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Check These Images of Designer Kurtis by Manish Malhotra for D-day

If you are someone who loves to gawk at images of designer kurtis by Manish Malhotra, then you are not alone. Get to know why you should get one for yourself.

Dreaming of getting a designer Kurti for your wedding is not an uncommon thing by any stretch of the imagination. Every bride thinks of wearing a bridal outfit from a renowned designer at her wedding. It need not be one of the major bridal outfits for the wedding - it can also be a simple suit or Kurti that you can wear for some related wedding ceremonies. In India, when we talk about a popular fashion designer, the first name that comes to mind is Manish Malhotra.

The incredibly talented designer gained his name and reputation due to his beautiful designs, and also how popular he is with Bollywood celebs. Almost every celebrity has worn his clothes at least once in their lives.

Given the influence of Bollywood on the Indian customer, it is only natural that a bride is influenced by looking at a celebrity wearing a Manish Malhotra attire and the images of designer Kurtis by Manish Malhotra on the magazines and social media raises the bar of expectations for the bride-to-be.

If you have been searching for images of designer Kurtis by Manish Malhotra on the internet, then you must have seen quite a few celebrities who look absolutely stunning in his creations. However, you may not get an idea about the right attire for you.

Therefore, to help you out, we have come up with some of the best images of designer Kurtis by Manish Malhotra to give you an understanding about which designs will suit you and for what kind of occasions you should wear them!

1. A red Kurti with silver bands of cloth

If you are someone who loves the colour red and want to experiment with the simple Kurti look, then this image is one of the best examples of images of designer Kurtis by Manish Malhotra. The young Ananya Pandey looks absolutely fantastic in this red suit with silver bands all over it, giving it a preppy look. Moreover, the Shararas at the bottoms gives the look a quirky edge to it.

2. A white Chikankari Kurti

A white Chikankari suit looks elegant any day of the week. When you look at this image of the beautiful Katrina Kaif, you automatically fall in love with the suit and the overall look. This long Kurti with white Chikankari and lace designs are perfect to get you a graceful look. It is perfect for a Mehndi or a Haldi ceremony.

3. A beautiful yellow Kurti

This beautiful yellow suit is perfect for a summer day party like a Mehndi or Haldi. One of the most beautiful images of designer Kurtis by Manish Malhotra with Alia Bhatt in it, the design of the Kurti steals all the attention. The beautiful golden embroideries give you a unique look as it is not a combination that everyone usually thinks of.

4. A pale blue Kurti with white embroideries

Everyone was quite surprised by the announcement of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding. However, as was expected, Manish Malhotra was one of the designers who worked on the clothes for the couple. In this beautiful picture of the power couple, we can see PC in a pale blue suit with continuous white embroideries all over it. It is perfect for a casual ceremony before or after the wedding.

5. A stunning black number

If you are looking for attire for the Sangeet night, this black number features as the ideal choice. Look at this example of images of designer Kurtis by Manish Malhotra with Alia Bhatt looking her absolute best in this black Kurti. The dupatta of the outfit has silver diagonal lines, making it perfect for a night party.

6. The perfect combination of yellow and white

You have already seen a yellow Kurti above. Now comes this stunning yellow Kurti with white embroideries. White is the best colour to combine with yellow. It adds a touch of grace to the look and also makes it pleasing to the eyes. Karishma Kapoor is rocking this Kurti and cigarette pants with golden borders on it.

7. The bold and beautiful red

Here is the perfect example of images of designer Kurtis by Manish Malhotra for those who are looking for a blood red Kurti. This picture of Sonakshi Sinha in a sleeveless short Kurti looks absolutely bomb. The Kurti has small red sequins and lace designs running over it.

8. A simple ivory Kurti

Ivory is another colour that stands for elegance and this simple Kurti, worn by Priyanka Chopra stands for the same. It looks absolutely great with the net dupatta with lace designs over it. The suit has a Chikankari finish, ticking all the boxes to give you a simple and graceful look.

After going through these images of designer Kurtis by Manish Malhotra, you must have gotten an idea about what type or design of Kurti will suit you. Choose the outfit according to your personality and not something at random, as that is the only way to look your absolute best!

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Note: All images have been sourced from Manish Malhotra's official Instagram page.