The bride and the groom along with a few children visit the bride’s house in the evening. The parents of the bride give new clothes to the couple on this occasion, which is an essential and integral tradition explored in Kashmiri Pandit weddings.


This is the second time when the couple visits the bride’s parents. Again they are given gifts to mark the occasion.

Roth Khabar

On a Tuesday or a Saturday, the parents of the bride send a traditional freshly-baked cake known as Roth to their daughter’s house. Following which, the bride goes back to her maternal house for a few days with the person who brings the cake.

Ghar Atchum

It is a formal reception ceremony hosted by the bride’s family. After this, the bride returns back to her husband’s house.

And now, if you were to visit a Kashmiri Pandit wedding or make a checklist of rituals for your own, you have every base covered. If given a chance, make sure not to miss the opportunity of witnessing one.

Note: With valuable inputs from Samridhi Trisal.

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