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Foods To Avoid Before The Day Of Your Wedding

Want to look breathtaking on your big day? Here is a list of foods that every bride-to-be should avoid to get that flat toned tummy and flawless-looking skin.

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The last thing you want amidst the stress of wedding planning is a bloated belly or breakouts on your wedding day. Being fit from within will show in many ways as you take your wedding vows. Try to maintain your diet and eat the superfoods good for your fitness that will keep you light on your feet. Avoid having junk food that makes you feel bloated. Here’s a list of foods that you should avoid completely before taking the saath pheras.


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Its a nightmare for any bride to wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles on her wedding day, thanks to over-consumption of salt. So avoid it completely before and on your wedding day. A high sodium diet increases blood pressure, affects skin elasticity and causes water retention. So ladies pass on the salt completely from your diet!


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Talk about Shaadi Wala Ghar, and each one of us can imagine Mithai ka Dabbas. But all these deep-fried sweets are not for you my girl! Yes, Don’t indulge in them if you want a flat stomach on your wedding day. It makes skin dreary and dull. So sugar is a big No-No.


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Keep consumption of all dairy products like milk, creams, yoghurt to a bare minimum. Milk has several hormones that can cause bloating on your big day! And girl if you are lactose intolerant, then you should definitely avoid it.


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You don’t want to be a nervy bride right? So cut down on caffeine intake completely at least two months before your wedding day. It causes acidity and leaves you jittery, anxious and dehydrated for long hours.


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Booze is required to kick-start every celebration and weddings are no exception. But remember ladies, that bottle of beer is full of calories and may give you an obnoxious hangover. It will bloat your belly and expand your waistline. Your favourite glass of wine also contains unfermented yeast which is an anonymous bloater, so ditch alcohol completely.


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According to a study, cheese has more salt than a pack of potato chips. I know it’s hard to resist those cheesy burgers and pizzas, but fat and the sodium quantity in them can infuriate bloating and cause nausea. The last thing you would want on your wedding day is fatigue hitting you! So avoid it completely.  Say no more to cheese at least till the day of your wedding.

Aerated Drinks  

They contain carbon dioxide that will make your stomach swell and eventually make you feel bloated. Aerated drinks are nothing but gas, loaded with air. So just imagine looking like a fluffy bride on your wedding day! Worst Nightmare right?

Chewing Gums

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Well, it’s nice to freshen up your breath but chewing gums are not the only way out for that! Gums contain an artificial sweetener called Sorbitol that is hard to digest and causes indigestion and bloating. Ditch them completely from your diet right away.


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Many girls are gluten intolerant and if you too feel swollen after eating wheat, barley or rye then you should ditch it right away. You just can’t afford to look bloated in your wedding outfit. Replace gluten with brown rice, almond/coconut flour. 

Cruciferous Veggies 

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While we cannot ignore the fact that broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage all are nutritional powerhouses, they are generally difficult to digest. Loads of consumption of fibre can cause gassiness too. Eat them in moderation and make sure they are properly cooked but don’t swear by them.

In order to look your best and reduce bloat, you have to make sure that you fuel your body with the right kind of nutrients and food. The ultimate goal is to eat something that leaves you feeling satisfied and not bloated or tired. 

These simple and easy tips will help you look your best for the moments that really matter. Let us know in the comments below if there are any other food items that cause bloating or indigestion.

- Words by Charu Sharma