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Want To Create Your Own Wedding Invitations For Free? Here's Some Digital Inspiration That Will Get You On Your Way

If you want to create your own wedding invitations for free then you are probably the most wonderful couple. We have curated a fantastic range of ways which are available online to let you plan your most-awaited wedding card for absolutely free.


The selection of wedding cards is one of the most significant and at the same time most hectic parts of every wedding preparations. Amidst all the complications and second thoughts over it, if you are wondering how to create your own wedding invitations for free, then my friend reading this, you have hit a jackpot right here!

Choosing a wedding invitation which is just the perfect one for you gets quite difficult when somebody else is making the cards. We understand how nuanced is the process of preparing a wedding invitation is for you. We also know that somewhere all you couples will agree that their maddening costs do burn a hole in your pockets as well. So how about we tell you that you can create your own wedding invitations for free (absolutely free)? Here are a few samples of online wedding invitation cards created online using free templates.

1. The Indian Lovers Invitation by Greetings Island

Image Courtesy: Greetings Island

Talking of how you can create your own wedding invitations for free, Greetings Island is one of the best sites to refer with innumerable wedding invitation (editable) templates. The templates available on this site is full of vibrant colours and Indian motifs just like this one. It has some of the most fantastic digital wedding invitation styles for a hardcore Indian couple.

If you wish to create your own wedding invitations for free, it is a wonderful choice for couples looking for vibrant colours on their digital wedding card! If the appeal for tradition is something which has deeply made its home in your heart and you want everything in your wedding to have a touch of your tradition, be it a peacock motif, Radha-Krishna, birds, leaves or the Indian cloth patterns, then this is the site to refer!

2. Soothing Colour Palette by Canva

Image Courtesy: Canva

Talking of how to create your own wedding invitations for free, Canva is another list topper when it comes to vector patterns. With a range of soothing pastels, vibrant ones and what not, Canva is one of the finest choices available to you when you need the free templates for wedding invitations for free. However, you may have a look at the paid ones (with nominal prices) as well.

With thick bold patterns and beautiful fonts available in various styles to you, Canva allows you to create just the perfect wedding invitation for the couples looking for thickly stroked and soothingly coloured. If yours is a theme wedding then choose the most suitable template for the big day’s invitation.

3. The Florals by Freepik

Image Courtesy: Freepik

Do you want to create your own wedding invitations for free using the latest digital software and websites? Freepik is another fantastic open medium freely available to all with breathtakingly beautiful and sophisticated templates for wedding invitations.

It is ideal for classy couples looking for digital invitations for their most awaited wedding day which is full of delicate floral patterns in both vibrant and pastel shades. If your taste is rich and majestic then go for Freepik and its lovely range of wedding invitation’s editable templates which are absolutely free to use. However, you may have a look at the paid ones (with nominal prices) as well.

4. Couple Caricature Invitations by Wish2be

Image Courtesy: Jeevanacharya

Caricatures are the latest trend when you want to create your own wedding invitations for free. This is a very interesting concept by Wish2be which has brought the caricature invite making software to your screens. Don’t worry at all, the website is extremely user-friendly and just by uploading separate pictures of the pair and changing the cartoon body your invite will be ready to be sent.

It is a wonderful choice of wedding invitation for the quirkiest of all couples willing to go an extra mile for all the unique quirky stuff possible for their wedding. So what are you waiting for? Get, set and find the best wedding card designs in India for your own invite!

5. The Bright Invites by Punchbowl

Image Courtesy: Punchbowl

Punchbowl is another wonderful website available for absolutely no cost. It is a great site to create your own wedding invitations for free! Adding to your convenience, you may send the wedding invitations directly from the website and if your date is a little late in time, you may even save the design for later.

If you are a quirky couple looking for pretty flowers, string lights, golden glitters and artistic paper textured for your digital wedding invitations, then Punchbowl is the perfect website to refer to. The process to create your own wedding invitations for free is extremely easy and you are definitely going to enjoy it!

With these five websites that we have found, you are all set to create your own wedding invitations for free. With delicate floral, bright patterns, invite designs laden with Indian motifs and templates featuring unique pastel shades, wedding invites are just a click away. Make full use of the broadening base of the digital world and prove yourself to be the best potential users of Whatsapp by creating the perfect Whatsapp wedding invitation message!

With amazing websites with premium features for free available just a click away, get ready to circulate your digital wedding invitations on Whatsapp and set a groundbreaking trend. The best part is that it not just cuts your massive cost associated with the OTT invites but also save tonnes of paper. All the best and trust us, you are definitely going to love curating the cards yourself!

Do let us know how did you create your own wedding invitations for free in the comments below