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8 Gold Jewellery Necklace Designs That Are Perfect for Your Saree

A Pattu saree and a gold jewellery necklace are one of our favourite wedding combos. It doesn't matter who is wearing them, because they always look stunning together!

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Weddings are the perfect opportunity to bring out your fashion A-game. We personally believe in all the classics. All of you have grown up watching your mothers wear a gold jewellery necklace for any big occasion in their lives. We bet you wanted to emulate their look since they always looked perfect in their silk sarees with the classic gold jewellery necklace on their necks.

We think that this tradition is coming back in full force. If you are getting married or have been invited to a wedding in the near future, here are some gold necklaces that you can see for inspiration before you head out shopping. We have also talked about the occasion you can wear it on!

1. A modern statement piece

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The first gold jewellery necklace on our list is a statement piece. We think it is perfect for a young guest attending a wedding. You can be a sister or a bridesmaid who is wearing a simple saree and want to keep your look classy. The bride can also wear it to her Roka ceremony, keeping her ensemble simple and contemporary.

2. Temple gold jewellery necklace

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This gold jewellery necklace is heavier in design from the first one. It is a traditional temple jewellery piece that is suitable for a bigger event. Maybe if you are the elder sister of the bride or her sister in law, you can wear it to the bride’s wedding.

Styling tip: if you are wearing a gold jewellery necklace like this, you should pair a dark and bright coloured saree to go with it.

3. Bridal gold necklace

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Gold jewellery is the first choice of a bride’s parents when they are buying her wedding jewellery. Its value is always increasing and the bride will always have a sense of security because of her gold jewellery.

Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to wear a heavy gold jewellery necklace. You can get matching earrings and head jewellery quite easily.

Note: while the title may say sarees, it does not mean that the necklace will not look gorgeous on a bridal lehenga or any other wedding outfit. Just make sure it has traditional designs in it!

4. Gold Navratna jewellery

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A Navratna necklace is a gold jewellery necklace that has some of the 9 stones available like ruby, emerald. If you want some colour in your jewellery you should go for a Navratna necklace. It looks beautiful with a single coloured outfit. This look is perfect for the wedding day or the reception!

5. Simple pure gold necklace

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This simple gold necklace is perfect for a small ceremony for brides to wear. Other guests and family members can wear this on bigger events as well. The shine of this necklace matches the smile on the bride's face in the picture. The bun and the Gajra just elevate this look to another level.

6. Gold collar necklace

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South Indian brides only wear traditional gold jewellery on their wedding day. From Matha Patti to Kamarbandh and gold necklaces, they are decked from head to toe in gold. And let’s not forget about the Pattu sarees they wear at their wedding. Our favourite combo as we said before! Gold bangles are also a great investment to make for your wedding.

Style tip: if you are wearing a simpler saree like the one in the image, you can add layers to your look. A gold rani haar with this collar necklace will go perfectly.

7. A Gulbandh gold necklace

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This is our favourite gold jewellery necklace on our list for dainty and simple options. The saree and flower decorations matching the pink tones on the necklace is brilliant. We love the styling in this image. Everything is perfect from the colour of the saree to the contrasting blouse and especially the gold jewellery. Wear this look for any day event!

8. Statement gold necklace

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Statement necklaces like these allow you to take a traditional piece and have a contemporary Indian look at the same time. You get to honour the classics and also feel like yourself at the same time. Small Jhumkas or danglers are the perfect accomplices to this necklace. It is better not to layer the necklaces as it may be a little hard to find long necklace matching this statement piece.

We wish we could have all these necklaces in our collections. You can wear any of these gold jewellery necklace options this wedding season and you will undoubtedly look gorgeous. From a dainty gold jewellery necklace to a heavy bridal one, you have your options available. Tell us which gold necklace was your favourite from this list. If you find any other food options, do share them with us as well.

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