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50+ Mehndi Design Images Which You Need To Bookmark Right Now

Take inspiration from these 50 mehndi design images where real brides have opted for. Ask your mehndi artist for the same for a spectacular design for yourself.

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What is a Mehndi ceremony if it is not grand and a larger than life experience for both the bride-to-be and her respective family members and friends. Each of us has grown up looking at our favourite actresses sitting coyly as a henna artist applies soulful patterns on her palms and feet and there best of friends dancing away to their heart's delight.

Remember 'Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge'? We sure do and we remember how Kajol sat looking like an absolute beauty in her green ensemble as our heartthrob SRK serenaded her - so we mean something like that exactly. So, if you love all things Bollywood, exactly like we do and always will - then to have a Mehndi ceremony (and accompanying Mehndi design images) which mimic a larger than life spectacle is the correct dose of fun that your pre-wedding functions are missing.

Mehndi magic - What makes it absolutely, click-worthy?

We understand that the success of any pre-wedding function depends upon not just how beautiful everything looks but also how on-point every element is from food to decor. Whilst we cannot help out with everything, we would like for you to check out some of our pieces of Mehndi decor, how to organise a stellar Mehndi ceremony (and get some great Mehndi design images and #mehndishots). Here are a few hacks that you will definitely find useful.

And, as for your other problem - what kind of a henna design/mehndi design should you be getting on your hands and feet, considering you are the bride-to-be, we thought it was about time that we introduced you to a world of mehndi design images that gives you a toss for your money. Do you think we are kidding?

Of course not, then these 50+ Mehndi design images happen to be some of the hottest of the season and we can not disagree with that. 

#Mehndi Shots To Inspire Your Own Mehndi Design Images

Image courtesy: Henna for All

These days every kind of bride is seen flaunting interesting and intriguing henna in their mehndi design images. We have curated some mehndi design images from our real weddings section to show you what made each of their designs unique and special. Be it Dulha Dulhan mehndi, Arabic mehndi, paisley designs or Chaadar designs, you will find them all in here. Minimalism lovers, you will find some designs to your liking as well. And the mehndi designs for feet are simply stunning. In some of these images, the name of the groom is creatively hidden which can turn into a game for the couple. So, start scrolling through these mehndi design images now to find the designs you would want for your wedding. 

Start checking out these beautiful and totally awe-inspiring mehndi design images and we know you won't be able to keep yourself from wanting to get them all in time for your wedding. Also, a lot of these mehndi design images are picked from some of the finest henna artists across the globe, who are known for their impeccable creativity and their eye for design and perfection.

If you happen to be a bride who wants the best of everything on her big day and will not shy away from walking the extra mile to achieve so, then these mehndi design images are like a treat for your eyes! These mehndi design images will take you on the high road of design and introduce you to a world of henna designs that are soulful and perfect for any bride who wants the best of all the worlds. Then ladies it a cue for you to leave everything aside and check out these stunning and oh so pretty mehndi design images which will win your hearts the same way it did ours! 

A. Mehndi design images for hands

Wedding Fiesta

These simple mehndi designs are perfect for bridesmaids to flaunt. Your squad can also showcase their designs in a similar wedding pose. Considering you are getting married, it is obvious that you will be calling your entire passe. From a pool of childhood friends to your college and work life passe, having a string of all of your closest friends is the most looked up to thing any bride would want on her wedding.

If your entire gang is coming to attend all of your wedding festivities, then probably coming up with a common mehendi design for each of them would be perfect. Say bye to just colour coordinated outfits and incorporate this newer trend of coordinating your bridesmaid's mehendi as well. We have been seeing a raging trend in wedding circuits where the bride and her bridesmaids are leaving no stones unturned to deem themselves as the chicest group of friends ever.

Some people believe in wearing colour coordinated outfits to show their glam and connection while some come up with the same mehndi design for each of their friends. Whilst, the options are many in today's time, we personally feel that getting matching mehndi designs (and flaunting them in mehndi design images) is kind of a cool thing to do. So, check out these mehndi design images for bridesmaids who want to match it all out with the bride-to-be. 

1. The Mandala Circle of Friendship

Ishank Photography

Mandala designs are the new raging trend in bridal mehndi. Minimalism lovers would flaunt this one with pride.  So, start by narrowing our search by aiding the social media handles of real brides and mehandi artists alike and pick a design you think your bridesmaids will love. From minimalistic mandala design magic to some Arabian style henna designs - choose a spectacular one for each of your friends and sisters. 

