Music plays an essential role in all Indian weddings, no matter what cultural norms the couple follows. So, naturally, it features heavily in Haryanvi weddings too. Haryanvi music is as vibrant as the culture and is filled with ballads of love and bravery. As this art form has been around for centuries, it has evolved into two distinct branches: traditional folk music and Desi, country music. While most people lean towards the latter, both styles of music can be apt for the wedding.

Before you pick your playlist, you’ve got to know what the differences between the two branches are!

1. Haryanvi folk music

Knotting Bells
Knotting Bells

Folk music is a traditional form of music that reflects the culture of the region. In Haryana, the folk music is closely linked with Raags and songs sung in what is perceived to be ‘Indian classical music’. Mostly, Haryanvi music that’s classified as folk includes songs about specific rulers like Maharana Udai Singh the Second of Chittor, or specific festivals like Teej and Holi. This style of music features classical instruments like the Sitar, Tabla, Sarangi and Been.

How to incorporate it in your wedding?

Typically, classical folk music serves as a great tool to create an ambiance and can be used to that effect. You can play such music during occasions like the Sagai and the ring ceremony, which are generally quieter affairs than other functions during a Haryanvi wedding.

i) Welcome music

This music can also be played during the wedding reception, if you are planning on hosting one. As some traditional songs also use the Shehnai, you can play when during the Bidai or when the bride first enters the marriage pandal area. Of course, this all boils down to your preferences when it comes to music and what you’d like a specific song to add to your wedding function.

2. Desi and Country music


Desi and country Haryanvi music is often considered more apt for weddings. This is because this music is mostly based on Raag Jaijaiwanti, Raag Pahadi, Raag Kafi and Raag Jhinjoti. Music based on these Raags exudes joy, making it ideal for celebrations like weddings. Often, this style of music is also played during festivals and community gatherings.

During a Haryanvi wedding, it's quite common for young women or girls to sing entertaining numbers about love, friendship, and relationships. After all, what is a wedding but a celebration of all these things? Some of these songs are categorizes as Sathne (which are songs about female friendships and devotion), Mangal Geet (which are auspicious songs sung by older women), and the Bhat (which is about the mothers of the couple being honoured by their brothers).

It is not uncommon for families to call a group of folk singers to perform these songs at weddings or other functions. They add a sense of lightness and fun to the function, and the meanings behind each song add more weight to the ceremony.

How to incorporate it in your wedding?

As different types of songs have different meanings behind them, you must be quite careful about the way you use them. Saathne songs can be great during a ladies Sangeet ceremony as they revolve around female friendships and relationships. This can be a great way for your friends to express how they feel about you.

i) Dance along with your bridesmaids

In fact, a Haryanvi dance is quite upbeat and can be fun to dance to in a circle with all your friends surrounding you. It definitely beats the lack of connection with a DJ’s standard music! Of course, you do not only have to restrict yourself to this type of music as these functions are about what you like.

If you are into Haryanvi cinema and want to play popular songs from your favourite movies, then go ahead! Just remember to coordinate your dance moves with your friends in advance!

ii) Mangal geet music

Older women can sing Mangal Geet songs during the Sagai or the ring ceremony. This is because these songs are auspicious in nature and are great to signify the beginning of your new relationship. You can also play these songs during the wedding ceremony as that will be the first day in your life as a married woman.

Incorporating bits of your culture into your wedding ceremony can be a great way to express your identity to your friends and family. With weddings and cultures in India being so diverse, a little touch of your own style can really transform any event into a cherished memory. Using Haryanvi music during any of your wedding functions is a great way to achieve this without even having to try too hard!

When your playlist is sorted and you’re ready for the next challenge, get in touch with a wedding planner to ensure that everything else is taken care off as easily!