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Wondering How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost? It’s Time to Know!

Wedding planners help in executing all the events and festivities surrounding a wedding seamlessly. In this article we help you understand how much does a wedding planner cost!

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Organising a Big Fat Indian wedding can be quite an intimidating task. There are so many little things that need to be thought of and so many things to be taken care of when it comes to how much does a wedding planner cost, for the wedding to be truly successful. The logistics and the sheer grandeur of a big wedding are so huge that you need a dedicated team of wedding planners to make the task doable without you having to be worried and concerned about everything at the wedding.

Choosing the right wedding planner for yourself can be a very tricky task - you need to check how much does a wedding planner cost, what services do they offer and what packages do they provide.

We have curated this list of 5 wedding planners based in Delhi NCR to help you understand what to look for in a wedding planner.

1. Allure Events and Weddings Private Limited

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Allure Events and Weddings Pvt Ltd. Is a team of professionals that have been a part of the event industry for a long time. They are well-versed in handling all kinds of wedding events and can keep up with most of your requests. They provide everything from destination wedding planning services, wedding decorations, catering, entertainment, music, props, drinks and almost everything else that you can imagine at a wedding.

If you are wondering how much does a wedding planner cost, Allure events has packages starting from ₹ 1,00,000, depending on the scale of wedding that you want to go for.

2. Baraati Inc

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Baraati Inc is another wedding planning company that has gained a lot of popularity and a strong reputation in a short time since commencing their operations. Baraati Inc aims to provide the best of services to its clients within a reasonable budget to answer your concerns on how much does a wedding planner cost. Baraati Inc has a one of its kind 3F policy that it emphasises on to execute the best events.

This 3F stands for Fairytale, Fairtale and Flairtale, which starts from planning a fairytale wedding, offering the services at a fair prince and eventually executing all plans smoothly to provide its customers with a memorable experience. If you are wondering how much does a wedding planner cost, they offer packages ranging from ₹ 2,50,000 to 4,50,000.

3. Wedlock Events by Smita Saurabh

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Wedlock events by Smita Saurabh is another popular wedding planning company based in Noida that offers a wide range of wedding planning services. The team aims to provide the most personalised experience for you.

The team provides everything from destination wedding services, catering, décor, entertainment, legal paperwork, logistics and every possible thing that you might need for your dream wedding. Their most basic packages start from ₹ 1,50,000.

4. BMP Weddings

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BMP weddings is a popular wedding planning agency that has been a part of the event and hospitality industry for more than 30 years. They are based in Malviya Nagar in Delhi and have a strong understanding of the industry. The team at BMP weddings aims to maximise their clients’ ease and works hard to provide the most memorable wedding experience.

BMP weddings provides its clients with everything from managing RSVPs, décor, catering, entertainment, logistics and provides a whole lot of services from entertainers to choreographers and make-up artists. If you are wondering how much does a wedding planner cost when they can provide such immense options, BMP offers packages from ₹ 4,00,000-10,00,000 depending on your requirements.

5. Vision Vivaah

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Vision Vivaah is another wedding planning company with its Delhi NCR office in the Mayapuri area of West Delhi. They originated from Ludhiana, Punjab, and have since then become a major wedding planning company that offers the most premium experience to its clients. Vision Vivaah understands the importance of a perfect fairytale wedding experience for its clients and aims to take all the necessary steps to satisfy their clients.

They provide a wide array of services, everything from planning for wedding invites to planning the honeymoon trip for the couple.  A constant question in the mind of prospective customers is how much does a wedding planner cost when they see that can provide such personalised service options. Vision Vivaah charges its clients anywhere from ₹ 2,00,000 to 10,00,000 based on the scale of the wedding.

Choosing the right wedding planner is a step that you must take after putting in immense thought and searching for the best wedding planners in your area to make all your wedding dreams come true and for you and all your guests to have a memorable time of celebrations.

"How much does a wedding planner cost" is a very popular question that is asked on popular search engines. A lot depends on the scale of the wedding that you want and the quality of services that you want to go for. We hope this article gives you a fair idea of the services offered and the prices of some top wedding planning companies and help you decide what is best for you!

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