As you can see, in these mehndi design images the common factor or element so to say remains as the mandala design which happens to be one of the most frequently used henna pattern or motif when featuring a minimalistic mehndi design. But, nobody said the minimalistic had to be boring. you can ask your henna designer to turn it up or put a spin on your mandala design by giving it a quirky angle or shape. The possibilities are endless and literally, there is nothing stopping you from getting your groove on. 

2. Mehndi Design Images of Dulha Dulhan Mehndi design


The evergreen Dulha Dulhan design is reserved for the brides only. The images of Dulha and Dulhan can be woven into other mehndi design images to create a stunning impact in a simple mehndi design. You can even get your groom’s face adorned on your hands if your mehndi artist has the expertise. Here, these mehndi design images showcase how beautiful they can look.

This mehandi motif happens to be a hot favourite of both the brides and mehandi artists and the living proof of the same could be seen in the end number of mehandi designs that we come across which features this traditional dulha dulhan motif. 

Showcasing the Pheras and the Sindoor tradition in the bridal mehndi is an ingenious choice. If you happen to be a fan of this traditional mehndi motif then try finding vendors who are most famous for this field of creativity. Start by raiding the pages on someone the most recognised henna artists, go through their work and explore the multitude of designs that they may have in their henna handbook and then select the ones that speak to you the most. Since you are the bride-to-be your mehndi design images should be class apart and better than everyone else's. 

Another very common and frequently used motif - but a lot of people seem to be of the opinion that this mehndi motif is too traditional for the millennial bride. But let us stop you right there and correct you while there is still time. This time around we have come across some of the greatest hits in terms of mehndi design images and a couple of those happen to feature the dulha dulhan motif. And, let us tell you that they were anything but way too traditional.

3. Mera Piya Ghar Aaya


A Jaimala design on the arm looks fabulous on the bride-to-be. If you look closely at the minute details that are present in this design the groom is holding a Jaimala and we are assuming this bride's other hand has a bride holding a Jaimala. Holding both hands closer to one another and you will see a picture perfect Jaimala ceremony.

If you too want such intrinsic details to enamour your hands, then bookmark this new variant among mehndi design images for inspiration. Another detail that caught our attention is this Kalash with coconut and nariyal leaves. If getting a traditional mehndi design is what you want for your ceremony, then these new mehndi images definitely makes the cut. 

So more than what anyone else says, believe in your own school of thought. Think about what you want for your big day and your special bridal henna. You are the bride-to-be and what you want in terms of your mehndi design images matter the most! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. 

4. Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali


A bride on the bride's arm, inception much? Well, we aren't complaining because the design is so on fleek. This is the other side of the coin, the bride coyly waiting for her groom to put the garlands around her neck. From her henna earrings to the detailing of her blouse, everything is spot on and full of tiny and intrinsic details that makes this new mehndi image one of our favourites from the lot. 

5. The Magic of B/W Effect

Abhishek Dwivedi Photography

Another Jaimala design but on the bride's palms and as she brings them together, they complete the picture. Now, to put things into perspective, this bride chose to replicate the next step which shows the bride and groom as putting the garland around each other's neck. A little black and white magic coming together in this beautiful and effortless pose, making it a new addition amid mehndi design images that we cannot get enough of. 

6. A Little Mix-Match Magic

Plush Affairs

A Dulha-Dulhan design where each finger is designed differently. Truth be told, that was the first thing that caught our eye. If you happen to be a fan of experimenting with newer fashion trends, then ladies this is your cue.

You can include a different pattern for each of your fingers and repeat the same pattern on your other hand as well. And then ask someone to help you hoist them up for a stellar set of mehndi design images.

7. The Love Story Henna Design

Plush Affairs

So many design elements packed into a single Dulha-Dulhan mehndi, we are in awe! This new mehndi image happens to be an extension of the above mentioned mehendi design and if you pay attention to details, then you will find that this amongst these stunning new mehndi images feature a design that is an amalgamation of bold and thin patterns - which makes this mehendi a perfect fix for a woman who likes the best of both the worlds! 

8. Mehndi for The 'IT' Bride

The Chaadar completes the picture in this mehndi design. The Chaadar design is one of the most famous styles of mehendi and we have seen a fair share of this mehndi design element all brides and her bridesmaids tend to follow. The key that can make or break any Chaadar mehendi design is dependent on whether you want a bit of this design on your palms or want to cover all of your palms with the same. 

