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Own Your Personal Wedding Invitation & Make Them Completely Unforgettable for Your Wedding Guests

Why stick to the same old styles and designs when you can make your own personal wedding invitation? Here we present to you some very smart yet simple tips to give your invitation a personalised touch.

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If you’ve been having this idea that creativity costs a fortune, let us give you the great news...That’s not true! In fact, if you go through the wedding budget breakdown, you’ll see that wedding invitation are the part where you can actually save a lot of money without compromising on the standards.

And what if you have the option to create your own personal wedding invitation within your assigned wedding budget? We have assembled a list of some ideas to personalise wedding invitations for your guests. Have a read and start creating your personal wedding invitations and give your wedding guests a fair idea of what your wedding is going to look like! 

1. Photos & collages

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While creating a personal wedding invitation for your family and relatives, going a little traditional usually works. However, you can tweak the style and flavour of your invite a bit depending on the guest. If you’re going for printed cards add your photos as a couple in the invitation.

You can also try making a little collage of the two of you and include them on the card. This helps the guests to identify the to-be-married couple and also gives a personal touch to your invitation.

2. Keepsakes are fun

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Using keepsakes as your wedding invitations are quite a trend these days. Instead of simple paper cards, opt for interesting ideas like printing your wedding invitation in a newspaper format, calendar, playing cards or a notebook format. The guests will love to keep your invites as mementoes forever.

3. Add favours

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Including gifts along with your invitations are always a good idea. Make your invites for relatives more personal and make them feel special and needed. With some innovative ideas for wedding favours, you can add a touch of warmth with your personalised invitation.  

4. Tell your story

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Everyone loves a love story. Whether you opt for a digital invitation or a paper card invitation, find ways to include your cute little story on how you met, where you proposed and what clicked between the two of you. Use audio or video files in your Whatsapp invitations or attach montages on your wedding webpage while creating a personal wedding invitation. Go all out to let the world know about your love tale.

5. Cartoons & caricatures

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Funny faces, comic sketches, quirky pop arts...add a dash of crazy while creating a personal wedding invitation, especially for your friends. Send a bagful of laughter along with your invites.

6. Games and Puzzles

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Another fun way to get your guests’ attention is to add fun puzzles or games in a personal wedding invitation. For example, create a “find your way home” maze at the cover of your Cocktail party invitation. Or maybe give your guests “prize tickets” to a Haldi pool party if they manage to “find the difference” between two similar looking photos of the bride. And if you are tech-savvy, create simple yet fun online games for your guests and share them on your wedding website.

7. Act, Sing or Dance

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Because, why not? It’s your wedding so crank the madness up a notch if you want! Enact popular Bollywood scenes with apt wedding music in the background. Or make poems and songs about each other. Recreate your proposal day at the same location and shoot a little film on that. Use all these ideas for a digital personal wedding invitation for your colleagues, friends or relatives.

8. Do the Doodle

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Dial up the cute by using doodle figures on your personal wedding invitation. The best part about doodle images is that they can be fun and cute as well as classy and romantic. Choose appropriate doodle images keeping your taste and wedding theme in mind. You can also use doodle images for stop motion videos for wedding invitation through videos (use link).

9. Video invites

Once you decide to go digital, your options for personal wedding invitation are boundless. Hire a professional videographer or shoot on your own using a tripod. You can even make small video clips on your mobile phone and send them out to your friends and colleagues. Add some nostalgic memories or personalised references for an exclusive touch.

We have enlisted for you some extra tips to nail your personal wedding invitation and make it even more stunning!

We have curated for you a listicle of some extra tips on how you can make your personal wedding invitation more personalised and epic. Read on and get inspired!

1. Before you finalise one, ensure that you see a couple of options. You might be surprised with the gen-next ideas that are surfacing these days even in terms of curating personalised wedding invitations. 

2. Also, before you order a set of wedding invitations to get printed, the wise thing to do would be to get a sample one made. By doing so,  you will be able to see the colour palette and how it really looks. The digital colour often differentiates from the real one. Also, cross-check the font and the font size. Getting a sample print will help you combat any mishap that can happen in the future!  

3. Do not leave the printing of your invites at the last minute. Since sending out save the dates invitations is one of the first things that any couple does, make sure you circulate your invites well before time. By doing so, even your wedding guests will be able to make proper arrangements to become a party for your new journey. 

4. Before you head out to the printing press, please gather all your information in one place. At times, last minutes struggles make you miss out on details and that could be a major hiccup and we don't want that to happen, do we now? 

5. Decide on a budget, because budgeting is a real thing. And, you won't want to splurge just on your wedding invites, right?

6. This is all down to personal choice now. If you can, then try and imbibe your overall wedding theme into your personal wedding invitations.

When you frame your personal wedding invitation, make sure you keep every guest in mind. Categorise your guests to simplify the invitation process. Also, you must absolutely be very careful with the wedding invitation wording for different kinds of guests. Don’t be afraid to try some whacky and unconventional wedding texts especially for friends. Create your wedding invitation in a fun way that your guests won’t be able to ignore.

If you have some creative tips to personalise an invitation let us know. Try browsing through our wedding invitation professional for more ideas.