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10 Modern Hairstyles  for Men Perfect for the Big Day!

Looking for short or medium hairstyles that are practical and will still ensure that you look stylish? With our selection of 10 modern hairstyles, picking your favourite couldn't get any easier!

Ashwin Nair
Ashwin Nair

1plus1 Studio

These medium hairstyles are the new popular hairstyles for men for many reasons. They're easy to maintain, practical, need no fuss and are an excellent choice if you're a man who is fashion-forward in his sherwani or a dapper suit or maybe even a jacket and loves to experiment with snazzy hairstyles.

Check out these 10 modern hairstyles that will make you look like the star of the wedding!

For the groom

Natural Medium Length Waves

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi's Official Instagram

This first example of modern hairstyles is definitely a classic but will still let you look appealing and fashionable. You don't have to get the bottom part cut really short if that's not your style. Basically, for this kind of modern hairstyles, your hair is left longer at the top and comparatively shorter at the bottom. It's best if you use a good quality pomade to set your hair and style it at the top as well as the back.

Low Fade Cut

Image Courtesy: Maxime Noivos e Black Tie

Now, if you're looking for modern hairstyles that easy to get cut as well as style, this should be your pick. The best way to style it would be to let it air dry first instead of blow-drying and then use some pomade and set your hair straight up. If you want spikes, you can create separation while setting it. Once you're happy with how it looks, give it all a nice spritz of hair spray so that you're set for the night.

Classic Brushed back Modern Hairstyle

1plus1 Studio

This is one of those classy, modern hairstyles that look so sleek and will never go out of style. While getting this hairstyle, keep in mind to get the low tapered effect at the bottom of the head as well as the clean edging near the ears. This masculine hairstyle is definitely something to try out and will definitely make you look super sexy on the big day.

Tousled Hair

Image Courtesy: Mihal Junior

You're probably thinking, what? Tousled Hair for men? Yes! If you have thick hair, especially at the top, this one is for you. However, you'll want to make sure you go to a reliable hairstylist who understands how to create this look.

Medium Length Undercut

Image Courtesy: Row and Arrow

No one looks more put together and stylish than guys sporting modern hairstyles of this kind. Make sure you have a clean-cut beard and pair it with a sleek and smooth undercut, sprayed or gelled in place.

For the groomsmen

Natural Sexy Waves

The Raymond Shop, Sector 18, Noida

This is one of those naturally beautiful modern hairstyles that look so effortless. They will help you exude that boyish charm that leaves all the girls swooning. It also proves that the people who say long hair doesn't look good just don't know how to rock it.

Soft Tapered Cut

The Raymond Shop, Sector 18, Noida

Spikes are now a thing of the past. In fact, a lot of people even consider them old school. Men are now embracing modern hairstyles that have a tapered cut at the bottom and soft waves on the top. Are you a male who's gorgeous and is unapologetic about it? Then this is for you! Exude confidence without trying too hard and you're going to be the talk of the town.

Mid-length Taper

The Raymond Shop, Rohini

Such modern hairstyles give you a typical boy next door look. It's a really cool look with a very masculine edge. What’s not to like?

Slicked Back Modern Hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Ranveer Singh's Official Instagram

It's no surprise now that with mid-length hair, you have a variety of options and that’s why we're still not done with our list of modern hairstyles that you can rock this wedding season. Ranveer Singh carried this lovely hairdo effortlessly for his wedding. It looks extremely put together and stylish. When done properly, the sides effortlessly taper in and have a sleek finish on the top. Use pomade to create a vintage sheen and finish off this dapper look.

Clean Short length undercut

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi's Official Instagram

If you're looking for modern hairstyles that are never going to go out of style but are not too fashion-forward cause that's just not you, then this is the one. It keeps the hair as sparse as possible without being a crewcut, but if you're not interested in keeping it so short you can also keep it mid-length and it will still look good. It's a hairstyle that can be worn slicked back or to the side, whichever way you think it flatters you the best.

All you need is any of these hairdos to look your best at the wedding! Understand what your hair type is and pick a style accordingly. So which one are you going to go for, have you found a winner yet?

Check out salons near you and get the perfect hairdo!