And then the next part? Spread your Chaadar palms wide and flaunt them for stellar mehndi design images.

9. Caricatures At Their Best

Plush Affairs

A bride and groom playing featured on the arm of the bride make you reflect on the thought that since when this tradition has been long going on. This is not just unique but we never thought getting a play date on the arm of the bride could be so quirky and refreshing. But, if you believe in experimenting with your look - then don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

For your mehndi design images, ensure that the caricatures are clearly visible.

10. Work Of Art

Rajesh Digital

This Rajasthani mehndi does not leave any space for anything other than marvelousness. The Rajasthani mehndi design is one of the most detailed forms of henna artwork. The mehandi artist pride themselves on being so creative that each and every single line of henna is different from the others and is spot on with ultimate precision.

After you're done, hold up your hands close to the lens for detailed mehndi design images.

11. It's All About Details

Rajesh Digital

We are so gushing over arm design patterns. Inspired by lines, landscapes and geometric patterns, this one is a fresh breath of air from the other mehndi design images which are more focused on the more traditional motifs and patterns. In fact, the city-based armbands really make this piece stand out from other mehndi designs.

12. Swirls and Twirls

Aman Gera Photography

Arabic mehndi with a Dulha-Dulhan twist, this mehndi design also features the groom's name. The swirls on her fingertips for us is the highlight of this new mehndi design image and we cannot get enough of it by barely looking at it. What we love the most about Arabic Mehndi designs is the shade effect they add to the mehndi. Arabic designs always work with at least 2 shades, with the darker one sometimes being so dark that it almost looks like black mehndi.

If you are getting married anytime soon and still haven't created a mood board of the various trending and new mehndi design images, then you must begin curating a galore of mehndi design images for yourself now!

13. Mehndi Design Images of Radha Krishna mehndi design

Gautam Khullar Photography

This bridal mehndi design is considered auspicious in Hindu culture. The images of Radha and Krishna are central to the design, rest of the palm and hands are filled with designs that complement them. Here are some mehndi design images showcasing just that. This bridal mehndi design is considered auspicious in Hindu culture.

Radha and Krishna seem to be one of those many mehndi motifs that are recurrent no matter the trend and fashion that is relevant in the industry. Since time immemorial, Radha and Krishna have been used by mehndi artist over the years and newer designs of this same motif have become a recurring trend a lot of brides and her accomplices are known to be following.

14. Mehndi Design Images for Paisley and Chaadar mehndi design

Ishank Photography

Rajasthani style of mehndi design is inherent in our culture in India. Consisting of intricate designs and close-knit patterns called paisley and Chaadar, these designs make for some of the most gorgeous mehndi-clad hands and amazing bridal photos.

The paisley magic at its best. Paisley is a teardrop lookalike design, an ornamental design that a multitude of henna designs seem to have. If you ever come across a design that looks like a teardrop or a mango leaf, then be assured that it the infamous paisley mehndi pattern. Rajasthani mehndi artists seem to be using this motif a lot in their mehndi designs and these new mehndi designs images seem to be an example of the same. 

15. Spot the Hearts

Ivory Pixels

And that's what you call having your hands full. Tine circles leading up to the creation of beautiful henna flowers that mark the soulful patterns of this bride's palms - this is what we believe is bridal mehndi all about, precision and creativity that stays true to artistic abilities and creative designs. 

What is especially cool and quirky about this mehndi design image is the use of contemporary symbols, the hearts, the colons - it almost seems like someone has used texting emojis in between the soulful traditional mehndi motifs, and we're all for it.

16. Chaadar All the Way

Slice of Life Pictures

This Chaadar design adorned with flowers simply takes the cake and like the cherry on the top. If you happen to be a lover of all things symmetrical, then you will be amazed at how equally each of these boxes is aligned from one another and how each box has a flower seated amicably in the centre of each of these empty spaces.

Not only do we love how beautiful the design of her mehndi is but we also are not able to take our eyes off of the way she brought it all together in this picture. Just for this Insta-worthy click among mehndi design images, you go, girl!

17. Minimalism All the Way

Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla

Perfect the balance with spaces and design by taking inspiration from this new mehndi image and show it to your mehndi artist if you fell in love with this image, just like we did. It is different, it is unique and it definitely is a refreshing take on how we are used to seeing bridal mehndi that covers every last inch of bride arms and palms. This is not just a different take on the whole idea of bridal mehndi but it also suits the bride's hands and brings out her beauty all the more and we cannot get enough of it. 

