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9 Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas That Align With Her Personality!

Looking for creative bachelorette party cake ideas to spice up the party? Here are 9 unique cake designs that you can take inspiration from.

Siddharth Madan
Siddharth Madan


Unlike the other wedding functions which have a formal setting, the bachelorette party gives you a license to go as crazy as you want. It’s your last party with the bride-to-be as bachelorettes and makes for a great opportunity to party hard before the wedding. So, for the bachelorette party, you have the liberty to come up with quirky ideas to spice up the party.

The cake is one of the centrepieces of attraction and is often not given as much importance as it should be given. To set a high bar for the bachelorette party, you can consult some of the most experienced and skilful bakers in the country and get a bespoke cake commissioned for the bride-to-be that reflects her personality.

The following are some bachelorette party cake ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing.

For the DIY Queen

Image Courtesy: Katherine Sabbath

We start this list of bachelorette party cake ideas with this pastel cake with decoration ornaments. We feel that such a cake would be perfect for a bride who likes to take things in her own hands and create artsy DIY decorations. The pastel colours and the decoration ornaments give an artsy vibe that the bride might relate with.

For the Bride Who is Has a Child’s Soul

Image Courtesy: Katherine Sabbath

All of us have a friend who might keep growing up in age but is still a child at heart. If the bride-to be falls into this category, such bachelorette party cake ideas with elements like candies and ice-cream cones incorporated in a bright coloured cake can be a fine choice to go for.

For the Elegant Diva

Image Courtesy: Katherine Sabbath

If the bride-to be is someone who has elegance attached to everything that she does and has a taste for the fine and delicate things in life, this photograph on our list of bachelorette party cake ideas can be the right one for you.

For the Fitness Junkie

Image Courtesy: Katherine Sabbath

For the next entry on this list of bachelorette party cake ideas, we have a beautiful and vibrant fruit cake for the party. Now when it comes to cakes, perhaps adding some fruit is the only way to make it a little healthier! Such tiniest of gestures will be like a nod to the bride, acknowledging her healthy lifestyle.

For the Bride Who Loves to Channel Her Dark Side

Image Courtesy: Katherine Sabbath

This graveyard themed cake on this list of bachelorette party cake ideas would make for a fine choice for a bride who tends to embrace her dark side more often than she should. You will surely be initiating some cheeky humour at the party by getting such a quirky cake!

For the Bride Who is Always on a Lavish Vacation

Image Courtesy: Katherine Sabbath

If you are a tiny bit jealous of the bride to-be’s lavish lifestyle and her extravagant tropical vacations, you can pull her leg at the Bachelorette party and get a similar cake designed for her.

For the Woman Who is Tough on the Outside and Soft on the Inside

For the next cake on our list of bachelorette party cake ideas, we have this beautiful and distinct four-tier cake in light pastel colours and spiky horns in bright colours that makes the design so exciting and unique. You can take inspiration from this cake’s design and get it for a bride who is harsh on the outside but has a clear soft side on the inside.

For the Animal Lover

Image Courtesy: Lael Cakes

Here we have a cute looking cake which integrates the elements of nature and wildlife beautifully and makes for a fine choice for a bride who loves animals and greenery. She will definitely appreciate your efforts in coming up with a personalised and a meaningful cake.

For the Tim Burton Fan

Image Courtesy: Lael Cakes

For the last picture of our list of bachelorette party cake ideas, we have this dark and spooky cake inspired from Tim Burton’s films. If the bride has made you watch countless horror films, getting such a cake can make for a fine opportunity to help you get back at her.

For the bachelorette party, you will get extra brownie points if you take the extra effort and get spectacular cake designs that have some meaning attached to them. We hope that this list of bachelorette party cake ideas helps you get started and helps you choose some quirky cakes for the bride-to be.

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