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Contemporary Marriage Invitation Card Format Ideas That Will Make You Want To Ditch The Old Ones!

If you are looking or a different approach with your marriage invitation card format, you should customise the invitation card according to your choice. Apart from the basic information to be put in, make sure that pick a creative theme!

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A marriage invitation card format, in general, has a format that most people follow in the world. In India, it is even more basic as people do not customise the designs or formats much. However, if you want a different approach in the format you use for the wedding card then you have come to the right place.

When you tinker with the marriage invitation card format, you can create an attractive design that looks amazing. Why follow the same clichéd format when you can design your own format by adding some fun elements to it? Wondering how you can do this?

First things first, you need to identify a vendor that is capable of providing some great designs on their own or customise the design according to your wishes. If you are customising the design yourself, then it is important that you communicate with the vendor in a precise manner regarding the design of the marriage invitation card format.

Now let’s take a look at some of the typical marriage invitation card format styles and then the changes you can bring in to give a more personalised feel to it.

The typical marriage invitation card format starts with a symbol of Lord Ganesha on the cover and then a few traditional Hindu wedding invitation wordings that are auspicious and bring blessings to the couple. Apart from this basic format, one thing you have is the name of the hosts, that is, the name of the parents of the bride and the groom. Following this is the information about the events that will take place. The event, the date, the time and the location, everything is mentioned in separate cards. The last section of the card is the classic R.S.V.P section where the close members of the family are named.

1. The classic design

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When we talk about the basic marriage invitation card format, one thing you might have noticed is the repetitiveness of the designs and the colours. Most people choose simple designs with not a lot of thought put into them and select colours like golden, red, maroon and other such colours. The information of the multiple events would be on different cards placed inside an envelope.

Why follow this same old design when you can be creative and make something that is unique in every way? You should ensure that your marriage invitation card does not look like the typical one. Be imaginative, put some thought into it and create something beautiful for your card.

2. How to get away from the classic design and format?

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Even if you want a traditional design, the invitation card can still look different from others. Choose a design that has some cool patterns on the cover page as the one showed here. Such caricatures or mini-portraits of the bride and groom are a great idea to ditch the traditional format and yet have the culture included in the look. Speaking of the marriage invitation card format, you can change it completely by putting the information of all the events on one single page. In the other pages, you can have a bit of fun by adding some fun bride and groom quotes. You can even add some images of the couple if you want.

Since urban millennials prefer hosting their wedding at their own expense, the invitation card does not require the names of the parents specifically. You can have a separate page for that where you include the names of the parents and other close members of the family whom you want to thank.

3. Add a comic strip to create a cool card

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This marriage invitation card format will help you in creating a cool card. Reveal all the information or the itinerary of the program through a comic strip. It is fun and helps you create a completely unique marriage invitation card design. Furthermore, it helps you set a mood or certain expectations about the wedding event through the invitation card itself.

4. Move on from the usual cards

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When you think of marriage invitation card format and designs, the first thing that comes in mind is the use of usual paper cards. Use net clothes or other materials in place of the paper to create the invite. You can add a bit more to that by creating a different packaging such as a unique wedding card box or give the card in a basket of shrubs, which your guests can keep in their rooms!

With so many creative ideas about how to change the usual format of the invitation card and create something new, you may be equipped to do that all by yourself now!

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