the ones you can’t justify, you can always borrow them from a family member or rent them for the big day.

Which Rajasthani gold jewellery pieces are worth the investment on your point of view? Let us know in the comments below.