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Every Punjabi Hairstyle That a Punjabi Bride Would Ever Need

Be it salwar kameez, patiala suit, sharara lehenga, or gowns, a Punjabi bride completes her look with a Punjabi hairstyle that has all the tadka she needs.

Image Courtesy: Zaib Alvi Photography

Punjabi brides are known for their swag and distinctive style when it comes to outfits, jewellery or even hairstyles. While we love digging into the styles of every millennial bride, the Punjabi bride hands down is our favourite. Everything about their bridal look is dramatic, and for the ones that have a subtle choice are surely the ones that believe in achieving pure perfection with their wedding day look.

Therefore, we have shortlisted our favourite Punjabi hairstyles that are commonly worn by the Punjabi brides and match every type of outfit from Punjabi suits, to lehengas and the infamous cocktail gowns as well. So dig in if you haven’t figured how to do your hair yet, because a Punjabi hairstyle is surely going to give you some hair goals.

The Classic Braid with Parandi

Sunny Dhiman Photography

Parandi for a Punjabi bride is a symbol of love that she receives from her groom-to-be and therefore the classic braid is the most common Punjabi hairstyle that the brides love. The bright coloured long tassels braided in their hair look absolutely breath-taking on the wedding day when paired with a Punjabi suit. It has now become a globally loved style that Punjabi brides are extremely proud of flaunting. So if you like the long simple braids with Parandi, go for this hairstyle with or without hair extensions depending on your hair length and style. 

The Messy Braided Buns for Gowns

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

Next on our list is another common Punjabi hairstyle that has braids in too. While we’ve already discussed the obsession of Punjabi brides with braids, this braided bun is for those that love the shimmery gowns or crop tops and skirts with detailed back design and do not want their hairstyle to cover it. The braids on the side do not just add volume to your hairstyle but also makes your facial features pop out. So, brides that are looking for something similar, we guarantee the braided messy bun will not let you down. 

Open Hair Dramatic Curls

Hitched & Clicked

We haven’t forgotten about the beautiful and luscious Punjabi hair and are also aware of how the millennial brides love keeping them open and flaunting it. This dramatic out curl hairstyle is for the brides that want an open hair hairstyle and accessorise it with a hair accessory to add the bridal charm to it. While you can go for either middle part or side part depending on your face cut, we’d love for you to add a delicate Matha Patti to this look that adds even more drama to your gown and makes you look one of a kind. 

The Genius Puff and Curl and Hairstyle

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

This hairstyle is for the brides that love the puff in their hair and are looking to incorporate it to their bridal look as well. The dramatic puff on top in a half up half down hairstyle with curls at the bottom makes for the perfect hairstyle with gowns and lehengas. You can keep the puff as high or as low as it suits your face and makes it look slimmer for your wedding photography. So if you cannot make your mind between open hair hairstyle and other hairstyles, this is the perfect middle ground. 

The Messy Braid with Floral Accessory

Image Courtesy: Zaib Alvi Photography

While the classic braids with Parandi look beautiful, sometimes millennial brides like to keep it messy and unusual. This hairstyle looks beautiful if you have long luscious locks that can be put into a messy braid without making it look shabby. Also to add a little bit of drama to your wedding day hairstyle you can add floral accessories or even real flower buds and make it look one of a kind yet ethereal. 

The Slick Ponytail

Simmy Makeup Studio

Now here’s a hairstyle that every Punjabi bride who wishes to stay hassle-free on their wedding day would love. The slick ponytail is the best Punjabi hairstyle that is the perfect blend of stylish yet easy to carry. Apart from the fact that it allows you to flaunt your outfit completely, this one also makes your face look more tones and sharper. For the Punjabi brides that wish to add an element of attraction usually go with curled sidelocks that make this hairstyle even more Punjabi. 

The Graceful Petal Buns

Simmy Makeup Studio

If you’re a Punjabi bride that loves graceful buns and do not wish to keep it simple, this is the perfect choice of hairstyle for you. It is intricate, it is detailed, and it is one that is surely going to blow people’s minds away. While it seems pretty difficult to crack, this petal bun makes your hair look like petals in a flower bouquet that have been delicately put together to compliment your outfit and your face perfectly. All you have to do is look for a good hairstylist who knows what she's doing and you’re sorted with the most gorgeous Punjabi hairstyle of all times. 

What do you think of this list of Punjabi hairstyles? While we’ve tried to put together the most loved styles amongst Punjabi brides, we are sure you have some ideas of your own that you’d love to incorporate for your big day. All you need to take care of is whether or not it suits your outfit; how it looks on your face and does it cover the styling of your outfit and your jewellery in any way. So, tick these three boxes of your checklist and you’re ready with a hairstyle tailor-made for you.

Tell us in comments which is your all-time favourite Punjabi hairstyle and why!