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10 Mehndi Party To-Dos To Easily Set The Stage For Your Festivities

Organising a Mehndi party for your splendid Mehndi ceremony? Here's the definitive checklist on what to order and what to skip for your day of festive delights.

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Holding a Mehndi party? I'm jealous already. While the Mehndi ceremony has been a fun aside during pre-wedding rituals since forever, organising it as a party is a much sweeter ball game. Here's a checklist for everything you need to make your day a grand success.

1. Accessories

First things, first. A Mehndi party is about three things - the Mehndi, banging a dhol while the ladies sing and favours and giveaways for all of them. Don't forget to order these details and then dampen your festive spirits for the big day.

A. The Punjabi dhol

Move over DJ. A Mehndi party is not complete without Auntyjis on the Punjabi Dhol, banging it away to their heart's content. Even if we would still need the beats to get a groove on, the day won't be complete without Shagun Ke Geet or Tappe. 

You can either arrange for live music entertainers to be at the venue or ask your band, wedding planner or wedding musicians to leave the instrument for the Mehndi party. And if all else fails, request a Kirtan Mandli near your home to loan one for the occasion.

B. Giveaways and favours

You love the people you've called to your Mehndi party and have chosen them to join you at this moment when you let your hair down. Shower that love as a token of appreciation.

Order Mehndi favours and giveaways that won't cost a bomb like bangles, kadas, jute purses, potlis or even small lipstick holders and vanity mirrors that they can carry along for life.

2. Your own Mehndi outfit

Wearing an old dilapidated set of clothes to a Mehndi or Haldi. No, no, no. Choose a Mehndi outfit that highlights the playful side of your personality and accessorise it with either floral jewellery, gota jewellery or silk thread jewellery.

Get the look ahead of your wedding and shine. Baby, it's your day!

3. Mehndi Decoration

Think marigolds and orange are overdone? Don't worry and move to pastels, blues and any other shade that you prefer. Spend on the following and you'll not regret it -

  1. Floor seating arrangements
  2. Bridal Seat
  3. Corner installations
  4. Floral wall (or a quirky, printed one)
  5. Candid elements like umbrellas, rickshaws and even bicycles to get everyone in the mood.

4. Wedding DJ

A party without music said no one ever! Either create your own Mehndi playlist and blare a deck (or an iPhone) with it or get a wedding DJ to your prequel to Din Shagna Da.

5. Wedding Photographer

Now, this is something that you should not skip at your Mehndi party! Get at least two photographers from your photography vendor to cover the Mehndi ceremony and click all of these fun, memorable moments. Trust me, this is what would make your photo album!

6. Photobooth

It's essential to install a photo booth to amp the fun for your Mehndi party festivities, be it a snazzy selfie mirror smart booth or an even a simple, DIY cutout.

If you're feeling a little adventurous, you can order a Go-Pro or set up a stall with an instant camera where people can click themselves to their delight.

7. Food & Beverages

Don't forget to book your caterer (or find one that won't cost a bomb) for your Mehndi party.

As a Mehndi party is all about keeping your guests in the mood, on their feet and having a lot of fun, your food menu should be all about items that one can have on the go. Apart from the buffet (if you're making this a lunch event), here are some suggestions you should run by your caterer.

A. For beverages:

Ice it up for summers and still keep it cool for the winters. Serve chilled drinks like Aam Panna, lemonade, mocktails, cool drinks and cocktails on one side and have a tea counter for those who like it hot.

B. For baked goods:

Cupcakes, cookies and pick-up munchies among savouries (bonus points if you can get them in quirky shapes or associate them with mehndi (like a Mehndi design motif)

C. For the mains:

No-mess food is favourable especially if you want your guests to spend their time dancing and singing with the Punjabi Dhol. Opt for pre-prepared plates, rolls in smaller cuts or rice bowls instead of putting up a large buffet.

D. For snacks and savouries

Appetisers like Paneer Tikka, Fries, Pakodas, skewered fruits, Chicken Tikka, Kebabs and even compact sandwiches and paninis.

8. Live stalls

If you want your Mehndi ceremony to be one of rustic delights (or even city) and a saga of summer fun, then have plenty of things to do for your guests across your Mehndi venue.

You could choose to have a bangle maker, a silk thread jewellery vendor, even an astrologer reading palms and fortunes under a tree. Stalls with giveaways, mehndi favours (including glass bangles and bags) are a good-to-go option as well.

Think spring and summer and you can ease the mood with a cotton candy machine and a Kulfiwallah spread across your Mehndi venue.

9. Fun & Games

Organise a host of Mehndi games to keep the crowd pepped for more. You can even call in with large-scale Mela games like pop the balloons, ring in the gifts and even a guess who, with memories across the board.

10. And the Mehndiwallah!

Don't forget to have more than a couple of bridal mehndi artists available at your Mehndi party venue for all of your guests to get their hands bedecked in henna glory. Mehndi artists often work in pairs, so ask your chosen Mehndiwallah to bring a couple of people over.

You don't want your party to turn into an occasion for snarks and barbs while people wait in queues to get their henna designs.