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Declare It in Style: 12 Engagement Invitation Templates You Can Use

Don't miss out on these engagement invitation template designs. Go through these and tell your love story in a unique way!

The Invite House

Your engagement invite is going to be your first official announcement to friends, family and acquaintances. Which is why it is all the more important to create an invite that suits your personality and is attractive to the guests at the same time. Take inspiration from these 12 templates and create wonderful invites for your guests:

Caricature Style Engagement Invitation Template

The Wedding Studio by Oh!SoBoho

If light humour is your style, then caricatures will whisk you away. If you wish to do so then you can get custom caricatures created for yourself and your other half, or just use the template 'Dulha Dulhan' caricatures available online. It's a vibrant way of telling your story and will definitely attract your guests!  

Blue Floral Engagement Invitation Template

Akanksha Negi Invitations

For couples who love dainty designs, this floral card is perfect for you. The shade of the blue is so soothing and intricate. Plus the floral pattern is unique and alluring. Elegance is the only word that can describe this invitation template.

Engagement Invitation Template With Red Roses

Akanksha Negi Invitations

Red roses are always a classic and are symbolic of love. So why not include them in your engagement invitation? A simple white card with red roses spread across is a great way to break the news to friends and family!

Engagement Invitation Template With Tropical Design

Akanksha Negi Invitations

Tropical designs always remind us of beaches, sunsets and all things nice. So if you're looking for an imagery-led engagement invitation that'll transport your guests to their happy place as soon as they set eyes on it, then look no further. Although you can change the base colour from pink to any other pastel shade, we recommend going ahead with this exact design because of its overall exotic feel!

Geometric Engagement Invitation Template

Akanksha Negi Invitations

Couples who're into minimal art, we have something for you too. Check out this simple white invitation card template with a geometric pattern in gold-laced with flowers on the side. If you're going ahead with this one, then make sure the font is minimal too. This has such an 'Oh-so-classy!' feel to it!  

Hand-painted Engagement Invitation Template

Akanksha Negi Invitations

For that organic earthy vibe, choose an engagement invitation with the hand-painted style. While the pattern can be anything ranging from floral designs to geometric ones, it's the texture of the painting that adds the sophistication to this. To keep up with this style, you can also send table indoor plants along with these invites!

Pop Art Engagement Invitation Template

Image Courtesy: Culture Curry

For couples who want to go the quirky way, choose an invite with a comic strip in it! Make up your own characters or choose from a plethora of options available and instead of following the run-of-the-mill writing, convey the date, venue and wedding in this style. Make sure the colours are all bright and pop for this invite to stand out.  

Bollywood Engagement Invitation Template

Image Courtesy: Girish Alawa Photography

Old school Bollywood romance can never fail to steal hearts! Although this card looks complicated and fancy, it is actually quite easy to make. Choose a movie the both of you love and photoshop your pictures on the face part. Simple right? The background colours can change according to your preference but we recommend keeping it to something vibrant!  

Crime Report Engagement Invitation Template

Pink Whistle Man

Is dark humour your thing? Then go ahead with this super popular template! All you have to do is get a picture clicked like this and get the details printed on it in the exact same format shown here. This will interest your guests like no other and will also give them a hearty laugh. Win-Win.

Engagement Invitation Template With Temple Door Design

Pink Whistle Man

Coming to traditional templates, there are scores of them out there too. This temple door design on the front side looks intricate and is also quite functional. It then opens up to the details. To make your engagement invite stand out you can also mash up the temple door aesthetic with contemporary design elements, as shown in the picture.

Ethnic Engagement Invitation Template

Pink Whistle Man

Hand made paper. Local scripts. And elegant colours. What's not to like in this invite template? The language shown here is Bengali but you can of course change that according to your culture and roots. The dry texture of the designs on the sides is an added bonus too. All in all, this is perfect for couples who want an ethnic invitation template with a twist!

Pastel Engagement Invitation Template

Pink Whistle Man

Soothing shades and nature imprints are also a great option. Choose from a range of blues, pinks and greens for this invite and put on scenery that you like. You can also use this card the exact same way and trust us your guests will definitely love it!  

Loved these engagement invitation designs? You can either take inspiration from these and create something similar for yourself or get a copy of these! It works either way. Just make sure that it is all planned beforehand to avoid last-minute hassles.

Get in touch with our invitation specialists here to create magical invites with quirkier fonts!    

-Written by Rohini Roy