From the multitude of unique and beautiful mehndi design images, this one stands out for the sheer balance between Arabic and traditional style, dual shades and empty spaces, and the masterful way in which this design is spread out on the hand without cramping the whole space.

18. Seawaves and Peacocks

Aman Gera Photography

Fusion at its best - Arabic designs with Chadar and paisley. while some use glitter to accentuate their henna design and make it look all the more beautiful, some belief in the magic of the phrase 'less is more'. And, with that, we rest our case of the subtle being beautiful and evergreen by showcasing the above new mehndi image which is perfection in every sense of the word.

This real bride chose to challenge the belief that all brides must put mehndi up to their shoulder and she kept it minimum by indulging in this henna design which has soulful strokes a little towards her forearm.

19. The Royal Peacock

Photoz Aapki

Paisley turned peacocks look so cute on this bride's hand. These inverted peacocks are curated by keeping true to the ear drop motif with fine henna artwork and you can see the faint red and orangish tunes that will look splendid once the henna dries off and comes off completely. The peacock motif is very common in traditional mehndi designs and we are loving how beautifully it has been brought out here.

The empty space and border make the peacock stand out from the rest of the design, making it all the more appealing when seen in a set of mehndi design images. 

20. Put a Shloka on it

Image courtesy: Aanal Savaliya

Get the wedding vows written on your wrists and flaunt them in pictures like these. Bridal blessings are integral to any wedding and to have them as a part of your henna designs is the closest thing we have to magic - seal the deal with some 'Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava' that you are bound to hear from your elders.

As we have seen with other mehndi design images, a lot of brides are going for this trend of getting a religious couplet tattoed on their hands. Do a bit of research and pick a shloka that you feel is relatable to the bond between you and your forever after - it could be a guideline for the married life, a promise or even a jab at each other's personality. 

21. Simple but Stellar

Friday Pic

Pairing Mandala with Chaadar never looked better. This new mehndi image makes us believe in magic and that minimalism is beautiful. Not only is this design perfect for a bride-to-be who likes things to be subtle but this is a great choice for bridesmaids too.

Such clean designs are a treat for the eyes. If you want to stand out from the crowd at your best friends wedding, go for this design. While everyone would be flaunting their traditional motifs and filled hands, you can be the epitome of chic and elegant with this minimalist design.

22. Kalash and Dhols

Wedding Moments by Nirmalya Sinha

These Kalash designs are as traditional as it gets. Besides, if you would like to try your hands on a traditional design, then there is nothing like this one right here. Not only do they add a unique perspective to the mehndi design, but they are also considered auspicious and having them on your hands as you start your life as a new wife and new daughter is a great idea.

23. The Lotus Triad

The Wedding Opera

Reverse mehndi lotus looks absolutely awe-inspiring. Reverse mehndi is a kind of mehndi which has the open spaces filled up to the brink with henna with open spaced elements around the coloured part. From Lotus to birds to checkered patterns - the mehndi artists in today's time are all about experimenting with newer trends. Notice the precision on the lotus designs. It looks nothing less than a beautiful tattoo or a painting done on paper.

B. Mehndi design images for the back of the hands

Image courtesy: Henna Sophia Ashville

The back of the hands needs to be equally beautiful as the palms. For that purpose, mehndi artists use some of the simpler designs. The area covered by those designs is again the bride's choice. Some prefer light designs while others go for similar designs like that on the palms as can be seen in the mehndi design images below. For instance, this masterpiece right here.

Mandala on the back of the hands? If you love mandala or lotuses as much as we do, then why just limit your mandala design or bloom for your palms? Throw in a mandala at the back of your hand as well for that extra 'X' factor. 

24. Interlinking Mandalas

Image Graphers Inc

A mehndi bracelet? Because why not! Why purchase and wear a bracelet in metal when you can have one in henna? This new mehndi design image is all about quirky elements. It begins from a mandala sitting beautifully at the back of her hand and sums up with a bracelet style henna band which is conjoined at the finger. If you want a similar henna design, then this henna Haath Phool is yours for the taking. 

25. Marigold Glory

Life in a Day

The botanical design mimicking nature is perfect for the mother of the bride or groom. It is simple yet exquisite and has mandala inspired floral motifs which will look spectacular in shades of red. Especially when you are running around the place, trying to get everything set up perfectly for the big day of your dear darling daughter, speed is of the essence.

