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How to Style a Can Can Lehenga for a Dramatic Effect on Your Big Day

Can can Lehenga can be your fairytale dreams come true – but only if it's styled right. Read on to learn all about the magical fabric of can can.


Unless you are a royal, not everyone can have the courage to buy a traditional lehenga that has a total of 24 Kalis. Honestly, who would want to wear such a heavy lehenga anyway? Well, today we are going to reveal a fashion designer’s trade secret to all the brides-to-be who are worried about their lehenga’s flare. The secret is called the can can lehenga!

Consider this: While shopping for your wedding lehenga you end up liking a straight-fit lehenga, we suggest that you do not feel disheartened. There’s one way you can transform your lehenga from drab to fab, just like a Sabyasachi lehenga: by adding layers of can can. The can can skirt, underneath your straighter fit would add the much-needed volume to conver your piece into one with volume.

What is Can can?

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Can can is a mesh or net-like material that can be attached underneath your lehenga to give it the royal flare. Can can comes in two varieties: hard and soft. Adding a can can skirt to your conventional lehenga props it outwards, dependant on the kind that your choose.

1. Hard Can can

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Hard can can is used when you want your lehenga to stand out just like this bride wore her engagement lehenga gown. This type of can can is suitable for a function where there’s less sitting: like an Engagement, Sangeet or Reception. Avoid wearing this for your wedding function as that will involve a lot of sitting down and touching people’s feet for blessings.

2. Soft Can can

Soft can can material works best for an Indian wedding scenario. The soft material will settle down as soon as you sit down for your wedding Pooja and Pheras. Please note: The can can material is originally plain white (Think Disney's Cinderella and the copious white can can skirt that is visible when she twirls in the powder blue gown at the ball) but can be dyed to match the exact shade of your wedding lehenga. In case you don’t wish to get it dyed, please request your bridesmaids to pull your lehenga when you stand up as the white can can fabric will be visible and can spoil your wedding photos.

What All You Need to Know About Can Can Lehenga:

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1. Confirm the usage of can can:

You must confirm with your designer or shopkeeper about how many can can layers can be added below your lehenga. Not every cloth material can manage the weight of so many layers of can can. For example, fabrics like raw silk will already have a higher flare compared to a thin fabric like georgette.

2. Get it stitched as per your body shape:

The can can lehenga can suit every body type, if it’s stitched in the right fashion. The flare is decided according to the bride’s body shape. Please note that layers of can can can make a bride look broader than usual. So keep this in mind before you actually work on the final design with your designer.

3. Handling a can can Lehenga:

To maintain the flare and style of your can can lehenga you need to keep the following things in mind:

  1. For your bridal entry - Ask a friend to fluff up the can can, as it can easily crush out.
  2. Avoid folding your lehenga before your function. Hang it instead.
  3. Before deciding on the number of layers, do a sit test. Also remember, visiting the loo in so many layers will be an insane task. Be prepared and keep your bridesmaids by your side.
  4. Discuss with your designer/shopkeeper on adding a detachable can can layering, which can be removed, so you can reuse your wedding lehenga.

Scouting the Delhi Market for Can can Lehenga:

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Unless you’re planning on visiting Sabyasachi or Anita Dongre store, you can still own a can can lehenga for a fraction of a cost. You can check Chandni Chowk, South Extension, Shahpur Jat and Karol Bagh markets for your dream can can lehenga. You may feel overwhelmed by the variety of choices available. Also, don’t be surprised if you find some designer knock-offs.

Did you know that you can source low-quality can can material for as much as ₹10 per metre? Sounds unbelievable right? But if you want a really good quality of can can, it can even go up to ₹100 per meter. If you have already bought your wedding lehenga and are reading this article later, you can go to Lajpat Nagar market or Chandni Chowk market to source can can material. You can either request a neighbourhood boutique to help you stitch the can can underneath your lehenga or get a detachable can can stitched.

Let us know where you plan to go to purchase your own dream bridal lehenga in the comments below.