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How to Send an Indian Wedding Invitation Text Message

Not sure how to draft and send an Indian wedding invitation text message? We share quick tips and ideas with you.

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Right after you set the date for your wedding, it is time to start planning your wedding and wedding invitations is the first step for it. These days, more and more couples are turning to digital wedding invites for reasons more than one. Without a doubt, it’s an easy, quick, and a cost-effective way to invite guests to the event. But like any other culture, there are some rules of etiquette for wedding invitations as well, especially when sending it via text messages. While your wedding invitation is one of the most creative and aesthetical elements of your wedding festivities, going digital can also maintain its uniqueness. We often tend to think that Indian wedding invitation text message might be difficult to frame.

But any difficulty that you might face, we hope to solve it through our tips. These tips for writing the Indian wedding invitation text message is definitely worth keeping in mind.

How to Send Indian Wedding Invitation Text Message?

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Know when a text message invitation is appropriate

While sending a wedding invitation via a text message is certainly convenient, an invitation to certain guests like older relatives and office colleagues often demand a little more formality. So before sending bulk text message invites, make sure to narrow down your contact list thoughtfully and wisely. To give that perfect first impression while sending your Indian wedding invitation text message, edit them to include a respectful greeting, especially for elders. 

Use proper grammar and punctuation

Just because it’s a text message invitation, does not mean that it gives you the liberty to use an overly casual tone. Avoid unconsidered style, spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammatical errors to make the reading easier for the recipient. The wordings of your Indian wedding invitation text message should not include typos or spelling errors. 

Send text messages at the right time

One of the basic etiquettes to follow when sending Indian wedding invitation text message is to send it at the right time. Don’t send messages late at night or too early in the morning. Also, make sure when sending digital invites you are not too busy to answer the phone calls or reply back. For instance, while driving, when your phone battery’s running low, when you are in a meeting, or when your judgment is impaired like after a few drinks.

Don’t forget to follow up

When sending a wedding invite via text message a quick follow-up call is sometimes important especially in a country like India. If you are sending the text message and making the following up yourself, it’s more than the proper etiquette. Alternatively, an elder member of the family can also make a call. It is just a polite way to ensure the guests that you are thinking of them. Through this, you would even get a rough idea about the count of wedding guests to expect for your ceremonies and celebrations. 

What Details Need to be Included?  

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Include all the necessary information that will make the overall experience of your guests easier. Find out the text message character limit from your service provider and accordingly draft your message. If possible, keep the length of the entire message within the character limit to avoid splitting the Indian wedding invitation text message into two parts.

Put yourself in the guest’s shoes, and figure out what all details may be needed. At the minimum, include the name of the bride and the groom, date and time of the event, and venue details. Map links and a calendar icon is also a great way to make your text message wedding invitation stand out. Also, to secure attendees, don’t forget to include RSVP details. The basic idea is to draft an invitation specifically and concisely not just to remain within the character limit but also to clearly communicate the event details to the invitees.

At the starting of your Indian wedding invitation text message, you can put a beautiful quotation or any quicky Bollywood dialogue that you both relate with. It would definitely set the tone for your message below. You can even share a few details about the kind of theme that you would be following for your wedding festivities so that it becomes easier even for the guests to choose their outfits for your wedding. 

And once the guests have RSVP’d, additional details like if it’s a themed event or there is a dress code can be shared.

Why Text an Indian Wedding Invitation?

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Everyone has a mobile number

Whether a smartphone or not, everyone these days at least have a basic mobile phone with a text message facility. Unlike traditional printed invites sent through courier or post, you will not have to bother about who has received your wedding invitation and who did not.

It saves money

As obvious as it may sound; couples who choose to send wedding invitations via text messages end up saving a lot of money. With printed invites, you not only have to shell out money on invitations, but you also have to spend money on the delivery. And did we mention the cost of the sweet box that accompanies a traditional Indian wedding invitation card?

It helps to save the planet

Without a doubt, Indian wedding invitation text messages are eco-friendly. Between wedding cards, envelopes, and courier receipts think of all the paper that you will save. When everything is done digitally, Mother Nature will be so proud of you!

It offers flexibility

The best part about sending invitations via text messages is they are completely flexible. Decided to start the ceremony half hour early or later? Even though the invitations have been sent out, a quick text message with the last minute changes can update everyone.

For sure, an Indian wedding invitation text message is not for everyone, but it definitely gives you more flexibility and control, resulting in more fun and less stress.

Let us know what is your opinion about sending an Indian wedding invitation text message in the comments below.