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The Khoobsurat Muslim Bridal Look Decoded for the Millennial Brides

Ever wondered why Muslim brides look so ravishing on their big day? If yes, then here’s a full break up of Muslim bridal look to crack the secret beauty code.

Image Courtesy: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Every bride has a style of her own, irrespective of her caste and religion, we know and you go, girl! However, every tradition and culture expects the bride to look a certain way and the brides have made the best of these traditions on their wedding. The Muslim brides have their own traditions and rituals to cherish which also affect their outfits and looks that they pick for the D-day. We're left wondering what is it about the brides at a Nikah that leave us spellbound! Is it the Kohl bold eyes, or the pretty dainty Chapka?

If you’re inquisitive too, you’ve reached the right place because we plan on cracking the code step by step to understand the Muslim bridal look in detail. Take a cue!

The Nikah Outfit 

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Official

Every function at a wedding has a different theme or style that dictates the kind of outfits brides wear for it. However, the main outfit for the Nikah or Reception of a Muslim bride is usually very heavy Pakistani outfits or Indian outfits that are all about the magic of its intricate work and beautiful colours. The brides either choose a quintessential Gharara or go for the regular lehenga depending on their taste and style. However, what remains common despite whatever outfit they choose is the intricately embroidered heavy work all over the outfit and a dupatta as a veil on the head which is one of the key elements of a Muslim bridal look. 

Muslim Bridal Jewellery

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The Muslim bridal look comprises of heavy jewellery that compliments the wedding day outfit. Some of the most essential jewellery items that a Muslim bride never misses are Maang Tikka, Jhoomar or the Chapka, bracelet, choker and the Nath. The Muslim bridal look always comprises of a chunky Maang Tikka along with a heavy Jhoomar as a tradition on their big day without one overpowering the other. Every piece of Muslim bridal jewellery is also said to have a reason and a symbolic meaning behind it, however, their choices from Jadau to all the precious and semi-precious stones are mostly chosen on the basis of matching or contrast jewellery. 

Muslim Bridal Makeup

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Every Indian bride uses the same makeup tips and tricks to look flawless. However, there are a few techniques that we feel the Muslim brides rely very heavily on when it comes to their look for the big day. With bold eyes being one of their signature makeup looks, Kohl and Soorma are basic necessities. Brides also choose a more elaborate eye makeup with brighter or bolder eye shadows depending on the colour of their outfit and really use kohl/ Kajal generously to give the eyes a deeper and more attractive look.

Hairstyles for the Muslim Brides

Image Courtesy: Zain Ali Photography

Keeping in mind the bridal jewellery that Muslim brides wear on their head, the hairstyles they go for need to be ones that can hold the jewellery together while not making the hair look too shabby. Adding to which, the veil on the hair also makes for one of the important factors in choosing which hairstyle they’d like to carry. From neat buns with a middle part to open hair hairstyles with curls, there is a wide range of choices that Muslim brides consider to achieve a flawless wedding day look. 

Accessories for the Muslim Bridal Look

With the heavy bridal outfit and the jewellery, there isn’t much scope for accessories to add to the Muslim bridal look. However, for the brides that go for bun hairstyles do usually choose roses or other flowers as accessories on their buns.

While the brides that choose an open hair hairstyle cannot go for hairbands or any other floral accessory as the Maang Tikka and Jhoomar or the Chapka leave no space to accommodate any other hair accessory. However, the veil on their head does act as an accessory that completes and compliments the entire bridal look together. 

So for all you wondering what the Muslim brides do to look breathtaking, well here’s a decoded version of the Muslim bridal look and how the brides pull it off. While it may seem like every other Indian bride’s taste and style, the fact of the matter is that it is the little details that make a large difference when putting together.

Be it the Jhoomar on their head, or the blush on their cheeks, there are many small things that make the Muslim bridal look stand out from the crowd. So take a cue and add some of these tips to your bridal look and pull it off like a pro on your wedding day.

Are you obsessed with the Muslim bridal looks just as we are? Tell us what you love in the comments below.