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Kolkata Saree 101: the Perfect Outfit for a Bengali Bride & Must You Wear It!

A Bengali wedding is a fun-filled event due to the unique rituals & a culture that oozes joy from every aspect. Just like everything to do with this culture, a Kolkata Saree is bold and matchless in many ways. Have a look at some of the best designs

Image Courtesy: Weddingera

When people talk about wedding sarees, not many talk about saree designs from Bengal. Tussar silk, Banarsi saree designs or Kanjeevaram sarees are a few of the top saree designs that almost everyone talks about. However, quite a few people forget about the beautiful Kolkata saree that comes from the land of Bengal. The first thing most people imagine when they hear about a Kolkata saree is the classic white saree with red embroideries and blouse. The interesting thing is that the Bengali wedding sarees are far from that and are totally different, not just in colour but also in the design styles.

A Kolkata saree has loud colours like red, blue, and green with almost every saree decorated with red embroideries or design patterns all over it. The use of bold colours is what makes them so unique and wonderfully beautiful. The brides wear a bunch of flowers, commonly called as Gajra and then the traditional Topor on their head. This headgear is the most distinguishable thing that you can see in a Bengali bride.

Furthermore, a Bengali bride wears quite a lot of gold jewellery, adding more bling to the overall look. This bold look does make the entire outfit of a Bengali bride much more interesting than others. Now that we have talked about how a Bengali bride rocks her look, let us look at some of the top designs for a Kolkata saree that makes it possible.

1. The bold red and golden saree

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Talking about a Kolkata saree being loud, no garment can get as loud as this number! The red silk saree is covered with golden embroideries or patterns forming thick borders. The borders have the usual floral design but the rest of the saree has a spread of small block prints. Another highlight of this saree is the use of dupatta to cover the head along with the topor. This use of dupatta with a saree is something you would not see in other cultures when it comes to Indian weddings.

2. A hot pink saree with golden embroideries

Image Courtesy: Arafat zaman Photography

Here’s another bold colour on offer! The hot pink colour is not a colour you associate with wedding sarees but you can see this hue a lot in the unique Bengali wedding culture. The bride looks absolutely great in this Kolkata saree that has thick embroideries using light golden threads. Apart from the thick borders, the rest of the saree has a uniform spread of the same print. A key aspect to note in this look is how the bride drapes the pallu from her back and then tucks it in her Kamarbandh, a piece of jewellery that the bride ties on her waist. This style of draping the pallu is something you only see in this region of the country.

3. A green blouse to contrast the red saree

Image Courtesy: Weddingera

If you are looking for a blouse that contrasts with the saree, then how about a green blouse? The sleeves of this green blouse have very thick red and golden borders, almost double the size of regular sleeve borders. The other part of the blouse has tiny gold patterns all over it. The saree has the usual red and gold colour that almost all the brides pick religiously. The use of a huge necklace piece covers much of the neck and the blouse and that is why the major detailing of blouse is on the sleeves.

4. Heavily embroidered red saree with blue blouse

Image Courtesy: Weddingera

This bright red Kolkata saree has metallic gold embroideries all over the fabric. The embroideries are thick, not just at the borders but throughout the saree. Though this makes the saree pop, what further elevates the look is the use of blue bright blue blouse with golden patterns. The heavy bridal jewellery and the dupatta over the head complete the look.

5. A golden saree with floral patterns on it

Image Courtesy: Weddingera

Tired of red sarees but want an equally bold saree? Try a golden saree with golden patterns and design on it. The floral designs make the saree look incredibly great with the one wearing it looking like a princess. The borders of the saree show an intelligent use of red and golden threads for the embroideries. The red puffed blouse perfectly complements the golden colour and gives the authentic look of a Kolkata saree. The use of heavy and long neckpieces as jewellery gives the perfect Bong look to the bride.

These 5 stunning designs of sarees worn by Bengali brides just prove how lovely they look in the bright and bold sarees they wear, which is synonymous with the fun wedding they have. Since the popular colour for the saree is red and golden, the scope of being creative with the outfit is usually left with the blouse.

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