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8 Tutorials On Full-face Makeup Steps For Your Wedding Day!

Your make up on the wedding day can make or break your entire look. Following are some tutorials on full face makeup steps that can help you get the right look for the bride!

Ashwin Nair
Ashwin Nair


The wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and every bride aims to look at the most beautiful version of herself on the D-Day.  Many of us look forward to this day right from our childhood days. With that in mind, you would definitely want to make sure that everything is taken care of and that you make a fine fashion statement on this day!

Generally, most of us have a strong focus on bridal jewellery and the outfits that we plan on wearing for the big day. However, the make-up that you wear on this day can make a world of difference to the way you look. It can uplift how you feel on this day and can transform your look. So, to help you get the right make-up for the wedding day, we have curated the following list of tips for full face makeup steps. You can consult a professional make-up artist like most brides do these days or take things in your own hands if you back your skills!

For the simple and subtle wedding look

We start off this list with a video on full face makeup steps for a bride that wants to keep things simple and subtle look. Such make-up is easy to execute even for beginners and will make for a fine look for your wedding.

Different looks for functions like the Mehendi, Cocktail and the Wedding Day

For the next video on this list of tutorials for full face makeup steps, we feature this video that shows you how to make three different looks for the Mehendi Ceremony, Cocktail Party and on the Wedding day. Here, you can see how you can execute different looks for the wedding just by using a few products. It also shows how you can take different approaches for the different wedding functions.

Eye makeup steps for beginners

The part of your face that stands out the most and is something that is noticed first is the eyes.  Make up around the eyes is a lot more intricate to do and can have an immense impact on how you look during the wedding.  This video in our list of full face makeup steps tutorials covers all the essential details of eye make-up and is will make applying the make up a lot easier even for beginners.

Do’s and Don’ts of eye makeup

Next on our list of full face makeup steps tutorials, we feature another easy to understand tutorial with the do’s and don’ts of eye makeup. Many brides do not get the eye make-up right and it may get either a bit too smudgy or may be too plain-jane, so make sure that you follow the do’s and don’ts shared in the video!

Long lasting bridal make up for summer weddings

In India, the weather can get very hot and humid which can be a hindrance in making sure that your bridal look is intact and that you look gorgeous throughout the wedding. In this video of our list of full face makeup steps, you can learn how to apply make-up that stays intact even in the hot weather and the long functions.

A Tutorial for sparkly bridal make up

If you want to carry a look that is sparkly and makes you look like a princess on the wedding day, check out this video in our list of full face makeup steps tutorials and slay at your wedding celebrations.

For the bride who wants to keep things elegant with her make up

Next on this list of full face makeup steps tutorials, we have this simple tutorial that shows how you can create an elegant look for your wedding day and look as beautiful on your wedding day as you would have always wanted to since your childhood days.

A fine tutorial for the traditional Bengali Bride

To conclude this list of full face makeup steps tutorials, we have this video explaining how you can get the traditional Bengali Bride’s look for a traditional Bengali wedding. If you want to keep things traditional and classic for your wedding day, you can take some help from the above videos.

The make-up that the bride wears on her wedding functions is as important as the outfit that she wears in making sure she looks the part. We hope that the above list of full face makeup steps tutorials helps you look the part on your D-day!

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