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Lakme Absolute Foundation With Price to Pick the Right One for D-day

Lakme Absolute foundation price to help you make the best decision for that most-awaited wedding makeup look!

CoolBluez Photography

Lakme Absolute foundation price range is one of the few very basic questions every bride or bride brigade looks for, every time the makeup tag comes up. Bridal makeup is one of the most crucial factors in every wedding. Be it a wedding function, a casual photoshoot day or the big wedding day, the bride can never go wrong with her makeup choices.

So, here is a collection of a few looks that every bride can try, using the Lakme Absolute foundation price range. 

For the Traditional Bride

Dream Knot, Maharana Pratap Nagar

Absolute Skin Natural Hydrating Mousse Foundation for ₹750 

This is a fab look for the bride who is looking for a traditional makeup look, using Lakme Absolute foundation price. The great matte finish of the Absolute Skin Natural Hydrating Mousse Foundation range allows you to create a great depth for your outlook. Look at those feather lashes and the overall professional look, the matte foundation finish allows you for perfect contouring. Isn’t that fabulous? The good part is that it can easily blend with all the Indian skin tones with its tone varieties. Do try this look with deep maroon lips and a big bindi, just like this beauty in has done in a dark shade, especially if you are a dusky beauty. Deal?

For the Glowing Bride

White Frog Productions

Absolute Skin Natural Hydrating Mousse Foundation for ₹750

Talking about Lakme Absolute foundation price, the creamy matte texture of the Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Hydrating Mousse foundation settles effortlessly on every skin alike. With the easy blend with the skin, there is a lot of room for the bride to play with her highlighter and blush game for the d-day. With your face gets a natural dewy look, it even takes your look to another level with the effortless highlighter game. Subtle, dewy, and glowing.

For the Perfect Bride

Dipak Studios

Lakme Absolute Ivory Cream Argan Oil Serum Foundation for ₹750

The premium range of Lakme Absolute foundation price allows every bride to clearly define the highlighting features of her face, just like this lovely bride in the picture. You can work layers and layers of eye makeup on the extremely enriching formula of Lakme Absolute Ivory Cream Argan Oil Serum Foundation, as the base ensures the stay of the pigment intact for the entire function while enriching your skin.

For the New Bride

Bhaven Jani Photography

Lakme Absolute Ivory Cream Argan Oil Serum Foundation for ₹750

While we spend a lot of time hunting for wedding makeup, which is slightly heavier as compared to normal days, we tend to forget about the post-marriage looks. With the Karvachauth season, this fab look with Lakme Absolute Ivory Cream Argan Oil Serum Foundation is great for the new bride look. The matte texture of the premium Lakme Absolute foundation price gives you a dreamy coverage, making your face look effortless. Be clean with you bold lips and eyeliner, just a dash of foundation powder and eye shadow and boom! Indian beauty at its best.

For the Shining Bride

White Frog Productions

Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover for ₹750

All the ladies who have come here searching for Lakme Absolute foundation price, must be looking for the secret to being the shining bride, isn’t it? The only secret to that is blending. With Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover, you can easily blend your foundation and add that sheer clean makeup look. The best part is that you can even keep it simple and natural without a heavy edgy look. Just go with the pastel flow and you are all set to shine.

With all these fantastic looks for your pre-wedding functions, wedding day and post-wedding looks, you are all set to rock that wedding face. In fact, you can totally ace the makeup game with Lakme Absolute foundation price with the versatility that it offers. So, whether you want a dewy look or a simple makeup look, a heavy look or a clean well-defined edgy look, your magic potion has just been found. All the best-creating magic, ladies!

Do share with us your ultimate foundation trick, in the comments below.