Not only will this mehndi design be done in mere minutes, but it also has very fewer chances of getting spoilt because of its simplicity. We know that the busy bees will easily be able to handle this mehndi along with the million responsibilities they are running around with.

26. Swirls and Roses

Dhanika Choksi Photography

Rose mehndi for the bridal beauty. If you happen to be a fan of roses, then having a handful in your henna design is something you must do. The roses in this set of mehndi design images are leaning more towards the Arabic style of applying mehndi and we are loving the final result. Notice the different shades of mehndi that the mehndi artist has been able to achieve with this style. Another speciality of the Arabic mehndi designs, the bold strokes and vine effect that has been achieved here.

Let the fragrance of this stunning flower become a part of your new journey. Bookmark these mehndi design images now!

27. The Magnificent Arch

The Wedding Conteurs

This Chaadar design is so perfect that it almost calming to look at it. Arabic mehndi designs are perfect when you are going for maximum effect in minimum time. Because of the bolder strokes, they take less time to fill the same area. However, this doesn't at all mean that they are anyway easier to do than the traditional mehndi designs that we see. The talent required to achieve the perfect design is as great as any other you'd come across.

Even though this particular new mehndi design has bold strokes of henna, you can always opt for thinner and finer lines, if you prefer having an intrinsic pattern. This hands down happens to be one of the best mehndi design images.

28. Put a Haath Phool on it

Plush Affairs

A little bit of everything never hurt anyone? Especially if you happen to be the bride-to-be, then you deserve the best of everything and that means your bridal mehndi as well. Also, don't you just love this Gota Patti ring? We sure do! 

29. Paisleys Galore

Image courtesy: Divya Henna by Prashanta

Pretty designs in a pretty picture. This new set of mehndi designs are goals both in terms of the henna design and that sparkling stone. The interplay of paisleys on this design is unique and refreshing.

Another instance of how a skilled mehndi artist can weave wonders with just one or two traditional motifs in his/her own unique style.

C. Mehndi design images for arms

Photoz Aapki

Some brides love extending their mehndi till the elbows. Artists these days create some phenomenal mehndi designs for full hands based on the pattern on the arms. It can look a bit messy and over the top if not done right. Below are some mehndi design images that illustrate their grace. Time and again we across brides who prefer getting elbows over their elbows, since it is their big day right? The more elaborate the better!

The longer you spread your mehndi pattern on your hand and up till your elbows, the more closely you should be looking at the design and ensuring that there is no repetition of design whatsoever. So, the next time you plan on decorating your entire hand with henna, watch closely for any similarities in your henna design. 

30. The Demure Peacock and Peahen 

The Shuttersync Studio

A little bit of chadar design and a little bit of peacock motif leads to a whole lot of magic and awesomeness. Don't believe us? Try for yourself! This is one of our favourites mehndi design images.

31. Lotuses, Peacocks and Chaadars

Photoz Aapki

We cannot take our eyes off of this spectacular looking new mehndi design and especially that reverse mehndi Lotus and the crowning peacock - both of which are exquisite and extraordinary. 

32. Like a Sunflower

Photoz Aapki

This new mehndi image has left us speechless and we are totally under its spell. How about you? This happens to be one of our favourites mehndi design images.

33. Glorious twirls

Ipic Frames

A little beauty unfolding in full spree. Look at this artist spreading the wings of creativity to breath life into this new mehndi design picture. 

D. Mehndi design images for feet

Your feet should look as pretty as your hands, so give them equal attention. Mehndi artists create anklet-like designs, especially for the feet. When they weave their magic, your feet then perfectly complement your hands. And, that's how bridal mehndi is supposed to look like.

Browse through our selection of mehndi design images for feet to find the ones that take your breath away.

34. Mandala prints

Image Graphers

Doesn't this new mehndi image remind you of sunshine on a bright Spring morning? It is minimalistic but that effortlessly beautiful string of dots that trace her feet are just extraordinary and we are completely hooked. 

35. Like a sky full of stars

Bhaven Jani Photography

Get encapsulated in this jaal inspired mehndi design. Have your mehndi artist throw in some pair of rose flowers for that extra touch of awesome. 

36. Matrices and Swirls


Doesn't this mehndi design remind you of pinwheels? These tiny pinwheels are just so cute to be ignored. Don't you think?

