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Wedding Planner Aashna A.K.A the Bride Reveals How She Planned Her Own Wedding

A professional wedding planner spills the secrets of the trade she used for her own. Bookmark all the details you find interesting.

The Photo Diary

Ever wondered how the expert wedding planners plan their own wedding? We had a chat with a WeddingWire bride, Aashna, who is a wedding planner by profession and created a picture-perfect wedding for herself. She had a glorious destination wedding in Goa at Grand Hyatt with the company of family and close friends. Having an added advantage of being aware of the roadblocks that come with the planning, she ensured it was a well thought out process.

Aashna had just completed her college in London where she met Sheekher who was pursuing his MBA there. Soon after, on their vacation to Sri Lanka, he popped the question to her while they were snorkelling! And thus, began the planning and preparations of a splendid wedding affair.

“We started planning in March, around 6 to 8 months ahead of the marriage.” Coming from the wedding industry itself, Aashna was well versed with all the preparations and challenges involved and hence they started planning their big day well in advance.

The Photo Diary

Aashna and Sheekher wanted to create an identity for the wedding and hence everything was personalised according to the couple’s liking - right from the colours, to the flowers and the vibe! For her wedding trousseau, she told us, “For my wedding, I chose to shop from boutiques designers in Delhi because I didn’t want to go for any big brands. I picked my jewellery from local designers.” All the events that took place reflected the same. Dive in for details.

1. Quirky Mehndi

The Photo Diary

It was planned to be a small outdoor affair for the family and friends who had arrived a day prior to the bigger functions. Colourful canopies, hanging candles served as the perfect décor for all the seating areas and the dance floor. A quirky bar added the fun factor that an event like mehndi calls for.

2. Fun Sangeet

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Each and every element of this ceremony was entertaining, right from the shiny disco balls and glittering lights to the peppy dance performers and a snazzy photobooth disguised as a kissing booth. The décor turned it into a buzzing and eccentric party, apart from the enthusiastic guests, of course!

3. Happening Haldi

The Photo Diary

While the ‘haldi’ ceremony traditionally takes place in two separate locations; but this cute couple set theirs up together. There were moments when emotions overwhelmed and got everyone’s eyes welled up, yet you could see the joy glimmering out from their faces and laughter. The outdoor event was a delight for both the families.

4. Amazing Wedding

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The style of this outdoor ceremony was effortless and minimal. The couple wanted a very natural-looking floral arrangement for the ceremony. They had a rustic mandap by the beach with loads and loads of red roses covering it. Small pops of deep colours with greenery and fresh bright tones were the major highlight that caught everyone’s attention.

5. Wonderful Reception

The Photo Diary

The enchanted forest themed décor of the reception radiated grandeur. The décor was entirely red, with floral accents and chandeliers lighting up the gigantic tree-like structure. The foot-tapping music ensured that guests come up to the dance floor beside enjoying the delectable food.

We can clearly see that personalization is what sets a wedding apart. It is what Aashna and Sheekher did for their wedding and so should you when talking to your wedding planner. Don’t hesitate and be open about your expectations, they might even be able to bring one of your seemingly crazy ideas to life with extraordinary grace.

Do tell us in the comments which aspects of Aashna and Sheekher’s wedding inspired you; or if you have any quirky tales of your own wedding planning, share those too!