37. Is it a Slip-on Sandle or Is it a Mehndi Design

Plush Affairs

If there is one thing we love about this picture, then it is hands down the nail colour and how effortlessly stunning it looks when seen alongside the henna and her white colour outfit. 

38. Sunrise Glory

A little ray of sunshine and a beautiful stool over which this brilliant henna design, need we say more? 

39. Simple But Smart

The Shuttersync Studio

Magic under construction! This hands down happen to be one of our favourites mehndi design images for the simple reason that it is a behind the action shot and we don't know the kind of magic we would be introduced to once it is done.

40. Roses And Bold Strokes

Plush Affairs

Bridal mehndi goals! What do you think?

41. Shades of Intricacies

The Wedding Conteurs

We are shaken by this stunning mehndi design. Who knew a mehndi design could look this spectacular! 

This hands down happens to be one of our favourites mehndi design images. It is different, it is unique and it has a whole lot of awesome in it. 

42. Just the Bare Minimum

Photoz Aapki

If minimalism if what you are aiming for, then having your henna artist design this should be at the top of your priorities list. 

43. Pretty as a Picture

Our Wedding Chapter

Tip toe your way into perfection and awesomeness. And, don't forget to throw in some colour while you're at it(by putting a chic nail colour of course). This hands down happens to be one of our favourites mehndi design images from the lot.

44. Less is More

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Who needs an anklet or foot jewellery when your henna design looks like this, right? Who needs jewellery when your henna could be as beautiful as an artificial feet accessory? If you want to have the best of both the world,s then turn your henna design into a foot accessory and voila you are good to go.

45. Flower Clad


How does one achieve this level of perfection and symmetry? We are dying to figure that out! What about you? Chaadar design at it's very best. If you want your bridal henna to be precise and to the point - then some Chaadar henna inspiration is coming your way!

46. The Black Beauty

Delhivelvet by Divishth Kakkar

This new mehndi image is hands down a sight for sore eyes and we cannot stop gawking at it! It is so precise and on the point that it mimics a tattoo and we are amazed at how every inch of this henna design is full of perfection and unmatchable perfection. And, to make your henna pop - throw in some bright shade of nail paint and you will have a henna design to kill! 

47. A Study in Monochrome

Image courtesy: Taaniyah Seyth Photography

To all the brides, a little black and white henna magic is coming your way! This mehndi design mimics the upbeat boho princess style and looks less like henna and looks more like foot jewellery. From twirly patterns to some shaded henna magic coming your way - this leg mehndi design is anything but ordinary.

If you want to turn it up a notch and create some buzz with your off-beat henna choices, then finally you have something to follow up with. This hands down happens to be one of our favourites mehndi design images.

48. Full leg Mehndi

Ipic Frames

Now that you've looked at some 50+ stylish mehndi design images, we're sure that some of them must have captured your attention. Go ahead and bookmark the ones you like to show your mehndi artist. If you do plan to flaunt one of these designs on your wedding day, show us how it looked on you. This galore of mehndi design images is a treat for all the ladies who were looking for some quick inspiration to nail their bridal henna or bridesmaids henna look. If you happen to be either of those, then bookmark our curated piece of mehndi design images and get going. 

Now that you have looked at these stunning mehndi design images, let us help you narrow down a few hacks that ought to help you get the best henna glam up you never knew was possible. Know what we mean? Read on and keep in check these easy hacks on how to make your mehndi darker than usual to get your henna glam on point. 

1. Girl, you've got to keep that henna on your hands and feet longer than otherwise. If you thought an hour will cut it, then think again! The safest bet would be to keep it overnight if you want your henna colour to be as red with tints of maroon as possible. 

2. No matter how annoyed you get every time someone applies move or Vicks, this time around you will have to make use of either to get that bolt of red in your henna design. Take a tablespoon of Vicks and apply it over the henna. The warmth from the same helps in deepening the colour and bringing out plumes of red, like never seen before. 

3. Another tried and tested the formula to get that perfect shade of red is the fumes of cloves. Take a spoonful of cloves and put them on the stove and let the temperature sore high. Once you observe tiny fumes coming off of the cloves, run your hands over the fumes. The fumes are known to provide the much-needed heat for the colour to pop right up. 

You can either comment below or submit your real wedding and mehndi design images which we'd love to feature! Also, which one of these designs from our galore of mehndi design images did you love most?